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What It Feels Like To Be Fisted | Thought Catalog

The concept of fisting is pretty simple even if achieving the feat is somewhat complicated. The sheer intensity of stretching yourself wide open to let another person deep inside your body is generally more than enough stimulation.

People cringe in horror when I talk about fisting. Fisting is culturally taboo as well — illegal to show fisting in porn, despite the fact that as Jenna Ro astutely pointed out, her entire hand is probably smaller than the average porn star penis.

Being fisted is like yoga for your vagina or ass; it Ever wanted to get fisted your pelvic floor muscles more elastic and flexible, but things pretty much always snap right back into place after an hour or two.

There is the vaguely terrifying leap of faith when the fister curls their fingers and goes all the way in. There is that brief moment where the hand will feel impossibly big, like it will rip you in half, and you will want them to stop.

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You have to drop the fear and trust it, breathe through it. You will want to just sit with it, be tet it, figure out this feeling so unlike anything else.

Confessions Of A Fisting Addict | Thought Catalog

You will feel impossibly close to your partner and vulnerable and raw. Just the intimacy and trust of being that full, riding on the sensations wanfed different from anything else, is incredible.

It can feel like being high, post-verbal and disassociative. Afterwards you feel tired, and relaxed, and totally satiated.

You want cuddles and ice cream and to fall asleep. Fisting is admittedly not a sex act many people will engage in during their lifetime — either due to lack of interest, or being physically incapable. Others will reject it, then try it and love it.

An hour later, with help from a Hitachi and a woman with a small hand, it happened. Have you only tried fisting with a serious partner, or in a casual relationship as well? Woman A: Serious partner male — my first adult, long-term ish relationship. How old were you the first time you wantes it?

Were you the fister or the fistee? Or have you done both?

Aug 20,  · Have you only tried fisting with a serious partner, or in a casual relationship as well? Woman A: Serious partner (male) — my first adult, long-term(ish) relationship. I don't think I'd want to Author: Rachel Hills. He later confessed he’d given it to me because he’d used it to slash the tires on SUVs while tripping on acid, and wanted to get rid of the evidence. It comes as no surprise that this man was the first to succeed in fisting me when other lovers had tried and failed. He split me open and got under my skin . Not really. If you have sex right after then yes. Most of the time during foreplay I would get a hand in, then receive oral from her. If the woman has any muscle control they usually snap back. Tho, to be honest, they were not the tightest women I have ever been with. But not like it was a deal-breaker.

And whose idea was it — yours or theirs? I think it was mutual — I really liked being penetrated by several of his fingers at once, and he might've suggested we try fisting since it seemed like something I'd enjoy.

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And then he went off and researched it, being that kind of person. We needed a lot of time and used water-based lube and latex gloves.

Also trust, as having someone's hand inside you is fairly intimate! That relationship was quite sexually adventurous, for me at least, and fisting was at the apex of that.

Fisting Real Women Talk About Fisting

Oh, and you don't have your hand in a fist when you're entering your partner: Lots of ger and gentle stretching helped. Woman B: Foreplay — normal kissing, touching, fingers penetrating, etc.

Did it feel good? Or conversely, did it hurt? Getting there hurt.

Neither I nor my partner had fisted before that I know of, for him and there were some very painful false starts getting there. Using gloves, different positions, a lot of lube, and much talking helped — "Is this OK?

It felt intense and slow and gentle Ever wanted to get fisted loving.

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The fisting itself didn't give me an orgasm but my partner playing with my clit while his hand was inside me did, over and over. Very intense as I fjsted above! Who enjoyed Ever wanted to get fisted more, you or your partner? I think I enjoyed it more.

I am a 20 yr Ever wanted to get fisted college student (woman) waiting for a date for my 46 year old father. I'm 31 wm waiting for someone to spend time with I'm a fun man that likes to fish college football, I like spending time with my family I work full time I'm new around here been here a year now maybe . Aug 20,  · Have you only tried fisting with a serious partner, or in a casual relationship as well? Woman A: Serious partner (male) — my first adult, long-term(ish) relationship. I don't think I'd want to Author: Rachel Hills. Watch She wanted to get fisted until she squirt online on YouPorn is the largest Fisting porn video site with the hottest selection of free, high quality wife movies. Enjoy our HD porno videos on any device of your choosing!

But while being fisted I wasn't really in a headspace to notice much else. I think we both enjoyed it as a very intimate thing.

I enjoyed it the most when it was done to me rather than when I was doing it. I don't know which role she enjoyed more.

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How do the sensations compare to other penetrative sex acts? Very intense and a lot of pressure Ever wanted to get fisted inside you. It was different in that, once his hand was inside, he only moved it gently not thrusting as with a penis or dildo or what have you.

Also it could go on for a long time, until I'd had enough or his hand started to cramp. It was a bit removed, bodily.