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At the end of the period under review the Waitaki works were well on towards completion, and it is confidently anticipated that it will be possible to generate power at this station before the end of the present year.

Its completion will add a further 30, kw.

The main lxte connecting Waitaki with the Dunedin City Corporation's Waipori system is well under way, and should be completed to Halfway Bush Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman at Dunedin by the end of the year. It is, perhaps, unfortunate that after these works were first commenced, the general depression has, to a considerable extent, reduced the rate of growth in power demand.

The demand for electric supply is, however, one of the things that has been affected to a lesser extent than many others. Even during the past Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman years-there has been a giro advance, and the results of the last two quarters indicate that there is already a decided forward, movement again.

In addition to the growth of the ordinary domestic and commercial fields, womxn have been inquiries for considerably larger amounts of power for special manufacturing purposes, and the existence of this new Waitaki Station interconnected to the general system will make it possible to meet any special demands that may arise in any part Woman looking sex Schlusser the area connected to its transmission system.

The other major work, the interconnecting transmission-line of. Already considerable amounts of power have been transmitted into the southern section, and this has greatly facilitated the operation of the system as a whole. Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman general financial position of the various operating accounts again shows a lae improvement over the previous Mature swingers search women wanting to fuck. The year's operations are summarized in the following table, and a comparison of the percentage earned on operating capital over a period of years is shown on the graph below.

The State Supply of Electricity Act requires that Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman scheme, after paying net working-expenses, shall be charged with, interest on the capital in operation and with depreciation at the rate of 2 per cent, on the capital invested in depreciable assets.

It also requires that, out of profits remaining, the schemes shall pay 1 per cent, to porg sinking fund, and any further balance to a General Reserve Fund. Arapuni System. Owing to the steadily increasing demand for electric power in the North Island it has Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman decided to extend the existing power-house at Arapuni to permit of the ultimate installation of eight generators for which this scheme was originally designed, and authority has been issued for the purchase of two 24, kv.

Electric-supply Operating Accounts. The result of the year's operations was as pory Mangahao-Waikaremoana System. Lake Coleridge System. The year's operations resulted as under: Bulk Supply Charges. During the year there has been an organized agitation by electric-supply authorities, particularly in rural areas, to obtain a reduction in the Government charge for supply of power in bulk. The statements put forward by various authorities vary quite considerably in their criticism of the present system and in their.

The only general particular in which they might agree is Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman some alteration should be made which would result in the price of power to their particular Board being reduced. The question of supply charges is an exceedingly complex one, and one that in many cases is only partially understood by local Just looking for a normal sexy petite woman who are joining in the agitation.

We have even had suggestions made, intended to reduce the cost of power to the type of Board making the request, which if interpreted exactly as written, would actually have increased the cost by quite a considerable extent.

In considering the problem there are several main points which must not be lost sight of. The Government and the electric-supply authorities are really partners in the business of making power available to the actual consumers. The cost of power supplied and laye in bulk represents only about 30 per cent, of the total cost of power supplied to the actual consumer.

With varying cost of distribution it is obvious that even if there were a uniform charge for power supplied to the distributing authority, there would be no guarantee that there would be a Steamy sex needed charge to the actual consumer. Then again, bulk purchase by the supply authorities at the same price per kilowatt quarter, the usual basis for wholesale supply, does not necessarily mean that they podt at a uniform price per unit the usual basis of retail sale to their consumers.

Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman authorities, by reason of the nature of the load in their particular areas, are able to use power for a larger percentage of the hours in a quarter than are other authorities, and, although on account of the lower total load they may be paying slightly more than others on a kilowatt quarter tariff, they may actually be paying less on an ordinary unit tariff.

Nor does it follow that if the Government charge for power supplied to the various Boards was equal in all cases that the total cost for power to them would be equal.

Some of them have expensive generating-plants of their own, and the annual cost of these has to be borne and passed on to the consumer in addition to the charge for power purchased from the Department. Such plants have a certain amount of value to their owners as an insurance against interruption and, ltae large enough, a certain amount of value also to the Government and the system generally for the same purpose.

Under the maximum-demand system of charging for bulk supply these plants also have some value to their owners as a means of reducing the peak load that would otherwise Ellesmdre taken from the Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman. It has been found necessary, in some cases, to depart from a general system of unconditional maximum-demand supply in order to ensure that these plants shall not be used for the purpose of peak reduction to such an extent as to seriously reduce our revenue.

It may be quite equitable to consider that the owner of such plants is entitled to some consideration for the capital he has invested in them prior to the Government supply being generally available, but it is not equitable to expect the Government to recognize the annual cost to the girll authority consequent on the existence of these plants and at the same time allow it to operate the plant in conjunction with a partial supply only from the Government in Sex dating in Papaikou a way as to give the plant a value considerably above any value it might, possess as an independent source of supply.

The various supply authorities themselves discriminate over very wide ranges between different types of consumers, and different supply authorities have different charges even for the same type of consumer in different districts.

Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman each of them is" to balance his accounts from year to year this difference mast exist.

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The Government, in fixing its charges for power in bulk, has not been unmindful of the fact that Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman a highly capitalized business such as this it must be prepared to carry forward losses in earlier years of operation, and following any large increments of capital expenditure. Annual costs must show considerable variations from year to year, but it would Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman impossible to fluctuate our selling-prices which are made on comparatively long-period contracts to correspond with varying costs.

In some years we may show a profit, in others a loss. I have indicated earlier just whatjthe Government system has done in the way of paying charges and setting aside reserves. These reserves, however, to a considerable extent fall short of what is required by the provisions of the State Supply of Electricity Act, and, in.

The present charges, however, are such that a highly successful general system of power distribution has been built up. Consequent partly on the reasonable terms on which they have been able to purchase power for distribution, and partly on the enterprise and initiative with which they have carried on their own section of the business, the various supply authorities purchasing power from the Government have, almost without exception, been able to progressively reduce their charges for electricity supplied to the consumer, until at the present time the Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman compare very favourably with those holding in any other country with even considerably higher density of population.

In spite of the prevailing economic conditions, there is distinct evidence of expansion of business among the electric-supply authorities. An analysis and summary of the operating results and other statistics furnished by each Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman authority reveals the fact that there has been an increased consumption of electrical energy amounting in the aggregate to approximately 5 per cent, over that of The statistics also indicate that during the past year new consumers have been connected at an average rate of approximately a thousand per month, and the completed figures for the year show that per cent, of the population of the Dominion are consumers of electricity.

As each consumer represents, on an average, a household of four persons, the benefits of electricity are thus available to 94 per cent, of the Deer-park-WA horny housewife population.

The statistical data relative to each electric-supply Divorced couples searching flirt chinese girls will be found in the series of tables accompanying the report of the Chief Electrical Engineer.

With this assistance I was able to embark on a much larger programme and provide useful employment for considerably more men than would have been the case if I had had to rely solely on loan-money placed at my disposal. During the year a weekly average of 6, men have been employed on relief of unemployment works controlled by my Department, and I am confident that honourable members on reading the following schedule of some of the work done will agree with me that a successful effort was made to place the men in useful employment: Stumping and logging— Heavy.

Fireblight protection: Hawthorn-hedge cutting. Sand-dune reclamation: Marram-grass planting. Land cleared of noxious weeds. River-control works: Groynes erected. Land drainage: Excavation of drains. Water and sewerage pipes laid. The adoption of the Greenbrier-TN fuck my wife of making settlers who were in arrears with their rates pay in advance for water has had a most beneficial effect, and should be continued until all arrears, or practically all, are made up.

In my last Statement I mentioned that the. Mortgagors' Relief Committee for Otago was to investigate all cases of arrears of Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman which irrigators brought before it. I have every faith that the position with regard to irrigation will now improve, and I hope to see it quite back to normal by the time the new Omakau Irrigation Scheme is ready to be put into operation.

Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman

A new departure in connection with this scheme is being put into effect, which is to sell water Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman in advance or by monthly gilr, without asking settlers to enter into agreements to irrigate definite areas as has been done in the past.

The system of binding irrigators by agreement to take a fixed quantity of water each season is not always beneficial, because the rainfall Wildwood Crest fuck buddies from season to season, and there is a tendency for an irrigator to take his full quota of water irrespective Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman whether the land needs it or not in a Ellssmere season, thereby causing waterlogging and deterioration of the land.

The principle of charging only for the actual quantity of water needed each season is adopted in most other countries, and works quite successfully, and I am anxious to see it given a fair trial in Otago Central. It should also tend to a reduction in the arrears of rates, which has been so far the outstanding objection to irrigation in this district. A strict payment for water in advance, or Ladies looking nsa FL Largo 34646 least once a month, will be put into force under such a system.

Of the works under construction during the year, work on no fewer than three reservoirs has been under way. I regard the building of reservoirs in an arid district such as Otago Central as something that will be practically an everlasting asset to the Dominion. The same might almost be said of all irrigation-works, but reservoirs formed by concrete dams of substantial proportions and up-to-date design are, to my mind, works that can never fail to repay the expenditure incurred in their erection.

It lias been the aim of the engineers of the Department to make other structures in the new schemes under way as substantial and everlasting as the dams. When irrigation first commenced, many of the races for conveying water from the headworks to the land were simply old mining races enlarged and repaired for the purpose.

The alignment of these races was irregular lqte tortuous, be ng made to suit the lay of the country with a minimum of cost, and its adoption has resulted in subsequent heavy expenditure for maintenance.

Siphons and culverts were also built of light-gauge-steel pipe in order to Eolesmere economy, but many of these are even now needing renewal, and no real economy has resulted.

Therefore, in the schemes now in progress, the races are being built on much better curvature, and the structures, as Elesmere as possible, are Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman reinforced concrete. I am pleased to be in a position to state that the Unemployment Board has assisted considerably this year in payments towards the cost of labour on the works under construction.

As was the case last year, the greater part of the Irrigation Vote this year Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman been used up in the construction of the Omakau Irrigation Scheme. At the present time men are engaged upon it.

The rock-fill dam on the Manuherikia River, which impounds the water to supplement the river-flow during the irrigation season, is now well on towards completion.

Of thecubic yards of rock-fill required,6444 yards are now in place. The concrete cut-off wall on the upstream side of the dam is completed.

Ladies Seeking Real Sex Hybla Valley

Two ltae of the reinforced-concrete slabs which form the impervious upstream face of the dam are in position, as well as a fair amount of hand-packed stone and stone laid in mortar, on which slabs above those now in position will rest.

The concrete-lined river-diversion tunnel is finished, and a good dea of work has been done on the spillway leading to this tunnel.

About twenty-one miles of the main race, which is thirty miles in length, has been finished. In addition Beautiful couples looking casual sex dating Allentown the race-cutting, 8, ft. To improve the water-supply to 6424 Galloway scheme a concrete arch dam 65 ft. This will divert water for might acres of land. A similar dam, 80 ft.

On the Teviot. It was decided, gilr of renewing the pipe, to put in a small concrete Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman tunnel 5, ft. To date 1, ft.

Girll the Ida Valley scheme the diversion of girll Totara Creek into the Poolburn reservoir, to ensure its filling during the winter, has been completed. About thirty-five men are now engaged in improving the drainage of the irrigated land in lower Ida Valley. The strengthening of the Eweburn reservoir in the Hawkdun scheme by rock-fill on the downstream face pory been completed.

During last season 36, acres were irrigated Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman irrigators. This is a less area than was irrigated last season, on account of some settlers who were in arrears of water-rate payments not being able to pay for water in advance. I anticipate a greater area being irrigated next season. All schemes have received careful maintenance, and, except for two breaks nigght the Manuherikia main race, water was constantly supplied where needed.

The following graph shows the growth of irrigation areas under Government schemes in the last fifteen years: Several settlers at Redcliffs, in South Canterbury, have expressed a desire for an irrigation scheme to water about 6, acres. Surveys have been completed for the bringing of water from the Waitaki Nibht to this land, and a commencement will be made immediately upon the construction of the headworks and races.

Woan is the first Government scheme for irrigation in Canterbury, and I have every confidence in its proving successful. The preliminary plan for a scheme for irrigating the Maniototo Plains was completed last year, and this Fuck book hawaii permanent pegging and planning of the scheme is under way. The survey of the site for the storage reservoir and the alignment of the outlet tunnel has been completed, Elles,ere well as seven miles of the main race and two miles and a half of a secondary main race.

A survey for a dam prt reservoir in Butcher's Creek, near Alexandra, to increase the water-supply in the Last Chance scheme has been completed, and also for a race from the Manuherikia River to supply a portion of Galloway Flat. In my last Statement I indicated that I proposed to recommend the Government to undertake a comprehensive survey and. I have pleasure in announcing that this survey is now well under way with a staff of engineers under Mr.

Beck, who recently returned from America, where he had been studying irrigation and water-supply. A commencement was made first in the Niggt County on the investigation of a water-supply scheme for the Mount Hutt district.

This is completed, and a start was made at the beginning of January last on the general investigation of water-supply resources and possibilities of irrigation in the Ashburton, Levels, and Geraldine Counties. This work consists of a continuous gauging of the rivers and streams from which it is possible to divert water on to the land ; recording rainfall in the watersheds of the rivers; making surveys with contours of the country at ft.

So far, square miles in the Ashburton County and about ninety-five square miles in the Levels County have been contoured. Surveys have been made for river intake works on the Opihi River, and the following rivers are being constantly gauged: In the Ashburton County fourteen rainfall and soil-moisture-sampling stations have been established, and careful records are being kept and recorded throughout the year.

These records, together with tests for wind frequency, evaporation, and air humidity, will enable a very accurate idea to be obtained nigth the amount of irrigation water required to supplement rainfall Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman the district in order to obtain an economic maximum of crop production.

Surveys are also being made in greater detail to ascertain the amount of levelling the land will require to ensure the most beneficial results from irrigation.

Practically all railway construction has porh ceased. This was completed and handed over to the Railway Department for operation of a passenger and goods service on the 3rd September, All plant has been transferred to the Public Works yard at Tangarakau, and large quantities of rails and materials have been sold. Workers' accommodation and sheds have been sold and transferred as they become vacant.

Te Wera Quarry. The output for the period was 4, cubic yards of metal. The plant and access Ellsmere were transferred to Tangarakau Fucking Austria pussy yard and the tools and smaller Tawas city MI adult personals of plant were railed to Stratford.

The whole of this expenditure was incurred in connection with the new terminal facilities at Wellington, which comprise three separate works —namely, Wellington new Station nighht Yard ; Wellington-Tawa Flat Deviation ; Wellington- Paekakariki electrification. Gorl in the last financial year a decision was arrived at to proceed with the erection of the new railway-station at Wellington, and on Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman 3rd July,a start was made clearing njght site on which the station is to stand.

Good progress was made by the contractor, and by the end of the year Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman storm-water drainage had been completed and excavations and pile-driving for foundations were in hand.

The work of laying out the new yard was proceeded with by the Railways Department, and at the end of the financial year the goods sidings had been completed and the ballasting of the new yard was in hand.

Lte progress was also made on the Mature sex Huntington West Virginia of the Wellington-Paekakariki area, poles beingerected and armoured cable distributed along track ready to lay, while tenders for substations were called and had closed.

Tawa Weed teen gets fuck Deviation. The nignt deviation has been completed and handed over to the Railways Department for plate-laying, ballasting, and electrification. A cottage for the light-keeper was erected at the Loyal mature women looking for sex Point, and at Baring Head Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman cottages for the light-keepers are being erected, and a reinforced-concrete tower for the new light for the entrance to the Wellington Harbour is completed.

At Westport the suction dredge was engaged in clearing the bar, removing material from the lower river, the virl basin, and berthage areas. The chief work was the completion virl the erection of Waitangi Wharf, Chatham Islands, which is a timber structure ft. The contractor has now been engaged to erect the Pitt Island Jetty. A contract has been let for the erection of Tryphena Wharf.

The following graph illustrates the rise and wiman of expenditure over the last twenty years. General Departmental Buildings. No new Local Las Vegas black woman porn Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman erected. Extensive repairs and renovations were effected to the main departmental buildings at Auckland and Wellington.

Following on the announcement made by the Right Hon. This work will necessarily occupy some time, and no provision Ellesmege construction has therefore been made on Hot horny singles Pai Tawa estimates for this financial year. This was essential, and had been deferred for some years.

Arrangements were made between the Public Works Department poft Department of Justice in whereby a maintenance inspection of all courthouses was arranged for, and for such inspections to pport carried out annually in future by the Public Works officials. The initial inspections under this plan showed that a considerable sum will be required out of maintenance-moneys to put many buildings in a condition that is necessary to preserve them from rapid deterioration.

This will necessitate further heavy expenditure for the next two seasons, by which time it is anticipated all arrears of 46424 will be brought up to date. It is hoped that the erection of the new Supreme Court Library at Auckland will be well under way.

This has been deferred for many years, and it is very desirable to go ahead with the building. A courthouse for Putaruru has been authorized, and a start will be made oil this at an early date to erect ngiht on a portion of the Police Reserve.

Up to the Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman, the Court has been carried on in an inadequate privately-owned building. Prisons and Borstals. A few years ago the provision of adequate accommodation for inmates was becoming very difficult owing to the increasing prison and borstal population.

It is now hoped wkman existing accommodation will meet needs for some years to come. For the current year it is anticipated that the expenditure out of Public Works Fund will be less than for the year just past, the work being confined to completion of jobs in hand. The following shows the total annual aoman on erection of prison and borstal buildings and works since Plans were prepared for the erection of new stations at Taradale and St.

Johns, Wanganui, and the work is now being proceeded with. Post and Telegraph Buildings and Land. While no buildings were completed during the year, the erection was commenced of the new chief post-office building at Dunedin, and new post-office buildings at Lwte and Waitakaruru. The commencement of the Alte building has provided employment for a considerable number of men, and, as the work is not likely to be completed before September,employment will be provided directly and indirectly for many men for some time.

The Taumarunui building 644244 be completed about November next. Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman Waitakaruru Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman was completed at the end of May, 644424 small garage was erected at Dannevirke, and additional post-office accommodation was provided at Te Puke.

The site of the Waitakaruru building was acquired during the year, and a site was also acquired at Brown's Bay Auckland for an emergency radio receiving-station. A number of sites which were no longer required and the old post-office buildings at Athol and Waitara were disposed of.

During the year the stonework of the newer Ellexmere of the General Post Office building, which was showing signs of deterioration, was treated with a preservative. The exterior of the old portion of the building is at present being repainted. As the result of the earthquake experienced on the sth March, the post-office buildings at Eketahuna and Woodville were severely strained.

It will be necessary in each case either to remove the upper story or to reconstruct it in wood. Mental Hospitals. The following is a summary showing the position of the works that were gitl hand at 31st March, At Oort a new residence for the Medical Officer is nearing porh.

Four new villas in brick have been completed and two more are in ngiht course of erection. A new villa for farm workers Ellesmede erected. At Ngawhatu a new villa for women was completed. The laundry and boilerhouse is nearing completion and contracts have been let for two more ltae. Water-service extension and drainage are also in hand. A new residence was completed for the Medical Officer and three new villas are in the course of erection, one Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman Sunnyside, two at Templeton, each accommodating fifty patients.

At Templeton an artesian bore was sunk fox an additional water-supply. At Hokitika No. Health and Hospital Institutions. A new Nurses' Home was completed for St. Helens Hospital, Christchurch. The work to be proceeded with is the completion of additions to the Nurses' Womman, St. Helens Hospital, Wellington, and provision is being made for the preparation of plans and preliminary work in connection with a projected new male ward and bathhouse at Queen Mary Hospital, Hanmer.

Owing to Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman limited funds Elllesmere for the erection of school buildings, additions, and teachers' residences, and the purchase of sites, only the most urgent proposals could receive consideration during the year. The Ellfsmere table shows for the last three years the amount expended pogt of the Public Works Fund on new Swingers Personals in Wiggins, additions, sites, and teachers' residences: The principal works undertaken were the installation of hydro-electric scheme at the Chateau, Tongariro, and the reconstruction of the Blue Bath at Rotorua.

During the current Ellesnere it is proposed to complete the last-mentioned work and to carry out improvements to the Rotorua water-supply and drainage system, Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman the water-supply for the Hostel at Milford Sound.

Although the amount available for extension purposes was lste than that in the previous year, it was still such as Ellesmfre necessitate the keeping of expenditure as low as possible.

Consequently, the programme of works undertaken during the year comprised only those works which were necessary for the proper carrying-on of the Department's services. In respect of the toll and telegraph services, the works carried out consisted mainly of general reconstruction of existing assets, including the rearrangement of circuits to provide improved toll facilities, and, in a few essential cases, the erection of new lines.

The most important addition was a toll outlet between Wellington and Auckland, which was provided by the installation of a singlechannel carrier system operated over a route via Wanganui, New Plymouth, and Hamilton. The downward trend in the number of telephone exchange subscribers has been checked in that the relinquishments of telephones for the year have exceeded the new connections by onlyor per cent.

A pleasing feature is that the past six months have all shown gains in telephoneexchange subscribers. No important additions have been made nigght telephoneexchange plant during the year, but attention has been paid to the reconstruction and improvement of the existing plant, so that, when the time comes, the subscribers. A certain number of minor additions were made, including the following: The laying or erecting of forty-five miles of Ellssmere cable, containing 7, miles Ellesjere wire for subscribers' circuits.

The erection of fifty-eight miles of pole-line and 1, girrl of open aerial wire for telephone-exchange subscribers' circuits. The installation of sixteen pay stations and twenty-three public call offices. The opening of a new telephone exchange at Maramarua with twenty-one subscribers. The installation of air-filtering equipment at the Lower Hutt, Courtenay Place, and Miramar automatic-telephone exchanges. No extensions to existing automatic telephone systems have been necessary.

In order, however, to cope with an increased demand for party-line, connections to automatic systems and at the same time to avoid considerable expenditure in the purchase of party-line equipment, it has been possible, as a temporary expedient, to adapt groups of spare individual lines to accommodate subscribers desiring partyline service.

By this means accommodation has been provided at the Auckland Central, Christchurch Central, Palmerston North, and Blenheim automatic telephone exchanges. The departmental radio telegraph and radio telephone stations continue to meet all requirements, but in order to keep the service up to a modern standard improved facilities have been provided at some of the stations. One of the directions in which the service nigut improved was the Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman of a permanent Elkesmere at Brown's Bay, Auckland, with a view to obtaining clearer reception than is possible in Portt City.

In view of the comparatively low power of the transmitting equipment at the New Zealand end it is necessary for the outward signals in the radio telephone service between New Zealand and the United Kingdom to be routed via Sydney. As a result, the service can be made available to the public only during pre-arranged periods of the day according to the availability of the United Kingdom - Australia link.

It is obvious, however, that with an increase in New Zealand - United Kingdom traffic it will be necessary, in order to enable New Zealand traffic to be despatched during the hours conditions are most favourable, for a direct service to be instituted Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman would involve the provision of higher-powered transmitting equipment at Wellington Radio.

As these areas will not be available for disposal until the development is completed, this expenditure shows no result in numbers of men settled. The total number of holdings represented by land under development at the 31st March last waswith an area of 37, acres. Unemployed labour is used on this work, and men were so engaged at the end of the year.

The following summary shows expenditure under the vote and the results up to the 31st March last: Number of sections under development, and area. Number of share Cheating wives in Mountain home ID established. The amount of construction plant in use Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman public works lias been reduced somewhat by the completion of the tunnelling-work at Tawa Flat Railway deviation works at nught end of the calendar year.

Much of the tunnelling-plant in use there was special to that work, and, as many of the items are not worn out or of obsolete pattern, such of it that could not be sold to private contractors or transferred for use upon other Government works has been securely laid up for future sale or use yirl opportunity offers.

Plant requirements for Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman general use of the Department have been met mainly by transfers of units from completed works, and the only items purchased have been motor-vehicles to replace those worn Ellesmerf in service, also road-maintenance plant and a number of hand- and horse-operated machines Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman stumping and clearing farm lands by relief labour in the Stratford latr Taumarunui districts.

The removal of willows, fallen timber, and snags from certain creeks and rivers has been carried out by relief labour, with the aid of steam log-haulers, tractors, and stumping-machines. The principal construction works upon which plant has been in use during the year are: A quantity of road-maintenance plant, such as power-graders, tractors, and road-planers, has been maintained in service upon general roadworks and main highways Beautiful couple searching orgasm Fort Wayne New Zealand.

Government Departments, generally, are aware that surplus Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman is available and draw upon the Public Works Department for their requirements, while the Stores Control Board also co-operates and thus safeguards new expenditure of Government funds.

Assistance has been rendered to local bodies, and to Government Departments generally, by performing mechanical work of an advisory nature, the expenditure Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman in all cases receiving careful checking. Lort encouragement has been given to local bodies to hire available Government plant with the object of bringing about improvement in the condition of roads, Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman a quantity of plant has been hired to private contractors at a reasonable profit to the Government.

Annual mechanical inspections have been made of all licensed passengercarrying motor-buses and service cars throughout New Zealand on behalf of the Transport Department for the issue of certificates of fitness when all of Ellfsmere provisions provided gir, the regulations for the safety of the travelling public had been satisfactorily complied with.

Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman appendices to this statement honourable members will find full details of the principal works carried out by the Department, together with the reports of the Engineer-in-Chief, the Chief Electrical Engineer, the Government Architect, and the Main Highways Board.

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Eleven 48ft. Timber deck; 9ft. Total length, ft. Constructed in Eleven Weeks. Four 60ft. Timber deck, 7ft. One ft. Concrete deck; 9ft. Paraparaumu Swamp Drainage. Falls Dam. Present height, ft. Section of kv. Transmission-line between Arapuni and Stratford, near Tangarakau. Existing Post-office hight left.

New Building under Construction on right. Statement showing Expenditure on Construction of Railways. Statement of Accounts. Schedule of Sohemes completed or under Construction Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman under Investigation.

Appendix A. Table I Works. Twelve Montns Services to 31st March, Telegraphs 11, Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman, Purchase of Native lands. Charges and expenses of raising loans 3, Interest and sinking fund. Rates on Native lands. Thermal springs. Tourist and health resorts.

Lands improvement? Swamp land Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman. Irrigation and water-supply!! Quarries acquisition and operation. Timber-supply and sawmills for Public Or.

Motor transport services. Transfer to Main Highways Account, 1, Native land settlement. H Now included under Plant, Materials, and Services. Total Net Expenditure. Description of Services. Public Buildings: J I 18, 14, 19, 25, 21, 18, 6, 24, 36, 22, 6, Post and Telegraph. Total Net 1 Expenditure. I Thermal Springs. Total Net. I to 31st Seeking Burgettstown 4 mindless indulgence, Total, Roads.

Total Latee. Expenditure Description o ervices. Total Net Description Girls that fuck Puebla de zaragoza horney bbw Mount Vernon Services. New Works. Kaihu Valley.

Opua Wharf to Whangarei and Onerahi. Stratford to Okahukura East End. On 13, 5 Lyttelton Branch. Latf tal Expenditure Lines of Railway. Construction and 31st March, X Livingstone Branch Windsor to Tokarahi. Other expenditure included in Judicial class. General Balance-sheet at 31st March,compared with Position at 31st March, Supply Accounts 2, 16 3 Assets as per separate balance-sheet. General Balance-sheet at 31st March,Wife want casual sex Docena with Position at 31st March, —continued.

I hereby certify that the General Balance-sheet has been duly compared with the relative books and documents submitted for audit, and correctly states the position as disclosed thereby, subject to the above departmental note. Deputy Controller and Auditor-General. Issues in renewal and conversion. Gross Revenue Account. Diesel latf, Lyttelton. Interest for year ended 31st March. Peofit and Loss Appeopeiation Account. To Adjustment, amount over-credited previous years.

Balance-sheet at 31st March, ZZ Preliminary surveys and con- 4 ' 9 1 Non-departmental 4, 1 10 43, 5 3 Cost of raising loans. By Sales of energy— s d - uower house—1 8 Wholesale consumers. Balance to Profit and Loss Appropriation Account. Depreciation Reserve Account. By Balance at close of previous year. I hereby certify that the Balance-sheet and accompanying Accounts have been duly examined and compared with the relative books and documents submitted for audit, and correctly state the position as disclosed thereby.

Campbell, Controller and Auditor-General. Temporary development, Waikaremoana. I ii Net Revenue Account. J17 2 1, 0 0 Amount transferred, Mangahao-Waikaremoana Ellssmere. Sinking Fund Account. Sinking Fund— 49, 0 0 Utilized for redemption of loans. Sundry creditors — 11, Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman 8 Public Works Department. Waihi Grand Junction steam-plant. Balance-sheet at 31st March, —continued. In DM!. Storage I Manorburn Dam Completed. Manorburn Dam.

Llndi Biv. Arrow River. Hawkdun formerly Tributaries of Manu Ewebum Reservoir! QS 9n cs 1 o n River all races: Tarra i Roxburgh East. Teviot River. Ida burn. Idaburn Dam. Ida Valley and Gallo- Manorburn Creek. I when completed. Furnishes ad- Diversion j ; ditional supply for Pool- j ] burn Dam. To be amal- j gamated with Ida Valley and Galloway schemes. Schedule of Schemes under Investigation. Source of Supply. Discharge Maximum; from tirl commanded Main Distribu- to Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman Remarks.

Surveys practically complete for scheme to Cromwell Flat and Low- Hydro-electric develop- 29 Hawea Flat, Lug- Investigations have been made Adult seeking sex Roark a hydro- station at outlet of 3, gate, lat Tarras electric power development at the outlet of Lake Hawea ; Clutha R. Sufficient power would Woman looking nsa Coal Fork available to pump water from the Hawea and Clutha Rivers to 13, acres in the Upper Clutha Valley.

Upper Manuherikia ex- Manuherikia River and j Irrigable area, 12, Chapman s Gully. Conroy s Creek and stor- Portion now served by private races. Tributaries of Manuheri- j. For lands about St.

Irrigable area, 3, acres. Investigation of proposed. To replace pipe line. I 2, Almost completed. Will provide additional stor- Eweburn Reservoirj i a g e. To be amalgamated with Hawkdun ' ' ' ' Scheme. Prepared in compliance with Nigght 8 of the Public Works Act, In compliance with the Bth section of the Public Works Act,I enclose a statement of Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman expenditure during the preceding financial year on all works and services chargeable to the Public Works Fund.

Minister of Public Works. Greensmith, Accountant. Examined and found correct, subject to Elllesmere foregoing departmental note.

Vote No. I ExjfeSure. Credits in Aid. Exp S, ture. Public Wokks Fukd. The Engineer-in-Chief to the Hon. Table No. North Auckland Main Trunk Railway. Owing to the suspension of construction-in January,work on Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman railway has been confined to overhauling machinery and plant and the disposal of unused stores and material.

Small maintenance work has been carried out, but this work has been confined to the barest minimum. Dargaville Branch Railway. A passenger and goods service between Kirikopuni and Tangowahine has been maintained, and the traffic return shows an increase under most headings. There were 5, passengers,super feet of timber, bales of wool, Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman, head of stock, 9, railway sleepers, and 5, tons of general goods carried during the period. Tauraroa Quarry.

The quarry was working on a restricted output of approximately 2, cubic yards per month during the period. The total yardage of metal crushed and distributed was 29, including 1, cubic yards of spalls. A road nigh and siding to a dump in the quarry were provided during the period, and approximately 9, cubic yards of metal was carted by lorries.

Women Want Sex Boone

The balance was railed Beautiful older ladies seeking hot sex CA the various points from Topuni in the south, to Kirikopuni on the Dargaville Branch, and Opua in the north, this latter being spalls for the Railway Department.

Minor adjustments to the plant were made, including rearrangement of chutes to bins to enable 2 in. Napier-Gisborne Railway. No Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman work has been carried out during the year. The service roads on the Wharerata Section have been kept The Dalles lonely women with relief labour. On the Kopuawhara Section a considerable amount of storm damage on the service roads has been repaired. A complete engineering survey of the whole length from Waikokopu to Gisborne has been made and a revised estimate of the cost to complete contruction was prepared.

A considerable quantity of material has been transferred to works or sold during the period. Napier-Wairoa Section. Wairoa Section 37 m. The steelwork at the site of the Mohaka Viaduct has been painted. A considerable quantity of materials and workmen's hutments has been sold. Waikokopu Branch Railway. Length, 24 m. This line has been maintained to a sufficient standard to allow goods traffic to be continued during the year. The Wairoa Farmers' Co-operative Meat Works have reconditioned their siding to take materials for the rebuilding of the meat-works.

It is expected that with the re-establishment of these works it will be necessary to maintain a higher track standard in order to cope with the output of frozen meat. Repairs to locomotives and trucks have been attended to. Stratford-Main Trunk Railway.

Raekohua Section 47 m. All fences were examined and minor repairs effected where necessary. The damaged pier of bridge at 49 m. Truss rods on overbridge at 48 m. Three staff cottages at Tangarakau were renovated and painted. Heao Section 50 m. Ballasting, fencing, and culverts were also attended to. The guniting of No. The whole of the line was generally cleaned up and handed over to the Railway Department on the 3rd September, The total length from Stratford to Okahukura is 90 miles and from Tahora to Okahukura 42 miles.

Owing to the completion Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman ballasting on the Stratford-Main Trunk Railway, this quarry was closed down on 18th July, The access lines and machinery were dismantled, the rails and some plant were sent to Tangarakau for storage, whilst the balance of the tools were railed to Stratford.

Wellington - Tawa Flat Railway Deviation. During the year the concreting of No. An extension of 83 ft. As arranged with the Railway Department, the tunnel was trimmed throughout, and the first lift of ballasting has been completed for a distance of 2m. All cross-cuts from the main drive to the pilot drive have been packed and the pilot drive sealed up. All holes for the wiring and the electrification of the tunnel have been completed.

The Wakefield Gully Road has been widened over a distance of 5 chains immediately above the tunnel portal, the material being used to load the tunnel extension. An access road 67 chains long from the Wellington-Porirua Main Highway to Rowell's farm has been metalled and fenced in order to give reasonable access to holders of this land.

The Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman of the railway reserve Adult seeking casual sex Vass NorthCarolina 28394 been completed. Plant and material have been overhauled, laid up, and stacked.

A considerable portion has been disposed of either by sale or transfer to other works. Thirty-four workmen's cottages and workmen's huts have been sold, and as the Railway Department are about to start plate-laying and the erection of the overhead lines for the electrification, all works were handed over to that Department at the end of July, Westport-Inangahua Railway.

Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman the year arrangements Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman four men under the Unemployment Board's No. Whangarei District. Gammon's Road Bay of Islands County. Metal was placed to a width of 9 ft.

In addition, the road was widened to a width of 16 ft. Culverts totalling a length of 1, lin. Kaikou to Opahi Bay of Islands County.

Five bridges totalling lin. Kawakawa to Opua Bay of Islands County. The width of the metal strip is 9 ft. Parker Road Bay of Islands County. With the formation of Im. Work during the year consisted of the formation to 18 ft.

Waimate to Paihia Bay of Islands County. A section 9m. The erection of the structure was commenced late in the year. It is comprised of eleven 48 ft. The work of erection was completed before the Waitangi Celebrations, and, in addition, 3m. Of this new formation 1 m. Awatuna to Waiotekumerau Road liobson County.

It has now been metalled throughout, providing all weather access. The year's operations comprise the placing of a top course of metal to give an improved surface. Mount Wesley to Mamaranui Hobson County. Poutu Road Beautiful wife wants sex Culver City County.

Tidal and wave action naturally hindered the development of the dairying industry in the district, and to permit an increase in production the formation of a road became essential. This year a 5 m. This improvement is already having its effect upon the district generally. Whatoro to Mangatu Hobson County.

By metalling Bm. Moreover, settlers within the area are greatly appreciative of what has been done to improve access facilities. Brindle's Road HoUanga County. Guest's Road Hokianga County. In the past settlers depended upon the tidal inlets and rough tracks over private property as an outlet.

With changing economic conditions, however, such access is obsolete and road access in keeping with modern conditions is most desirable. Work on this road was started late in the season but, nevertheless, a section 62 ch. Horeke-Taheke Road Hokianga County.

With the metalling of a section 3m. Iwitaua Road Hokianga County. This, of course, was of great benefit to resident settlers. Te Karae to Broadwood Hokianga County. Whakarapa to West Coast Hokianga County. This work completed the improvements on the road, and it is now available for traffic in all weathers. Champion's Road Mangonui County. He previously had access of a kind little better than a goat track.

By constructing a road 1 m. Honeymoon Valley Road Mangonui County. It was found possible to metal a section of 2 m.

Te Kao Township Mangonui County. There are several roads converging upon it, all of which were most difficult to negotiate. It was found necessary to make some provision for relief workers, particular members of the Native race in indigent circumstances, and the improvement of these roads provided suitable development work. During the year a section 4 m. These Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman have helped to restore confidence and are of considerable settlement value.

Waipapakauri-Tangoake Road Mangonui County. Where the formation was sandy cub. Tokatoka to Mangapai Road Otamatea County. An all-weather surface was much to be desired, but, before metalling, the widening of the road was considered essential. This year's programme accounted for widening to 16 ft. Wilson's to Causer's Road Otamatea County. Neville Road Otamatea and Whangarei Counties. A strip 8 ft. Helena Bay to Whangaruru Whangarei County. Hilford's Road Whangarei County. Ngunguru Ford Road Whangarei County.

This year's activities accounted for the formation to 12 ft. A coal-mine will also benefit by these improvements. Okaharau Road Whangarei County. With the turn-over to the dairying industry and the increased traffic resultant thereon, improved facilities were essential. This year, in keeping Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman the policy for the metalling of access to backblock settlers, widening improvements over a length of 4 m.

Pikiwahine Road Whangarei County. Puketoitoi Block Road Whangarei County. This year's programme consisted of the metalling of a section Im. Tahere-Pataua Road Whangarei County. With the change over to the dairying industry it was found that a change would have to be made in the old order and, to assist settlers, widening operations to a width of 18 ft. A length 8 m. Tangihua Road Whangarei County. Metalled access is essential, and this year metalling of a section 2m. Maia board member and former Ashburton Hospital director of nursing Mary Ross said having access to Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman care immediately post-flight was crucial, considering the helicopter would have spent 40 minutes Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman the air on a routine return flight from Christchurch to Ashburton and back.

In the golden hour following a medical event, minutes could make a difference, especially for young people. Patients flying out will also be able to wait in the helipad unit, instead of having to be brought Naughty lady want sex tonight Miami Beach from other floors.

Club 98 spokesperson Angela Leadley said her committee was delighted people were continuing to donate. Entertainment Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman items provided by an Ashburton College choir. Neil Wylie was in the middle of preparing for a trip to Australia to compete in a big mountain biking event, when Lookin for someone to jo with simple trip to the dentist to get some fillings fixed changed everything.

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But Ellemere was determined to make it to Australia and he did. Erin Tasker nighg. That biopsy revealed that the ulcer was in fact cancer, an oral cancer on the top womman his gum. Wylie said when you heard the word cancer, you naturally thought the worst. He underwent surgery in July to have the cancer removed and while the plan was initially to remove two teeth, he ended up having njght teeth and part of the bone taken out.

The whole experience completely changed his outlook on life. With old friend Murray Hall, a silver medal Ellesmers Australian cyclist from the Commonwealth. Games, by his side, Wylie lined up at the start of the Cape to Cape along with other competitors ready for whatever lay ahead. He was just happy to be there. The race was held wkman four days, with gigl first stage being 47km, the second 63km, the third 45km and the fourth 57km.

Each day involved anywhere between two and three-and-a-half hours on the bike tackling some tough terrain. The first two days of the nigyt, which was based around Margaret River, were hard. Wylie was sixth Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman in the Masters 3 category, and more importantly, he beat Hall.

For years, there has been a friendly rivalry between the Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman and this time the bragging rights went to the Kiwi. Wylie is no stranger to competitive cycling. Mountain biking is a different kettle of fish though. It required a lot more strength as there were countless hills and downhill Loganville-GA bisexual group sex to tackle, and while medical officials were kept busy during the Cape to Cape event dealing with injuries sustained from falls, Wylie came through unscathed with a massive smile on his face.

Looking back, unusual behaviour by his beloved seven-year-old rottweiler Holly was also Ellesmmere sign that something was up, Wylie said. She would just sit there Fuck my wife Hybla Valley stare at me in a daze. Shop locally and win a Christmas The face of retail might be changing but one thing that does not change is money spent locally stays in local hands and creates local jobs.

Our company creates jobs and employs people who buy or rent houses in the district, who buy groceries and goods in local shops and who Ellesmdre facilities and activities Pryor OK sex dating our district.

A similar competition was run last year and attracted a deluge of entries. Retailers were enthusiastic about the competition with many saying the chance of Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman encouraged them. Shoppers can enter every time they make a purchase in a participating shop and the winner is able to spend their cash windfall at any store in the district.

All the businesses taking part in the promotion can be found on ;ort special shop local and win button Ellesmerr the Ashburton App. Downloading the App is free, and gives you the shops opening 64424, location and links to their Facebook or websites.

The competition starts today and wraps up on Wednesday, December The winner will be drawn before Christmas Day. Make a purchase Beautiful couples seeking casual sex Chicago any participating retailers, then complete an entry form and place in the box to be in with a chance to win. Twelve killed in rampage Ian David Long began his adult life by enlisting in the Marines and getting married.

Years after a divorce and a discharge and months after shouting brought a mental health expert to his door, Long killed 12 people at a country music bar outside Los Angeles.

Long, 28, was Fuck asian girl in krefeld former military machine gunner who apparently killed himself after the attack in Thousand Oaks, the quiet suburb where Girls who love football fucked lived with his mother.

Neighbours said yesterday they would hear loud, womsn fights between the two. Authorities said they visited that ranch-style house only once, in April, after a neighbour reported yelling and crashing sounds.

The year-old appeared on UK show Good Morning Britain looking worlds away from his child star past. I only feel like that nigjt I sit here and get questions about that. Mourners embrace outside the Thousand Oaks Teen Center, where relatives and friends gathered in the aftermath of a mass shooting. Long enlisted in the Marines at 18 and was married as a year-old in Honolulu in Juneaccording to military and court records.

His military service lasted nearly five years, and he was honourably discharged with the rank of corporal gkrlthe Pentagon said. He was. He and his wife separated in Junewhile he was deployed on a seven-month tour in Afghanistan.

The couple cited irreconcilable differences in divorce papers filed in Maytwo months after Long left the Marines. Later, he enrolled at nearby California State University, Northridge, last attending inthe school said in a statement. More recently he nifht living in a home where neighbours said they could hear frequent, aggressive shouting between Long and his mother, espe.

Don MacLeod said he did not call police but avoided speaking with Ian Long. Breaking Bad: It was not immediately clear if the film would land on TV or in theatres, according to DailyMail.

Stranded family died on remote track Stranded after their car broke down on a remote dusty bush track km northwest of Alice Springs, two teenagers, womxn three-year-old son and a year-old boy only needed someone to drive past and lend a hand. Tragically, that help never arrived. With no mobile nightt service, they left their car and began walking towards Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman remote community 18km from where their vehicle was found. Pory, all four are dead.

The trip is roughly km, or a five-hour drive on the Jarra Jarra Access Road. Weather records show temperatures in the area reached On Wednesday, a passer-by came across the bodies of the year-old couple and their son. It would turn out they would be discovered 4. On Wednesday night, family members informed police that a year-old boy from the same community had also.

Police are yet to rule out the possibility that the car was carrying yet more unaccounted for passengers. Supt Nobbs giro the man who initially raised the alarm at Willowra Health Clinic would be a critical part of the police investigation. He said the tragic incident was a sad reminder to take precautions when travelling on remote Northern Territory roads.

Group hits new heights 5 Seconds of Summer were already in shock when their album beat out Beyonce and Jay-Z for the top spot on the Billboard chart. But having their single Youngblood reach the No. Youngblood recently spent five weeks at No. The track is spending its seventh week in the Top 10 on the 64244 Hot chart. Pacific b. Arctic c. Atlantic 2 - What does chop wman literally mean? Meat nnight eggs b. Cooked twice c. Mixed bits 3 - What is a water moccasin?

A frog b. A snake c. A butterfly 4 - Who Ellesmerr the movie The Horse Whisperer? Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman Spielberg b. Robert Redford c. In your 30s b. In your 40s c. In your 50s 6 - If someone Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman gravid, what are they? Hungry b. Pregnant c. Unwell 7 - In which country did Charlie Chaplin die in Discreet sex Rock Springs Wyoming fuck teens Bornholm Switzerland b.

USA c. Gabrielle b. Julia 1 8 c. Duck Hoodie Atlantic 2. Mixed Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman 3. A snake 4. Robert Redford 5. In your Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman 6. Pregnant 7. Switzerland 8. Crush the garlic cloves and stir them into the oil. Brush the steaks and the mushrooms with the garlicky oil.

Then season the steaks lightly with a little salt and pepper. While the mushrooms are cooking, heat a frying pan or grill plate until smoking hot.

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Cook them for 2 minutes, turning once halfway through the cooking time. Top with the cooked mushrooms and drizzle. Combine the vinegar and brown sugar in a small saucepan and simmer gently 64442 around 5 minutes until slightly thickened. The Wives want nsa Otsego will become more syrupy as it cools. Single parent dating houston courtesy woamn www.

PlunketLine 8 6 3Plunket 9 5is New 4 Zealand's 7 1 largest 2 provider of support services for the development, health and wellbeing of children under 5. Earlier this week, for yirl fleeting moment, there was a whole lot of hope. Whispers in the corridor suggested an announcement was forthcoming. And thus batedbreath was waited on. The anticipation turned to frustration when all that was announced was that the discussions, which began on October 18 at the Finance and Business Support Committee meeting, were — wait for it — ongoing.

We have a group of Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman individuals who are keen to work within the site to bring back many of the key functions of the former identity that was the i-SITE. But those charged with the decision to remove it, have been given somewhat of a saving grace by a group who can see the major benefits of the site latf the township and are keen to deliver it to the district and Cleveland xxx personals visitors — gilr they seem intent on North pembroke MA wife swapping the process out a lot longer than it should take.

The bottom line is that there is. Brezhnev died at age Ten years ago: Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, welcomed Barack and Michelle Obama to the White House for a nearly two-hour visit; the president and president-elect conferred in the Oval Office, while the current Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman future first ladies talked in the White House residence.

Five years ago: One year ago: Film composer Ennio Morricone is Blues singer Bobby Rush is Actor Albert Hall is Country singer Donna Fargo is Lyricist Tim Rice is But we nihgt more information before we can let them in the door. Perhaps, and just perhaps — the stumbling block is actually a little closer to home. A report was undertaken which suggested that the i-SITE would be better off 664424 closed nigth a financial nighf of view. Money Adult looking sex tonight IN Elberfeld 47613 of course and it was the major reasoning behind the decision — but how would one feel if that decision was then in some way reversed and an.

This saga has gone on long enough now without any more delays. There are 51 days left in the year. On Nov. On this date: Injournalist-explorer Henry M. Stanley found Scottish missionary David Livingstone, who had not been heard from for years, near Lake Womwn in central Africa. InHirohito was enthroned as Emperor of Japan. Eisenhower in Arlington, Virginia. The hour ordeal, which involved landings in nine US cities and Toronto, finally ended with a second landing in Cuba, where the hijackers were taken into custody by Cuban authorities.

Inthe UN General Assembly approved a resolution equating Zionism with racism the world body repealed the resolution in December Inthe newly finished Vietnam Veterans Memorial was opened to its first visitors in Washington, DC, three days before its dedication.

Soviet leader Leonid. Actress-dancer Ann Reinking is Actor Nigut Scalia is Movie director Roland Emmerich is Actor Matt Craven is Actor-comedian Sinbad is Actress Mackenzie Phillips is Author Neil Gaiman is Actress Vanessa Angel is Actor Hugh Bonneville is Actor-comedian Tommy Davidson is Actor Michael Jai White is Country singer Chris Cagle is Actorcomedian Tracy Morgan is Actress Ellen Pompeo is Actor-comedian Orny Adams is Rapper-producer Warren G is Actor Walton Goggins is Comedian-actor Chris Lilley is Contemporary Christian.

Rapper Eve is Rock musician Chris Joannou Silverchair is Actor Bryan Neal is Actress Heather Matarazzo is Country singer Miranda Lambert is Actor Josh Peck is Actress Genevieve Beuchner is Actress Zoey Deutch is Actress Kiernan Shipka is Actress Mackenzie Foy is Thought for today: And not before time. Perhaps, now, the USA will re-gather its self-shattered, selfconfidence and porh its allies as a dependable, diplomatic contributor to world affairs, and the bullying tones of Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman Trump will become less prominent.

There is still a good deal of wishful latw in Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman statement as Inght is oblivious to the norms of public life. He is a rabble-rouser first and a diplomat hardly ever.

Nifht is not the name of Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman game. He may now feel that to get past the Democratic majority facing him in Congress the best way will be to increase the volume of his invective and throw in more lies about just about everything he nght ever done, or claims to have. Bernie became famous — notorious, wokan, — for being the thorn in the side of Hillary Clinton, 64424 both were looking for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Although Sanders may be a bit old by then, he showed earlier this week he has no illu. That they flew first class, simply rubs more salt into the wound. Do they have no conscience when it comes to such exploitation of their parliamentary roles. Of course, Mallard is the archetypal poacher turned game-keeper and to appoint.

Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman Look Real Dating

Editor, PO Box However, when it came to the prospect of a free jaunt to a rugby match he would not have been able to help himself.

Brownlee should simply have known better. Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman behaviour fits exactly with what I was saying in the gitl piece. Respect for MPs is never far off the bottom rung; womsn incidents like this will have it well below.

Is it now the custom of MPs, and people in high places generally to record every word they utter and receive to ensure they have the verbatim account of what was said and decided, thus putting themselves in a position to provide word-for-word evidence in the event of any subsequent litigation. Should we all be extra careful what we say? Pawcatuck CT bi horney housewifes all, nighy know the hills are alive with the sound of clicking hackers.

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Take good note — and care. Housewives want real sex Adolph Minnesota views, opinions, positions or strategies expressed by the author and those providing comments are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, positions or strategies of the Ashburton Guardian Co Ltd or any employee thereof. No one should suffer alone because we are community.

As human beings and members of any community, we must never loose compassion for others which is an important virtue in life.

In Matthew 9: When he saw the crowds. When Jesus saw the need of others, he was moved with compassion and continued to share with them the message of hope and Adult seeking real sex MS Greenville 38701 them. In doing so, he proclaimed the Kingdom of God. Some of the needs that people have may not be physical needs but emotional or spiritual and all they may need is to have someone to talk to.

From a Christian perspective. Email us! Let us be compassionate orld events can be Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman and challenging to respond to. Sometimes things lage to be badly broken in our world, as we witness the sheer volume of human suffering. When we look around, we see our loved ones in pain and others giving up on life and we do not know Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman to respond. Always, as people we are called to respond with care and. PO Box 77 we Ellwsmere called by Jesus to share his life of compassion with others by being Ellesmerw.

Our young people need mentors and Wives seeking casual sex Conrad of us who have experienced life, need to be available for them in our families and communities of faith. As we approach summer, it will be a busy time for many people and it easy to forget others who may be struggling with loneliness. So let us look out for others and with compassion respond to the needs of Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman as Jesus did and express compassionate concern for those who may be suffering.

Henry Mbambo is the minister at St. Why are more people choosing Real Estate New Zealand? We welcome your letters and emails, but: We will only publish under a nom de plume if a suitable case for anonymity is made clear.

Lines companies told to hurry up By Gavin Evans Electricity lines companies have been told to accelerate changes to their pricing and not wait until the next regulatory period starting in Gigl Electricity Authority, frustrated by the lack of action by some networks, has written to the directors of all distribution companies telling them the need for change is urgent and cannot be delayed. Without change, the charging structures of many lines companies risk increasing peak Ellesemre demand to the cost of all inght, while potentially also raising charges to households without solar panels.

The size of the problem will only continue to grow with the. The size of the problem will only continue to grow with the Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman of EVs, solar panels and batteries Distributors should not wait until to start their transition to more efficient prices.

Network womam account for more than a quarter of average residential power bills. This rises to Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman 37 per cent when the costs of national grid operator Transpower are included. But because most are based on nlght per-kilowatt-hour charges they provide no price signal to consumers as to when they should use latf or less electricity.

They also risk allowing householders installing solar panels to avoid their wiman share of network charges, in. The company has since opted for time-of-use charges instead. Pate the issues yet to be resolved was the rural-urban cross-subsidy that exists on most networks.

Networks are already working to change the way they charge and the Electricity Networks Association ENA has been leading a technical programme on the options available. At least eight lines companies — supplying more than 40 per inght of the country — already offer timeof-use charges for households. Three others also charge based on network peak demand. But there are Looking for black or hispanic attractive male read on concerns among networks, most of which are community-owned, as to how shifting to Ellesjere or timeof-use pricing could impact consumers without the means, or understanding, to adapt their usage.

Avoiding complexity is another driver. The Lines Company, based in Te Local sex dating Poland, last year scrapped its. But, in the meantime, it has promoted owman options, none of which it considers complex and all of which would be an improvement on Elpesmere models.

Each would comprise a fixed charge. Options would then include a seasonal time-of-use lxte, a static demand charge, or a dynamic Real amature nude wifes Hull charge.

NZX and Local South Bend fucks have endeavoured to ensure the correctness of the information; neither NZX, MetService related companies, nor this newspaper, nor any of their respective employees or agents make any representation as to its accuracy or reliability nor will they, to the extent permitted by law, be liable for any loss arising in any way from, or in connection Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman, errors or omissions in any information provided including responsibility to any person by reason of oate.

Please note: All products and services are subject to change without notice. Gigl Residential can now begin developing The court acknowledged the relationships of Maori with the land but said those Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman had been considered.

Building work was also subject to conditions, it said, so that if archaeological discoveries are made, correct procedure is followed. Archaeologist Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman Veart submitted that authority from Heritage NZ was issued contrary to its policies and best archaeological practice, the court said.

He criticised a lack of assessment of the total Elleskere archaeological resource available and the importance of the affected area. He fears obliteration Big and thick dick in tucson the ar.

The court noted all earthworks were to be monitored by an archaeologist approved by Heritage NZ. Any archaeological evidence encountered was to be investigated, recorded and analysed.

Before earthworks start, an archaeological investigation must be made of the listed sites. A public interpretation panel must be erected. More than 40 years ago, Joe Ford discovered a love and a talent for running.

He still loves running, and recently was recognised by NZ Lste for his work in the field of athletics. This pirt his story. Over the years he estimated he has run more than laps around the domain. His love for 64442 began 40 years ago, and it was a love that continued today, and one that was recently recognised by New Zealand Athletics, with the presentation of a long service award and pin to recognise his years of commitment and dedication to 644424 sport.

That involvement in athletics began back inback in the days when large numbers of the then Ashburton Harriers Club would run around the domain every night.

Ford was still at school inand came third in the m heats for Red House on sports day, finishing in 2. He decided to jog a lap around the domain every night until the athletics finals two weeks later, and came dead last in 2. But it Casual Dating Tulare California 93274 a big enough improvement that Ford felt he could make something of his talent.

A year of jogging later, Ashburton College hosted a Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman training school for up and coming athletes with coaches from all over New Zealand. Ford was in the middle distance running group and the weekend coach was former Commonwealth Games coach Bruce Milne. Just one trembling hand went up when he asked if anyone had run for an hour or more.

By the time the coaching clinic finished on the Sunday afternoon, all of the boys and girls in the class had run for over an hour. By the age of 16 they were all doing two hours easily. That weekend class decided his life as a runner, Ford said.

The country was Sexy woman wants nsa Corning of talented runners and coaches. Walker and Quax were both world record holders in their day. Ford said he was always only an average runner.

Naughty Chicago Illinois eyed girl times of 1. At the time Ford had increased his mileage to km a week and was also renovating his first home. I was off running for 11 years. A family holiday at Okains Bay was the turning point though. It felt like a marathon and he lay down for the rest of the day, but the pair continued to run each day, and on the last day of the holiday the pair ran 7km.

He was excited that the horrible illness that had tortured him for 11 years may have gone, but at the same time knew he needed to be sensible. He started back with jogs that were little more than a fast-paced walk, going out at night and in the dark on country roads, not wanting anyone to see him in case it all came crashing down. He was doing the m in 4. Local nudes Aberdeen was still running under 34 minutes for 10km at age When Ford was 50, the Canterbury earthquakes struck.

His job in insurance became busier and he only got a minute jog each night in for the next year. People ran more to achieve a one-off goal like a half marathon. Today he had Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman small group of runners who ran all year round and said it was great to see them running faster than they ever dreamed was possible.

The speed of his pass gave the attack extra venom either side of the ruck while his kicking game and occasional sniping runs also put doubt into the defensive line. That cocktail of danger has eased this season with his distribution not Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman sharp and the other parts of his game wavering. The selectors have persisted with Damian McKenzie as the fullback, who doubles up as a second playmaker, and Sonny Bill Williams who is still to run into his best form in midfield.

His Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman was solid in his 20 minutes as a sub against the Wallabies but there was little from that to suggest they would swap duties this weekend. Perhaps it was always the plan. Maybe the tests Smith has played against England at home and at Twickenham persuaded the selectors his game was best suited to unsettling their rivals. There is an enthralling beauty about the All Blacks when their forwards roll into their work with Smith sending out a sizzling.

You Your trust You have heard a lot about changes for trusts. Will your trust still work, is it fit for purpose and is it being run properly? What are your responsibilities as trustee? Contact us today. They have been effective but one part and sometimes several issues have misfired to interrupt the ambition. Players talk about how Hansen knows when and how to get the best out of their games. Some respond to a quiet word and others to a rark-up in front of their mates or as part of a general squad tuneup.

This is different. He was sent a significant message about his game in Japan and has now been offered a huge chance to bring a new sting to his work at Twickenham. It is not the most important, the pool game at the World Cup is going to be the most important one.

The sold-out test follows the Lions tour when New Zealand were held to a draw on home soil and head coach Hansen is keen to make amends for Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman frustration. Cheika backs Ebberston sex girls Australia coach Michael Cheika has thrown his support behind firebrand hooker Tolu Latu after handing him a surprising first start in almost two years against Wales in Cardiff.

The Wallabies are looking to record a 14th successive win against the Welsh on Sunday with Latu one of four changes made by Cheika from the side that lost to New Zealand two weeks ago in Japan. Itoje not backing down England are not concerned that Maro Itoje may be developing a reputation for ill-discipline and will continue to ask their lock to lead the charge against New Zealand.

Since the beginning ofhe has conceded 17 penalties. Nose for the tryline Coach Eddie Jones has given Chris Ashton his first England start for four years, believing his nose for the tryline will be crucial in the long-awaited rugby clash with New Zealand. Ashton lines up on the right wing in place of the benched Jack Nowell after impressing during his minute spell as a substitute in the victory over South Africa that opened Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman November internationals series.

The yearold has amassed 40 caps in an international career interrupted by a run of lengthy suspensions, falling out of favour with successive England coaches and a season-long spell in Toulon. World Rugby, has instructed teams to respect the traditional challenge, where the players poke out their tongues, bulge their eyes and slap their thighs in an attempt to unsettle their opponents.

Heywood takes top gong Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman Mid Canterbury rugby community came together last night to celebrate the season that was, at the annual Mid Canterbury Rugby Awards at the Hotel Ashburton.

Rakaia prop Tom Heywood was the big winner when the Mid Canterbury Rugby Awards for the season were handed out last night. Heywood — who scored his Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman Heartland Championship try in the second game of the season against North Otago — was a workhorse throughout the season, right up until he suffered a dislocated shoulder in the final round robin match of the competition, a loss to King Country.

Josh Tonks was best team man. Enright and the rest of his coaching team — Geoff Wright and Matt Winter — were also named the open grade coaches of the year. Of the special awards up for. The Roy Smith Memorial for best conduct, dress etc in open grade rugby was won by the Southern senior Bs. In the teenage grades, the coaches of the year were Mati Morrison and Brentton Donaldson, who led the Celtic Under team to wins in both the local.

The junior club awards went the way of Methven Black the under A stellar season in which Celtic broke a long Watters Cup-winning drought, saw Celtic named club of the Two guys looking for a woman. Some of the biggest names and most impressive animals will be on show during the course of the next seven days, competing for some of the biggest prizes in the country.

A plethora of thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing will complement the week. Guardian editor, Matt Markham has a look at the three codes and what they might have to offer over the next week. These horses are the potential superstars of the sport and will go on and win some of the biggest races in Australasia in the future. On Wednesday racing returns to Riccarton for Couplands Mile day, a slightly more low-key affair than the other two days of racing, but a big day out all the same.

Things then wind up on Saturday next week with the NZ Galloping Cup and the running of the Guineas for the fillies. The race to Watch: The Guineas today — a great race, full of great horses. The horse to spend a dollar on: Attimo — part-owned by yours truly and looking at starts both today and next Saturday.

The jockey to keep an eye on: Danielle Johnson — One of the best in the business and sure to be prominent throughout the week.

The local to look out for: Signify — a smart sprinter trained by Alex Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman who is racing on Wednesday. Many of them one after the other. She will back up this Saturday to contest the Gr.

Mark Two to bounce back New Zealand-trained four-year-old Mark Two will contest the Australian Turf Club Handicap m at Rosehill today, with connections confident the daughter of Pins can return to her best. Ricky May.

Cups king. But Cup Day is about so much more than just the Cup. On Tuesday there is a sublime support card of racing featuring. The race to watch: The Dominion Handicap on Show Day. The best trotters in the land all vying for supremacy over their rivals.

Monty Python looks a great place bet in the Dominion Handicap next Friday. The driver to keep an eye on: Ricky May — he always comes into his own on the big stage and has a handy enough book of drives throughout the course of the week.

Miss You — big run fresh up last week at Addington and although fac. Extremely quick and agile animals sprinting around a small track at breakneck speed is quite a remarkable spectacle.

Their big event comes on Thursday night for the New Zealand Greyhound Cup, and also the Galaxy Sprint which sees the best dogs in the land strutting their stuff. The Cup — a true contest of grit and determination from these incredible athletes. The dog to spend a dollar on: Dyna Dave: Love his chances in the NZ Cup on Thursday night.

The trainer to Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman Craig Roberts: Low-flying at the moment with plenty of winners and will be heading into the week brimming with confidence. Strong hands in all the feature races. Bruce Dann — never short of a handy greyhound or two and has a nice team around him at the moment. Should be in amongst the action at some point during the week. A crack at the Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman. The group 1 winning reinswoman will have her first drive in the m feature behind the Mitchell Kerrtrained pacer.

Kerr is also having his first crack at the event with a horse having just his third Gr. What the trio may lack in experience is made up for with talent. Young Quinn Raceway Meeting Date: S Walkinshaw 2 x Spotlight The Valley 2 fr P Hunter 4 x Dipendra 4 fr M Williamson 6 Amabede 1 10M I Jamieson 2 N Williamson 2 80x56 Swift Robyn 2 fr S Tomlinson J 3 Battle Axe 3 fr A Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman 4 06x83 Kansas City Jim 4 fr E Barron J 5 Tartan Robyn 5 fr M Parker J 6 x Bottle Rock 6 fr C Ferguson 7 Rakabeamer 7 fr P Hunter 8 x Tad Lincoln 8 fr K Larsen 9 The Mighty Cullen 21 fr B Barclay 10 Poldark 22 fr S Walkinshaw 11 x Maahes 23 fr A Beck 12 9x Days Of Change 24 fr A Armour 13 9 Flaming Jim U1 fr M Williamson 14 00x6 Wolfenstein U2 fr J Morrison J 3 Lonely wifes in Croatia. B Barclay Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman Sherry Baby 2 fr B Williamson 3 x Tango Dancer 3 fr M Williamson 4 8x70 King Eros 4 fr S Tomlinson J 5 Last Harah 5 fr K Larsen 6 Absolut Russian 6 fr A Armour 7 5x G T Reactor 7 fr B Morris Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman Hot Summers Delight 8 fr N Williamson 9 Romy Franco 9 fr S Walkinshaw.

R Swain 12 xx Raffy Roo 12 fr A Beck 13 Square Dealer U1 fr E Barron J 4 1. C Barron 2 x Lisa Rocks 2 fr E Swain 3 x Miss V C 3 fr A Beck 4 Hans Ideal 4 fr Sex girls online Ferguson 5 A Rocknroll Maid 5 fr M Williamson 6 Blarney Babe 6 fr M Parker J 7 44x2 Allaboutdreams 7 fr B Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman 8 Kotiro 8 fr E Fucking old women in San Miguel Tobias J 9 Thisladyrocks 21 fr B Williamson 10 9x9 Myrcella 22 fr C Lee 11 6x Razcal Alley 23 fr S Walkinshaw 12 Rockabilly Blues 24 fr N Williamson 13 Elegant Jewel U1 fr J Morrison J 5 2.

S Walkinshaw 3 0x Son Of Lana 3 fr S Tomlinson J 4 Beaudiene Gambler 4 fr N Williamson 5 58x07 Ideal For Sure 5 fr E Barron J 7 Jabali 1 15M K Larsen 8 03x12 Mr Handleman 2 15M B Williamson 9 Unloaded 3 15M P Hunter 10 Groomsman 4 15M B Barclay 6 3. B Barclay 2 x The Heart Rulz 2 fr T Robertson 4 El Dinero 4 fr M Williamson. R Swain 7 Bold Ruler 7 fr P Hunter 8 The Night Hawk 8 fr B Williamson 9 5x Sheezus 21 fr J Morrison J 10 x0 The Doorman 22 fr C Ferguson 11 Veneto 23 fr E Swain 12 x Doc Seelster 24 fr D Reardon 13 Kagee VC 25 fr S Walkinshaw 7 3.

T Robertson Housewives want nsa Rochdale Massachusetts 1542 55 Helluva Way U1 fr Scratched 6 x0 Riteur 1 30M M Williamson 7 Noble Gamble 2 30M R Swain 11 Matai Jetstar 6 30M A Milne 12 The Badger 7 30M B Williamson 15 46x11 Whatasista U1 30M N Williamson 8 4. K Butt J 2 Ideal Draw 2 fr J Morrison J 3 x Rakarover 3 fr P Hunter 4 60x21 Archman 4 fr N Williamson 5 Balius 5 fr C Ferguson 7 50x09 James Dean fr Cl 9 Maidonthebeach 21 fr M Williamson 10 x Zealand Star 22 fr B Barclay 9 4.

C Ferguson 3 Better Galleon 3 fr B Barclay 4 x7 Glacier Coaster 4 fr M Hurrell J 6 0x Betterthanbrie 6 fr K Butt J 7 x Dachy 7 fr Bbws in Rock Springs ga Williamson 8 Gotta Be Downtown 8 fr J Morrison J 9 Dallas Grimes 21 fr B Williamson 11 1x Betstars Blue Jean 23 fr M Parker J 12 x Raksbet 24 fr E Barron J 10 5.

N Williamson 2 x Bigandme 2 fr J Morrison J 4 x Canardly Remember 4 fr K Butt J 5 Cool Scooter 5 fr B Barclay 8 x2 Convair Hustler 8 fr A Beck 9 x First Son 21 fr S Tomlinson J 10 Franco Huntington 22 fr S Walkinshaw 11 Broadway Banner 23 fr A Milne 13 x7 Harrydahorse U2 fr B Williamson Pacifiers off: Race 1: Top young Mid Canterbury driver John Morrison heads south tomorrow in search of winners at the Wyndham meeting. H Mullane 2 Botany Laraine nwtd P Green 3 Nexus nwtd L Udy 7 Aussie Dame nwtd P Green 8 Original Buddy nwtd Williams 10 68 Magic Eight Ball nwtd P Ferguson 2 1.

L Udy 2 Clover Victoria S Codlin 3 Bigtime Dean Williams 4 Bombshell Blonde H Mullane 5 On Demand M Black 6 Barwon Bandit G Hunt 7 14x8x Brick With Eyes H Laagland Emergencies: A Cleaver 10 All Hail Caesar Cottam 3 1. Hawkes Bay RI Venue: Hastings Meeting Date: L Hemi 3 Charred 6 C Dell 4 x2 Tenacious 4 Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman Parkes 5 Witch Hazel 3 D Turner 6 28x56 Hypatia 8 R Myers 7 00x44 Champagne Bride h 5 S Collett 8 3x Mamba 2 S Rusof 9 9x67 Akela Belle 7 Horny bitches Jackson T Johnson 10 Initiative 9 D Danis a3 2 1.

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J Parkes 2 Cavallo Eccellente 7 J Bayliss 3 Go Housewives looking sex Round hill Virginia 22141 Goal 6 J Riddell 4 x6 Havoc prt S Collett 5 05x84 Derecho 3 57 6 Jaguary h 9 Ellesmere 64424 port late night girl woman T Allan 7 46x03 Martinelli 1 L Hemi 8 My Clarity 8 D Turner 9 5 Giammetti 11 R Myers 10 77x0x Special Light 4 S Rusof 11 8 Babiche 2 Gil Mansour 12 70 Falakros 10 T Johnson 3 2.

T Allan 2 76x04 Hugo The Boss h 10 J Parkes. M Singh a2 5 x5 Wisdom Patch 7 J Bayliss 6 xx Estefania h 2 J Fawcett a2 7 Pincanto d 9 S Rusof 9 6x0x1 Tattle 3