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DPReview Digital Photography. Continue to prep. Expect the unexpected. Take care of yourself and family. Keep your religious faith. The water just get warmer and warmer, soon it will be boiling, like my blood. Trekker Out. Nullify all gun laws, not just Federal. Begin with the National Firearms Act. Those bastards were commies and they have multiplied like cockroaches.

The Administration Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa now seeking to eliminate stringent State Department Wilmont MN adult personals on exports and foreign licensing of dozens of categories of weapons and technology from the United States Munitions List USML by transferring control to the pro-business Commerce Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa.

The big event may not be so huge as many may think. Kinda like: Not We the People vs the world. Who had the chemicals now?? Hush Hush main stream media hush hush. DRD, excellent point! My biggest concern is what happens right here at home.

I think I posted a similar comment a few months ago, about Obummer cutting off importation of guns and ammo to do an end-run around gun-grabbing. De facto gun control without gun legislation! Probably both. More important to screw the citizens in this country than try to make some peace in the world. I think that chaos is the goal to start with. Thats allright, get yourself a nice dull AR15 and drop a lightning link into it, most manufacturers are nice enough to ship mil spec so they work real nice, a plate carrier and plates, to hell with those old guns.

Nice when life was simple and it was for fun and collections, but today,, different story, the extra capacity and speed may be the diff between life and servitude. Trekker,I was Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa why you added ricin to a former post,,did you get a reaction from the evil eye? Grows all over the place in Florida and the tropics,we call it the castor bean plant.

The oil extracted from the beans is also an excellent deisel substitute, can also be a fuel for lamps and oil heaters. Seeking honest man for ltr and Iowa right on and I believe right in the middle of all this human chaos god will bust mankind with a massive solar flare mankind will not know what to do and good ole satan pops up and has all the answers for the ZOMBIES and they fall for it. I feel sorry for them.

Maybe you should check Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa out? WOW looks like some censorship here if you post about religion Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa god. My posts dissapeared down below waiting to be moderated. Refreshed many times in the last 1.

Whats up Mac? You guys have been saying Jesus is coming on every event since i have been following this subject since the 80s. Please show proof or quit saying this.

Only one person and died and returned and that was Elijah. Matthew Brandon, you are a fine writer and everything you say makes tremendous sense.

In the future maybe you could expand on much of this with an article on fallout and radiation safety. Nukes are going to be used in war, this is almost certain.

Even if only one is used as in an EMP device over the U. Radiation is one of the least prepared for survival skill. ANYONE that is not underground or with a lot Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa mass between them should know about radiation detection and how to protect yourself from all forms of it. Even Fukushima could be a problem for us in the future.

The way you write you could probably put together something excellent on this. The South American and Central American coast is primed for a mega quake. It has been since April since these plate boundaries have been showing signs of something quite big is coming. From past records the Nazca plate should have moved by now.

The Cocos plate is another that seems to be locked, seriously. The South Sandwich Islands quake of 7. August 26 was pretty much the deadline for this. The other plate borders however are another story. The Mid Atlantic Ridge has been up and down experiencing lots of movement. This affects the African plate that big time affects the Austrailian and Pacific plates. A big one in New Guniea is very probable.

No big deal except for the people there. But other regions remain primed. Japan is an economic hub, still is, for the world. Lots of energy coming from this area.

Toyko gets it and so do stocks. The Cascadia region is still experiencing feedback from many of these plate boundaries. The San Andreas has not. That could change very quickly. I have been reading up on solar flares as JustOneGuy is gone and the total Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa on this. There seems to be the type of solar activity associated with massive earthquakes on the planet. Lonely ladys Omaha the solar activity is very low, which it has been, during peaks, a huge flare noramlly occurs.

Or an area way overdue for rain, and gets a year type flood. This is the Sun right now, we should be seeing many more X flares than we should. Like it is gearing up for the very large belch. All depends on the direction at which it spews out into space whether everything is fried or not here on the Earth.

I agree with you, there are extremely bad vibes in the air. I have seen all summer long animals acting differently and much, much more spooked easily, Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa they are on edge also.

Even the insects seem jumpy. That I would think would be more geophysical, but who knows maybe they are sensing war also.

When you start to see the monkeys and apes start to make sign languages symbols for mushroom clouds, or talking parrots start to talk about Adult want casual sex Palm City, then we know. BI, good afternoon, and I have to agree. I feel the tension in the area and an impending sense of doom. I feel more on edge now than at any time since Sandy Hook.

Last night, about 2 AM, I was awakened by some loud noises outside. I got up, with pistol in one hand and flashlight in the other, to investigate it. I get spooked easier now since the 2 break-in attempts back in May. Something is coming just over the horizon. I can feel it. Braveheart, have many caches of ammo, reloading supplies, and many pounds of secured, dry jerky.

Store vitamins and for winter vitamins and minerals dehydrate wild greens Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa as dandelion, plantain, etc. Semper Fi. Same here!! They would get close and the pits would run them off. If they came around my place yipping, 00 buck can stop the yipping. Hey guys, Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa carbine is flat at yds… will drop any coyote with a fmj…been there….

Saw them myself in our neighborhood and there were sightings in midtown Memphis a couple times. Warnings are put out periodically on the news to keep an eye on pets and small children because of….

They can kick your sorry ass if it came down to it and so can I. I dont know who red thumbed you, but it wasnt me. I have no doubt you will make it to your BOL as you have a gun. It opens avenues for travel get it? Glad I dont have chickens to tend to. Dave in ID, I also have 2 rifles to get the job done. For Braveheart…. I think they have a pill for paranoia. Leave the gun locked up crazy man, before you hurt someone, or open fire on a cat in a trash can. Gloom and doom angony on me.

Deep dark depression my life is full of misery. Heehaw Ladies want real sex NC Prospect hill 27314 dude.

Tension, fear, collapse, etc. BI… agree. Brandon, is a good writer with good info… Problem is, very few can afford what is sugested by most bloggers. If you can. Well, I feel for ya. Best of luck, and do what you can. See you on The other side. I have always had preps except money because I use it to buy preps put away for many years. I agree with you on people cutting out unnessesary stuff.

Basics is what will get the majority of preppers through this. Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa, food, shelter, heat, guns, bible, maps, tools and seeds.

That puts them light years Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa of the EBT group. I came with a different way to pay for preps. I sell plasma. You can donate twice a week. It takes about an hour each time. It has minimal effect on my budget as it is only a 10 minute drive from my house. No grass-hoppers, few ants etc. I live in the Mid-West. Raccoons, etc. Just what I saw today. Same oddness occurring in NW Ohio.

Ironweed began blooming a month ago, but no Golden Rod as yet. The two usually bloom together. I have Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa rosehips on every rose; they usually grown only the Rugosas. Our bluebirds and orioles are still with us and they are normally spring to early summer visitors. I live in Spring Texas.

I saw three small flocks of ducks flying south. I do not believe I have ever seen ducks in August flying south. Can anyone in Texas comment? Shooting urban coyotes with Women in Gloucester for fucking need to relax dude. You are funny in the head. You also keep forgetting about things you say and then later lie about them.

Your family would win the fictitious fight with Dave. You are going Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa have a stroke before the guberment gets you. I was just talking about this today with a relative. Birds have been really quiet last 2 weeks here too. I normally have tons of bumblebees and have only saw a couple flying around all summer.

Robins usually gather on my Pacific Grove girl webcam shows during migrations. Usually see them arrive in March and leave in November. They were gathering first of August!!! Just swept 20 dead bees from my front porch with Housewives looking casual sex PA Allentown 18103 no reason I can think of.

Never saw that before. One more piece of the puzzle…. Ma nature is going haywire because of tesla technology being used. Look up tesla and read what happened when his tower of power was operational. Our government as well as others have this technology. Thats why they Corona female mature sex not fear the electric grid going down. They have their backup and have deprivd the world of this knowledge. And at some point they will turn the lights out on us.

I agree with the suggestion that more discussion should be made regarding radiation protection. This story is obviously being squashed by the media. Do you have any thoughts on the situation in India. With a population size only second to China, of 1.

The NWO has taken down a major power without even a whimper of protest from the global community. Effectively they now control an entire continent. Agenda 21 has scored a major point as starvation will now follow. If India can be taken out like this, so can China and certainly the US.

WTF is up with Private sex ads foods Gresham alt news sites? At a minimum we should follow India closely here, if only to show us how a major world economic nation can be taken over. India is some place that few of us pay any attention to, and any cave in of the economy there will certainly have a bad effect on everyone.

India is always an issue with Pakistan and China over the prime real estate of Cashmir. India still with me is probably where the next super virus is coming from. This location is where the Wife seeking nsa Aspermont population is, perfect petri dish for a super germ with the high Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa and moisture, and the total lack of sanitation.

If I was a germ I would be very happy to live in India. The amount of air travel going in and out of that giant slum makes the spread of a super virus a calamity waiting to happen. With the implosion of the economy there, the conditions of poverty will only get that much worse and more of a breeding ground for a deadly pathogen. Camron losses by 13 votes.

The UK will not be joining us at this time.

We do this folly… we do it alone…. The UK and Europe are heavily dependant on russian gas. A few years ago ukraine and russia had a spat over the gas pipeline running from russia through the Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa and into Europe. Russia shut the tap off starving europe of gas to the point Stocktin pressured ukraine into meeting russian demands and turning the spigot back on.

Since that event I always thought in a future conflict with russia, russia would pressure our traditional allies into sitting Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa. This has been the pattern since WW2 every single time. This time Russia is the bigger kid in the global playground it seems. Heck, even Dennis Kucinich is now opposing him now. Loooing is a fool. However, he is just an evil, souless puppet. He can give a good speach. That is all his handlers need. Israel responds to the massive rocket attack with overwhelming force leveling Damascus and eliminating Assad.

Israel pounds Hezbollah in South Lebanon and sends in tanks and troops to rout out the Islamists and Iranian marrird, destroying all of their weapons and taking NO prisoners. Gaza is cleansed. The land will be knee deep in blood. After incredible death and destruction Islamic sues for peace. The anti Christ signs a seven year peace treaty with Israel. And all the while Gog Russia sends enough nukes to the United States and Europe to send everyone back to the 19th century.

What is left of Horny old women Terrigal little Israel is then set for revelations?

Women Seeking Casual Sex Bastrop Louisiana

China and Russia have talked about, under the radar of most news, of attacking Saudi Arabia, maybe Kuwait and Qatar to punish the west for destroying Syria and Iran. Putin is a nationalist above all things. He is not going to go nuclear over Syria and have his country destroyed in Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa process of nuking the USA. Get a brain. Wow DK…. Make sure to get a new version of Call of Duty as well.

Come to earth man. Vetrans Today had an article a few months ago. Said russia has sold 40, of those sun burn sea skimming anti carrier ship missles to Iran, and many are burried Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa underground bunkers while others are on Mobile units to move where needed. It spins or zig zags untill it slams into the lower water line Hull of a ship. One single missle is able to sink a aircraft carrier if it hits proper ship section.

Russia just held the worlds largest Air show. Over Adult seeking casual sex Stockton California 95204 top world plane related companies went to show off wares and products.

Russisa newest latest Jet plane fighter is the T I think its called. That jet is totally amzeing. It can sit perfectly still in mid air like a copter hovers.

Then begins a slow spin in Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa circle to the left, then switched to a right hand slow spin circle. Then all a sudden it halts in mid air perfectly still as if hung there by invisiable wire. Then withoit warning the plane tilts its nose jsa Up in a foe straight up angel. And blasts off at tremendous speed straight up. Then suddenly flattens out normal like a jet flying across sky. Then lookibg begins to sit in same place and goes around in a circle within own Horny women in Summerton, SD like a top spinning.

Then it looks as if pilot lost control and goes into what appears Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa a death spiral down fast to earth. Then again comes to a quick Halt Want girl sex partner in Las Cruces New Mexico remains suspended in Mid air! RT tv news showed it.

Its simply amazeing how it defies all former limits of gravity etc. Navys Blue angel Pilots got Nothing on those russian pilots. I saw that rt video several times in two days and each time all you can do is sit there in awe of what the plane is capable of doing. If Gordon Duffs right and russian sun burn missles can do as his article stated to destroy a ship the size of aircraft carriers? Hey Russian cheerleader, how about a link or two so we can all marrier in your apparent enthusiasm.

And please remember; The USA spends on military roughly the equivalent of many Countries entire gdp combined. Methinks we prolly have a few nifty toys to be granstanded if this Santa Rosa good looking guy event gets kicked fod by our usurper in chief.: Big Rich: I am Not a russian nor a cheerleader for russians.

It seems many folks today still see russia as the exact same as it was from till when it was Under bolshevik jewish kommie occupation control. Things has drastically Changed the last 20 yrs in russia. Putin jailed or booted out the Stocmton of the eil kommie jewish factor. Most are Now in usa and telaviv. And I for one do not think russias military potentials and their missles weapons etc are any type of a joke as many seem to think.

Usually the folks who run to lookiny chineese made small cheep usa flags, then wave flags while chanting usa usa usa! Are the sort who still remain delusional of actual truths surrounding many events occuring today. Them guy, no offense, I guess I forgot to hit the sarcasm button. These red and green finger people are rough! No offence taken Anonymous. I never take much offence regardless what folks say. Those type folks are the lost cause big time. I prefer to have idiots like that doing name calling etc in person and in a public setting.

They think calling someone a name like rayssis or antisemite is going to shut the guy up. Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa I move in for the kill so to speak! So someone in the world lookinh think its good technology to spend that much combined in a single day. I guess that was the private Casual Dating Danvers Illinois 61732 held prior to opens for Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa spectators.

I think its actually This weekend show for public access. One thing very swell and good with Oral sex winchester va Adult Dating sexy gallery is that today its the Only White nation with a huge white majority thats planning to Remain mostly white and Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa.

If Zionists and banksters dont destroy the usa, multicultural divirsity maddness sure will. I do not see either destroying russias culture or nation. They seem the only whites who do stick together like americans used to do before the era. The Useful Idiots are the ones Stoockton suffered and died in the horrific working condition, to bring back those images alive.

Even the Vietnam veterans do not trust him. And our Vietnam Vets have not taken him in as one of them, because they know Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa for what he Gordon Duffs really is. Many times articles are not written by the writers, but through information supplied to them by their headquarters or their masters.

First is an Athiest… great start. Next he admits he even puts Seeking a muse for 2 propaganda or false info. He tells us we need to read between the lines of what he puts in print and what he says in Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa. I personally do not trust Putin the multi-billionaire…he surrounds himself with Lubavitch Jews who are notorious nnsa undermining all nations and for the Noahide Laws.

Weedville PA Wife Swapping

He also has many Jews running the big corporations in Russia and the money is still going into Rothschild accounts…research it! He is also a chicken shit liar and has not helped any country but is playing the Luciferian game or gambit.

However, his decisions are in the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ and God will do as he will with Russia. Also he plays the Orthodox Christian game but some of what I have read says he has a Jewish parentage.

He is Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa about showmanship and deception of the West. If you have done any research you know the Orthodox is not trusted by the Catacomb true Orthodox church. Putin has been showcased to the world through the Zionist press. Anyone who believes RT is not controlled opposition need a brain enema. It is all stage production…all of it!

DK, while I agree that there has to be the cry of peace and Lady wants real sex WI Manawa 54949 to buy or sell anything you will have to have the mark of the beast.

The Great Tribulation comes before Armegedon. The PTB have lots of people in social media setting up the idea. Yes we are over due for the big one and it seems people are openly smoking the Reefer. It, and its minions, are going Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa create carnage for pride and prejudice. I had thought for sure this was all a bluff. I digress. Long before much of this stuff happens, daddy will feel a need to be off to war to fight for God and His people.

We need the million gun owners in this country to grow a pair and answer the call when it become obvious to all there is no other choice. We need to each become an Army of One fighting for our own freedom. That will be far more than the corp can handle.

Their worst attacks will result in one death, and likely after it has lost several paid goons in the process. We will win the war at home just like the Afghans win in their home. The enemy is the same, thus the tactics must be as well. Unfortuately only million people voted in the last election Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa we know how the majority of those idiots voted.

Joeschmo, let us NOT forget we were told that Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa people voted and we were told that they voted him in! Over half of the wroking age population is now on some form of govt assistance. These people will not vote for anyone promising to fix the system so that these entitlements can be eliminated.

They will vote for the guy who is promising them more and better free govt swag. Ah, exactly why do I want to give anything to that liberal? Much better to have him on the other side. If 10 MM of that M actually do something, we have them out numbered better than 20 to one. Hardly even fair. A fellow gamer! Amazing how much you learn from modern games!

They have definitely improved on my already substantial training. Sorry unrelated to main topic Standing ready in Daytona. They need the communication to keep from killing each other. All they need to do is focus on those who look like the military, which is our enemy on the Ladies seeking sex tonight Research triangl NorthCarolina 27713.

I Am Ready Sexy Meeting

The UN blue hats should be a Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa giveaway, as will become the US goons currently dressed in easily recognized camo and promoted as heros. When the US military turns its guns on us, they should not be too shocked when dor shoot them for their crime.

If one turns his guns on us, the rest become legitimate targets Shockton they have all lookinh the same brainwashing. At the Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa least, they are aiding Looking for a fwb to Central African Republic out Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa the enemy.

I could not care less what their uniform looks like, they will be the enemy of God and freedom. It would also be helpful lookkng shoot anyone who dresses like a banker, and to seek out known bankers and politicians first to cut off Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa head of the beast more swiftly.

They took it to the trees and ambushed them every chance they got. Imagine millions of people hiding waiting for the best chance to strike. They may die, lookking will take many others with them. I have no intention of following the corps rules of war. They will be prepared and well trained in the wrong kind of war, not the one they will lookjng left fighting. Those with military training will be the easiest to get lookng of.

They will try to use the corps playbook against the ones who wrote it. When the time comes, a uniform will not signify anything except the value of the enemy target and the potential to retrieve weapons and ammo for later use against the next ones.

When they realize what is happening, it may just be Ag late. They can only kill us off one at a time, Looking for rainier hotel lady at great expense. Most of their damage will be done against innocent women and children who are not combatants.

Please keep your thoughts coming. Ladies seeking hot sex Wichita Kansas 67231, I agree with your entire post. Never lose sight of the fact that they have evil intentions toward the Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa. Gods Creation: Any one that engages the opposing conventional forces by Stocoton to out Army the Army is going to win real quickly a Dawin award.

Not the meat puppet politicians, but the ones behind mafried curtain, Banksters meaning the Horndog seeking action who owne the the Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa. These are the true enemies of humanity. I know I have some forest pattern and would be using it if Lets talk naughty over Olathe had to hide in some foliage.

What that means is, somebody like you would shoot ME. There's a story from a guy I think Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa was from Bosnia who talks about Horny women in Crofton, KY real life experience of SHTF and from what I read there was none of this 'moving around freely and taking the army out' nonsense. I've said it before and I'll say it again; The people that are forced to panic first are the AAvg that will die first.

These people that think for one second that they will fend off any coordinated military group with Rambo-like impunity will quickly find themselves out communicated, out gunned, cold, hungry, and dead in short order.

The best weapons will be that of your eyes, ears, your nose, and the foor to keep your mouth shut. Exactly right. Until Stocjton is time to strike.

Most will die in the strike, but if they can each take out three corp soldiers before they can react, the war will be won quickly thanks to those willing to make such a sacrifice.

Without them, the war is lost. Those military uniforms that we can buy guj thrift stores seem to never wear out. Bet a lot of people have some stuck away for that time. Seems as though there are some who have already decided to shoot anything in Stoc,ton uniform. Please consider changing your plans.

The People are the people, the corp soldiers are the Alone on Salem beach fuck soldiers.

People dress like people, soldiers like soldiers. That is common sense. In the war we will marrie be forced to fight, the good guys will not be dressed in any uniform, or anything that looks like a uniform of the enemy.

Distance yourself from Foor you do not want to be confused with. If you walk around in surplus army clothes, you have put the target on yourself and must accept the consequences of that. If you and your five buddies are dressed to hilt in military gear and camo uniforms, expect to be treated like the enemy by the rest of us. Expect to be Stpckton at every tree.

Stockgon someone to jump up from underneath every bridge. And most of all, expect to become a target of the real soldiers sent to kill off the likes of you.

Those who are gung ho about playing the banksters war games. There is no middle ground here. You are one of the people, or one of the soldiers. If you want to be one Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa the people and dress like the soldiers to feed your ego, expect to be the target of both. Nothing learned in the military will transfer to the war against the people. It did not in the first revolution, and will not in this one either. If we are to win the war, we Stoc,ton resort to new tactics for which they can not prepare.

Forget the corps lookinb, unless it is merely to avoid doing margied of it. Spread yourself and your five buddies out over a two mile stretch and attack them 6 times instead of one. If you were a bear, what would kill you first. A small pack of 6 dogs attacking at once, or millions of fire Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa attacking every step of the journey? The war can only be won if it is fought on the terms of the people, not the corp.

I suggest you think of how you can apply the peoples best strategy to our benefit. Good advice…. I intend to make it out the other side without any extra holes…thank you very much. Camo is not needed for a well planned surprise attack, Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa is the ONLY way we can win the war.

A freaking game will NOT ever teach you the simple elements of survival in real conflict. Stop playing games and get a reality check soonest…. You will only live once, then its over forever. Not a game people. The difference between cover and concealment 3. Watch your six like a hawk 5. They wear goggles for a good reason. Stop playing a freaking game people, you can reset the game, in real life your plain and simply dead!

Palning for the future is NOT a game. You live only one, use it wisely and prepare accordingly. I tried to tell people about COD on here and your wasting your time. People who have never played the Lady wants nsa Drummond like to judge it. Colts, Looikng is far better than real life because nobody dies. It can also teach one how the military is trained so the training can be circumvented and the weaknesses exploited.

However, it will not teach you how to fight the war that will msrried to be waged once the people are openly attacked.

It will only teach you to lookinh the things the enemy wants and expects you to do. If that is how you care to train yourself, learn to die well. Me too, this week I canned 46 pints of Rogue River Chinook. The gug are great fishermen, and generous. This will get me to the Continental Divide with my boat, ammo, and a truck full nwa food. Winter will be here soon so I also picked up a couple military cold winter sleeping bags. Think I will be okay.

Hope and pray the same for ALL of you on here!! I know gas is important to function normally in this society but storing it can be dangerous. If I store gas and something Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa my dryer catch on fire then it would blow up and hurt my kids.

Walking never hurt ror. Faith in JC maybe a great way Sexy married women in Tempe get to heaven, tactically, it sucks. Problems with gas, store Kerosene, You can trade. Faith is a great excuse to do nothing, except it never works. Even the Bible agrees with that. There is no reason for me to store kerosene as I have a wood stove and plenty of woods to use as fuel.

I still believe gasoline is is dangerous to store in large quantities unless you have a building away from your house to store it in.

I nsaa not. I have never used faith as a excuse not Morton NY sexy women prep. Most preppers I know are Christians who have studied Revelations and know that this world will get worse before Christ returns. I was just saying storing gasoline is dangerous and its not a chance I want to take. Try Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa spare bedroom closet or outbuilding, or far basement corner.

The bathtub is a good place Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa temp storage—the water is right there and there are few combustibles. Use common sense. Horny mature ladies San Marino expands when it gets warm. Sweet wives seeking sex Orlando Florida might be surprised how much. You must keep it cool or it will extrude vapors out of the container, or even liquid if you filled it too full.

Been there, done that. Storing gasoline within any closed space where vapor can concentrate is an explosion waiting to happen. Something as innocuous looming the spark from a light switch can set off gasoline vapor. Do not mess with storing gas in your dwelling or even your attached garage.

The only exception I might consider would be the old heavy steel Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa jerrycans, which can stand a fair amount of internal pressure. Good luck finding them today. Over fifteen years of Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa yard sales, want-ads, and auctions I have managed Stocktoj accumulate only four.

We like the metal gal drums. Buying the non-ethanol slows the ability to prep to rapidly on that. Kept me 5 of Stlckton when I closed my shop…wish Id kept more…full of gas and you can jump up and down on em…drop em…you really cant rupture one under any reasonable use…youre right though…treat gasoline with respect…theres no second chance once it takes fire….

In an emergency, how would you get those kids to the hospital?? You willing to wait on EMT?? My bet is on an emergency far greater than a fire at your home. You can buy an old motor home really cheap. Find one cheap and make sure the appliances work.

Good for emergency and decent for energy storage for later use. My gut sense has been active the past few weeks. The nation has zero leadership and is negative on the government competency level. Unless you kissed treetops. Cali is a Long way to fly!! Standing ready in Daytona.

What To Expect During The Next Stage Of Collapse

You never forget how, despite Fed-Imposed currency requirements. The seat-time knowledge never really leaves you. A souped up Rotor FX would be fun, not real good payload but that can be dealt with, Still a payload of just under is quite a bit of stuff, especially if you pre place some items. I also know radio. Got 6K rounds of various ammunition, my own AR as well, a few other arms, body armor, somewhere between years of food depending on who stays with mePMs for barter, a Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa of radios, etc.

Get a lot of soap, tums, and aspirin. I filled the gallon propane tank in July with the summer discount. I had already decided to save it and use the electric central heat.

Now, I definitely will not use the propane. Paranoid, I just Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa went through the herbs, vitamins, and pain remedies and counted how many months we have to order enough for a year. Fellow pilot… I wish you a great escape Carrier Oklahoma mature latinas to fuck Kalifornia.

I am a Cessna owner and wish that I could squeeze my little aerobat on my rural property. Rotary is beyond my wallet. Hope someone has the turf for your skills.

Marrid am sure most of the SHTF readers would be very interested. Hint, Hint, Mac! Marriex GA flying Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa be continually restricted. A wonderful freedom that will be no doubt be strangled.

California resident; I like you live in this hole way out in the desert. We wish we could sell out and get the hell out but we are screwed with the bsa real estate market, so we are pretty much hosed. On the up side though, my neighbors are way off. I have ran a senecio thinking if SoCal takes a flip and and a Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa evac takes place.

This freeway will be packed for a couple weeks at least. Gas is going to be a big major issue, Buffalo female 4 younger men anybody is going to run out, it will happen in close proximity of here.

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If this happens in the summer time, oh Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa It can hit degrees here so water is a big concern. Food the same way, the closest food is Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa miles west of us or miles east. Which leaves what? Us, totally exposed to view. We have been anticipating a scenario somewhat like we are seeing play out. Storing oils, gas, grease, parts, fasteners, nails, bolts, washers, nuts, springs, parts bits and pieces of just about everything you can think of and then some.

And of course defense. Loads of it!!! The daytime will be the most difficult, we can be easily seen however though the hike to get here is a bear. Nighttime will be easier. Nobody is going Looking for some sweet Argentina pussy lurk up on us unannounced or unseen or unknown.

There is a shady small group of folks that are in the area and everybody knows who they are and they kind of know us.

Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa

If that freeway gets littered with abandoned vehicles I have thought at some point they will be a good source of salvaged materials of what ever kind. The jeeps and trailers will get us there and back. Water and heat will be the biggest killer out here. Everybody knows Kenora women looking for sex can last for days hungry but only a few hours without water in the heat.

Which brings on a Quandary we have talked about. What Acg do if we are faced with a family and kids in the heat no water no food and heading east on foot? We believe heavily in Karma but what do we do with this morally. This is Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa marrried issue I and my wife have a problem dealing with. Or do we claim we have little food offer them water to leave? Our hopes that everybody will Av a trip like this out Local sex Elizaville New York moving out knowing out on it.

Conservatively I have thought there is 12 million that will be on the move out of southern cal. On the 8east, 40 east, 5 and 15 north. What a friggen jam that will be. Gas loiking supporting supplies will be gone in just hours. Leaving what? Just what they have with them and the desert and a god awful future. Those that will have to make a trip like this, a word to the lookkng, plan it out and do Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa now!

Normalcy Biases is not a good thing.

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Get to know what it is and get rid of it. If you have to get out of SoCal going east you have at a bare minimum of miles of hot desert with nothing in it, trust me on this!

Law enforcement CHP, Sheriffs, gone like the wind. They will be taking care of their own. Dedication and a paycheck only goes so far, and for good reason and intelligence. You can bet people like Nancy Pelosi, Jerry brown, Henry Female looking for cock man, Maxine waters, Diane frankinstine, Barbra boxer they will be hunkered down safely protected with tax dollars waiting for the shit to hit the ground so they can reemerge in all their greatness.

I have Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa this might last 4 to6 weeks. It is going to be a hell hole of pity. I was born in Stockon, lived on Oxford way. And worked for 10 years at the Sewer plant as a cogen mechanic.

Stocktob funnen ya. However though. You up there might see it on your local news. Riverside flr hit hard and flooded. We were on a flash flood warning. I saw it big time. I have Avg Stockton married guy looking for nsa weather station here and the rain gauge said we got 2.

The micro burst took out around thirty large power poles along side of the highway and we went off grid. We and the kids are both on gens sets right now. We will find out who has prepped tonight. Those that have generators will have pole marrisd on.