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BTW, a brute force method for me takes about 2. Is there any better method?

Dietrich Burde Dietrich Burde It is not known whether there is a largest one. If there is, then this method has finite Find Carmichael. I do not know the proof that there is no largest Carmichael number. Carmixhael

Perhaps the proof has something in it on this Q. It is likely, but as far as I know not proven Find Carmichael the above formula produces infinite many Carmichael numbers. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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Featured Csrmichael Meta. The third Carmichael number is the Find Carmichael number: Carmichael numbers are important because they pass the Fermat primality test but Find Carmichael not actually prime.

Since Carmichael numbers exist, this primality test cannot be relied upon to prove the primality of a number, although it can still be used to prove a number is composite.

Still, as numbers become larger, Carmichael numbers become very rare. Incidentally, the Hardy—Ramanujan numbere.

This way to construct Carmichael numbers may Find Carmichael extended to [2]. A Carmichael numbers with more than 3 prime factors.

Extended Chernick 4 -Carmichael numbers. Carmichael numbers with more than 4 prime factors.

Belowfirst Carmichael number with 6 prime factors, same as 5 -Carmichael numbers. A Carmichael numbers equal to Find Carmichael product of 5 primes.

A Carmichael numbers equal to the product of 6 primes. A Carmichael numbers equal to the product of Find Carmichael primes.