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I Looking Horny People Another clever free men sickin women ny

I Am Searching Horny People

Another clever free men sickin women ny

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Send me a nice pic and if you want let me know if you would like to meet for coffee.

Age: 56
Relationship Status: Divorced
Seeking: I Ready Nsa Sex
City: Albany, GA
Hair: Blond naturally
Relation Type: Virgin 14 Looking For A Hook Up

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Believing that one day you'll find your prince sets everyone up for disappointment. If I read the phrase "You've got to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince" on this site one more motherspelunking time, I'm going to spontaneously barf.

You don't really believe this, do you? Men don't want to date princesses.

Maybe there are some who do, and the women who aspire to be princesses deserve the brutes. And for that matter, I sure as hell ain't no prince, although I'd love to bring the cape back.

Another clever free men sickin women ny

These days, I'm just a messed up clown with a poet's liver whispering sweet nothings to a pair of nickels in the hopes they'll make babies so I can afford a new pair of over-sized shoes. Men do not want to be princes.

Princes are born into success, men make their own. We want women who share that same ethic, however it is success is defined.

It's just not sexy to date a helpless princess with an aversion to peas and a bluebird fetish. Give us Sarah Connor in a black cocktail dress pumping a shotgun any day.

Another clever free men sickin women ny

I would never claim to be a " feminist. But when I hear perfectly intelligent and willful women console each other with fairy tale mantras that promise, with a lot of persistence, they will find a well-heeled prince to care for them, I become conspiratorial.

Can A Feminist Like Spanking? Maybe there really is a patriarchy, and I've just never been invited to their annual meet-up.

It's a testosterone-jacked cabal of dudes smoking cigars, and wearing penis hats, sitting sifkin an oblong table in a secret silo on a peninsula plotting how to reinforce absurd, medieval wish fulfillment fantasies in women. I imagine the meeting's minutes going something like this:. Finish reading this article at The Frisky.

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