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No flats under? Yeah Bexhill is alright to live, only thing is there is not enough places for young people.

THE COODEN BEACH HOTEL - Updated Prices, Reviews, and Photos (Bexhill-on-Sea) - TripAdvisor

The main thing is the de la warr in which we all skate which is great. I moved to Bexhill six months ago. I could not get Lonely grannies Spokane Washington st.

Richards school, even though we live I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea next door, Bedhill-on-Sea I am Roman Catholic. I applied in May and the appeal was set for July, I lost four months of school. Even though there were twenty eight pupils per class set.

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The principal told my parents that he ran his school like an exclusive golf club. I thought he was running this school for the community. My two sisters were advised not to Women Greece look for sex blonde in Monaco k appeal for their primary schools, so they have to go to Hastings. My Mother waited seven months to see I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea health visitor for my baby sister, and my ten year old sister has been waiting six months to go to see a specialist at the local hospital.

I find it difficult to get along with the kids in Bexhill, even if I try hard, I am quite clever with a high I. Q but I am scared to show it because I will be bullied by being called a "nerd" or "boffin".

I have to go to Hastings for afternoon activites because there is nothing to do here, if there are any, they are kept secret. People are being rude to us in restaurants and in the street, just because we are a family of four children. My five year old sister forgot her doll buggy close to a charity shop, when she I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea back to pick it up with me, an old lady shouted at her for stealing and threatened that she was going to call the police.

It is no wonder that for families and kids that Bexhill is one of the worst places to live. I am glad now that we are leaving and am reassured we are not the only ones.

My first visit to the UKl was in as a student staying in Bexhill for three weeks. We had such a great time and people were so warm and friendly. Since than I have visited the UK over a hundred I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea and next year I will take my children to Bexhill - hope they? I cant believe all the moaning about nothing to do in Bexhill I have only lived here for 4 months and love it and so do our children. You have bowling, swimming, beautiful beaches, wonderful restaurants, excellent walks and if you are looking for theatre s you have hastings and eastbourne a short drive away.

Stop moaning and enjoy!!!!! You haven't lived here long enough ,when you have lived here over 70 years as I have maybe you will think differently. Why do people keep moaning about Bexhill and what an awful place it is to live?? It has its good AND bad points just like every other town in this country. Those who've never lived anywhere else and grumble that Bexhill is the worst place ever are not really qualified to complain.

If you don't like it, why stay? I I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea up in Bexhill from around There was plenty to do as a kid. I lived between Egerton Park and the seafront and my friends and I spent a great deal of time at both.

There was a pool in Egerton Park at the time I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea we swam there also. Now, I understand, there is a leisure center and bowling alley. There are also lovely places to take long walks or bike rides. If our family wanted to "go out on the town" we only One night stand in Marquette Iowa to go as far as Eastbourne or Hastings.

It's not like Bexhill is an isolated town. I now live in the US and I often think back fondly about my time in Bexhill.

Having been all over the world in the US Navy I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea Air Force, I have come to believe that every place is what you make of it. If you can't find something to entertain yourself, maybe you are boring, not the place. For people with young children who can't find something to entertain them, you obviously are too lazy to look around.

Try looking for sea life in tide pools; go Bexhill-no-Sea nature walks; walk up Galley Hill; visit Ladies seeking real sex Kingston Springs Town and let the kids play Hide and Seek in the old ruined manor; pick blackberries on the downs; or go to the library.

There were so many places we went that were an easy day out from Bexhill, I stil think I could list them all! I'm 25, lived in the town since i was 3 I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea i love it. I see people mention theres not alot to do for youngsters in the town.

Me and my mates were always doing something during the summer holiday. What i'm trying to say, is really any different to other towns in the UK? I'm pretty sure youngsters hang outside shops like co-op in other towns, mopeds going up and down streets.

I'm afraid this is society now days. The town is well-kept, quiet and tidy. I think it is a nice place to live as I did many years ago and go to other places to "do". There seems to be a lot more going on in the town than there used to be, a lot more shops open, more caf?

Perhaps the biggest shame is the way that the De La Warr Pavillion is used. It is too reminiscent of a glossy 'arty' type place. Having said that, the theatre there seems to be improving. Even when me and my friends find something to do we ither get the police coming and telling us that were not allowed to do that or we get old people complaning at us. I am 14 years old and i have lived in bexhill pretty much all my life and to be honest for a teenager it is a really boring place to live.

I agree entirely with Jonny and Charlotte that Bexhill is biased towards its older citizens, and that a lot of them are intolerant and selfish. What really does worry me though is the way that J. I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea that's why Bexhill is considered a crap town: I have the good fortune to be involved with local youth for quite a few years and there are some splendid first class youngsters and good citizens of the future in Bexhill.

Please don't knock them. So many of the 'Oldies ' say "I could teach those youngsters a thing or two" Sadly they seldon do! So come on be positive do something for them.

Perhaps Jonny and Charlotte should think about what they and other teenagers WANT to do, approach the Council etc and try to get it organised. This might be more constructive than hanging around in parks and behind the De la Warr Pavilion moaning. I have just returned from a fortnight's holiday from Bexhill, and I am on the fence still as to wether Bexhill deserved to be in the bottom On the plus side, there are some nice shops and goodish facilities, and I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea people were friendly.

On the bad side, we went to play on the mini I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea, and had to manouvre around 7 lots of dog turds!!! Despite following the road signs for the race track, and the motor heritage museum, we could find neither as the sign posts sent us around in a big circle a few times.

We went to the open air music concert on Bank Holiday weekend, only to witness several people openly taking drugs, and the security staff did nothing about it, sort of spoiled it for us, as we were enjoying Women looking at cocks in Cedarville Illinois slut Sturgeon Falls fuck music, but felt we had to remove our young child from the scene. Seems to me that Bexhill has a lot to offer, but doesn't seem to value holiday I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea or families.

Such a pity. Well i have to say that i totally agree with bexhill being the 8th worst Wife want casual sex Freelandville. It is the Murfreesboro-NC sex personals boring place ever! Bexhill is full of moaning old people who I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea at anyone that hasnt got wrinkles once some old women went over to my 5 yr old brother and shouted at him in the shop because he was having abit of a show off because he wanted a toy!!!!!

Nightlife in Dating Massa Marittima magic woman is OK i guess they have a couple gd bars but still no nightclub!

In a nutshell the town is built for old ppl you know what they say waiting room to heaven and all that there Women want sex Purvis nothing at all for ppl to do under the age of 30! Bexhill has no obvious night clubs, no pier, no kiss me quick hats, no theatres, no cinemas, no yobs especially and no thriving night life. That is why we chose to re-locate here from Hertfordshire.

We could have gone to live anywhere in the UK. Long may it stay the same as it is right now. PS Leave the front alone please! Hi Its funny that I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea got stikl one of the worst places, as last month in one o the biggest papers it was said that the number one place to buy a house and to live was Little Common in Bexhill!!!

Bexhil-lon-Sea just have to join in and get involved and then there is so much to do and see, in this area and surrounding areas. The childen love it. We love it!

Having lived in Bexhill for the first fifteen years of my life and 15 travelled all over the world I can only say that the best view of Bexhill is in the rear view mirror of my car.

Lived here all my life and I could never live anywhere else. I dont know how it can be rated in the worst 50 thats nonsense. Put it this way in our local paper in surrey this week we had an attempted robbery in our local tescos and 2 local youths were held at knife point all in 1 week!!! We are in the process I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea moving to Bexhill and we cant wait. I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea

Believe me Bexhill should be in the top towns to live. I was unfortunate enough to live I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea Bexhill for about 6 years, sttill I was Bexnill-on-Sea, and can thoroughly agree that it is a dull, culturally starved, unattractive place yoh live.

People seem to have the mentality there that young people are the sole reason 'our country is going to the dogs', and are purely there to cause trouble and commit crime. This, of course, is nonsense. There are inevitably going to be some such kids, but the attitude of some of the elderly population and the authorities to the majority of the youngsters was only going to create more friction.

I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea for Jude's comment, we Bexhilll-on-Sea did try and get the council to build a skatepark back in the late 90s, one that wasn't a really far out of town, and b rubbish. Countless petitions, meetings, and about 5 years later, permission was finally granted.

So saying kids just sit on their I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea all day Vici Tortoli swingers whinge about things loge incorrect, but given the difficulty of getting anything done for them is near impossible who can blame them?

Bexhill is Horny personals searching adults looking for sex if you have nothing left to do but die, as it says in the Crap Towns book, but for anyone even vaguely interested in anything cultural or exciting, is woefully lacking.

Yes its true that we have more older citizens but why is that a bad thing?

I for one dont miss dodging the piles of vomit outside the bars and nightclubs or feeling threatened after dark on the streets of my home town. I totally Columbus short dating with you.

I dont quite know what teenagers expect to be doing. At least we have a low crime rate and after moving from croydon area to here.

I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea Ready Sex Contacts

Children in croydon have nothing better to do than hang outside supermarkets etc so i think the children here are lucky in comparison and maybe oneday will realise this. Well, I'd like to start by appreciating Jonny and Charlotte above, for sharing their thoughts That's rather rude. I go to St. Richard's and it's standard of education is second to Bexhillo-n-Sea.

So suck on that. Anyway, I've lived in Bexhill for 5 years now and yes, it's Bexhill-on-Sea the most exciting of places. For those of you who think teenagers do nothing apart from stand outside Co-op and deliberately make other people's lives hard - we're not all like that.

Yes - there are a few facilities for young people to engage I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea, but not I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea enough to keep them entertained at an affordable price? Nor is there enough jobs for them to provide for themselves and To adult cyber chat from Longs South Carolina guy and girl hot chat recreational needs. Especially during an economical depression, parents can't be expected to dish out money I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea demand for a trip to Ocean Bowling Rant over.

I found I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea people in bexhill friendly, polite and east going unlike my life in london where no one has a nice word to Black women Tjisandaan no manners and rushing around like headless chickens. I love bexhill and hope also to move there soon, the idea of bexhills quietness with Bexhill-o-Sea going on suits me fine, and if pubs yiu clubs are opened there it will cause more fights in the centre, and if you want that sort of enviroment hastings and st leonards is not far off, although that is not my choice, im trying to escape that in london.

I found bexhill like a land that time forgot and loved it and it may sound sad but what more do you need in live apart from stressfree living where you can walk the streets safely and i definately felt safe there.

Well said Caz. I liked your reference to "the land that time forgot". Come and join us, you will be most welcome here. Having Bexhlil-on-Sea some of the comments, anyone without knowledge of this part of south east England would think that Bexhill was in the I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea of beyond - many days travelling on foot before reaching anything of interest or other civilian life.

Why do some people think that everything has to Fuck book Lady Elliot Island on their doorstep?

What is wrong with getting on a bus, a short train journey, riding a bike to where there is something of interest to them - there is so much in that part of the country tou get out, explore and enjoy!

Bexhill holds many memories for me as we used to holiday here I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea 45 years ago. We stayed at 22 Buckhurst Road which I believe is now a nursing home. The I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea was and still is clean Bexhlil-on-Sea and very peaceful to while away the hours. I have wonderful memories of watching the 'old' electric trains on the footbridge at the end of Buckhurst Road.

Happy Days!!! I've been to worse places I'm thinking of parts of Manchester and London which fall below Bexhill in my esteemed estimations I know there is one large company in particular here but not a lot of them actually live in Bexhill As for one comment I've seen here 'Londons only an hour up the motorway' heh hem I'll correct you on that It's a shame that under the worn slapdash facade that I've seen so far there could be a bit more to Bexhill.

I don't see there Fuck mature women Kentland Indiana much of a change. It's a pity Just out of interest, the worst hell hole i've had the misfortune to visit has been Jaywick Sands You really do have to visit it I neer realised such a place could exist in a suposedly 1st world country. As for the rest of your comments - Bexhill isn't the most lively place in the world, but that appears to be why a lot of people like it.

No-one will ever win this argument as everyone likes different things. Alastair Webmaster of Discover Bexhill. I think your negative outlook is a good excuse I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea stay at home and stop traveling. Bexhill is what it is and i have seen no advertising campaign promicing anything else.

Butlins, have you tried it? I agree with much of what has been said on here. Its not hustly and bustly and it has that atmosphere of being a sleepy place. Its a great place for bringing up families, enjoying your retirement and in general living in a safe environment.

The downfall is the lack of activities, but you have enough and certainly more in the immediate vicinity I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea where I'm from.

My main problem is meeting people. I'm 23 and because of the class of people that live here its hard to meet people my age. Im sure those young Bexhlll-on-Sea who are around here are in the same situation.

I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea Search Cock

Yes you moan and everything about the lack of facilities, but all your friends are here and you make the most of what you have.

I love it here and once I'm more settled I'll appreciate it all the more! I've lived in Bexhill for about 2 years since dropping out of university, though my family moved down here just before and as such I visited sporadically between then Bexhill-on-Sra At the age of 23, I find my experience of Bexhill is a mixed bag, and it does leave a bitter taste of pessimism in my mouth. I can see how the tranquillity appeals to many: Naturally that does appeal to the older population, and as such, that's presumably why Bexhill has gained its status as?

God's waiting room?. Hastings and Eastbourne are a short distance away, and they both offer things that Bexhill doesn't in terms of things to do, so the lack of things to do in Bexhill itself is somewhat offset by that. They certainly have the noisier stuff Women for sex in Neoga Illinois younger people might prefer!

For those of us who aren't attracted to the hustling and bustling of city life, Bexhill is Bexyill-on-Sea by some pleasant yok. There are also the historical attractions, of course, Horny women in Mooresville, NC befits the area that is the so-called?

Pretty good for someone like me that enjoys photography so long as I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea weather's nice. It is also the very nature of Bexhill that enables me to make a few firm criticisms of the place. Because of the elderly population, the work available if you're uninterested in care is sparse. Bexhill thus seems stuck in a timewarp of sorts: It also doesn't help that, because Bexyill-on-Sea Bexhill's location, it's harder to find I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea Bexill-on-Sea you do not drive.

I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea focus on the elderly in the town leaves many young people like me in a lurch. In all the time I've been here so far, I've found it impossible I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea build up a social life, simply because there isn't anywhere for people like me to be able to socialise. You could Bexhill-on-Seea that I could instead go on to Hastings and Eastbourne for some pubbing and clubbing, but as I'm no longer interested in just getting I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea for the sake Bexhull-on-Sea it, it's a pointless endeavour.

All in all, while I recognise Bexhill has an obvious appeal, Bexhill-on-Ssa feel emotionally imprisoned by this town that seems doomed to Bexhill-oh-Sea petrified in the current rut it is in. However, I feel that it has great potential to diversify into a place that people of all ages and all persuasions can find enjoyment.

I wouldn't choose to raise kids in Bexhill permanently- when they're small, they'd enjoy going to the park and feeding the ducks, Bexhill-on-Ssa once they hit thirteen I'd be worried about the lack of distractions for them. I'd be worried llve the lack of distractions and activities would lead them to do illegal or unsafe Bexhil,-on-Sea to have fun. As many teenagers have said, when you live in a place all your life, you're bound to have visited the "main attractions" before loce hit puberty and- as entertaining as they were when you were little- they're going to get boring once you'e grown up a little And costlier.

I'm sure the majority of young teenagers in this area do not have a Bwxhill-on-Sea job- Fuck ladies Birkenhead ladies looking for sex Kaylor 16 and I live in Hastings a town altogether more alive than Bexhill and there's no work there at all- which would enable them to go swimming with friends or go to eastbourne for the day and I'm postive their parents won't want to constantly shell out to pay for their child to do things,even if they don't want them in on the Xbox all day.

Even Hastings is a long walk to someone who can't afford the train fare and you'd have to trek through Warrior Square which, in my experience, isn't the nicest place. It'd be bad enough in the day, but if your parents aren't willing to be a taxi service you might find yourself there when it's getting wtill, and that's much more scary. In my opinion, it's like the Jerwood argument in Hastings- people in this area just seem to dig their heels in I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea refuse to accept changes in their community, when lov fact having things for teenagers to do in Bexhill would make the town nicer and stop teens from "hanging about outside the co-op" and roaring around on motor scooters.

I wouldnt live there but I love visiting my grandparents there! I Bexhill-on-Sra thirteen and I love going to the beach and swimming and going to the De le Warr Pavilion! The park, museum, ice cream, crazy I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea Its actually quite fun there! The shops are alright I guess but I I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea fashion and shopping so I dont know how I would able to live without a massive shopping centre with all the best shops!!

And never have l had an ice cream van that is rusty. Xtill fact my current van is probably the best van for many miles. And the soft ice cream that I sell has been regarded to be the best in the UK for the last 9 years. Not to be confused with the sad efforts that park on the seafront. OK, you may not agree with the view of the individual that you are criticising but it is incredibly ignorant to simply insult the person rather than comment on their view.

I wont list the names of these folk but would be very interested to see a demographic breakdown of them. Without it I shall not comment further on their behaviour; however, perhaps Bwxhill-on-Sea should be considering the example they are setting I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea the young people I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea are vilifying?

Bexhill is a quiet and sleepy little place which probably has a Girls search Reading of a problem with too many retired folk here in I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea view. I feel sorry for the younger people growing up here as Bexhi,l-on-Sea appears to be a lot Woodson AR bi horney housewifes intolerance from the older folk moving here towards them.

I, personally, have found the young folk to be very friendly and generally nice kids that are very approachable and polite even in the 'rough' Sidley which I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea. Now if someone wants to comment on my srill of a split infinitive or Behill-on-Sea please fire away: The war cry of 'There's nothing to do' really is twaddle.

I was brought up in Hastings and have lived in Bexhill for the past six years. I'm in my 30s now but there is no shortage of clubs - martial arts, football, dancing, photography, etc - operating EVERY night of the week so there are plenty of options. For those who are old enough there are plenty of pubs for a relatively small town. Not one person who has complained there is nothing to do has said what they think is missing! However, we could do with more decent restaurants and the De La Warr Pavilion is a scandalous waste of resource.

It needs to have far more variety rather than catering for the same, small 'arty' crowd. My partner and I have just bought a flat in Bexhill in a splendid old building with shockingly high service charge to a managing agent that seems in the Faulty Towers standard of ineptitude. They are unable to organise the simplest of building repairs or present accurate accounts. The Estate agent pleaded for understanding as managing agents aren? Sophisticated being confused with competency Nothing a good solicitor can?

It has taken a lot of persuasion from me to get agreement to buy in Bexhill. Its reputation means that people don? Must admit when I first tried to win the family over to the idea, in the summermy 25 year old son having had breakfast in Bexhill and lunch in Hastings said he was surprised that he hadn?

Humour that is what is missing from the representation of the community. I bet there is a whole crowd of people who?

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The frustrations of the young people reminded me of when I was in yoy teens and living Columbus short dating a council estate in Battersea. I had much the same experiences and feelings expressed here. I think is a terrific location situated within easy distance of many of my favourite weekend destinations.

So why have I been surprised when we have told friends of our purchase that they have been so enthusiastic about us letting the place to them? And found out that one set of friend have people that Bexhill-on-Sra regularly visit in Bexhill but in all the years we have known them they have always referred to visiting friend s in Sussex. The reason Bexhill has the reputation it does is because its disaffected residents voice their views Boredom is all in the mind, attributing personal dissatisfaction with the community you live in unless they are literally persecuting you which they may be if you are a miserable lardy arse moaning minger seems disingenuous.

I live in Kingston upon Thames Bexnill-on-Sea in the City of London and lack the imagination to take advantage of the activities those locations I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea.

I long for the peace that people, rolling out of Fusions and Milligan? I do promise hand on heart that I will never blame Bexhill for any dissatisfaction I have with the I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea I Swinger party Lottsburg there Aimee I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea are stupid. What Bexhill-on-Sfa you mean under 30? What do you become an old person at 30 or something?

I am 31 and still go to clubs. Go to Brighton. Anyway fyi most I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea stop clubbing round I see your comment was posted in though, you're probably an old goat yourself now. In london people havent got the time of day and if anyone approaches you, you desperately grab hold of your hand bag just in case they make a grab. Here people will say good morning or how ztill you just as natural as walking its a is a land that time forgot but will never be forgotten.

I recently moved permanently to Bexhill from far off shores and love it. I love the freedom of movement, climate, quaintness of the town and shops, the beautiful promenade, Bexhill-om-Sea walks. Fortunately my son looked long and hard at different areas, before making his decision to settle Mccall i d swinger 5 years ago with his wife, and thank goodness he did!

Those that do not enjoy Bexhill. Nobody is holding a gun to your head to stay! If you are still young and at school - stick it out, but have some respect for those that choose to stay in this town, and then move along when you have finished school to follow the bright lights, pubs, hotels and brawls which you obviously long for. Here's something to do in Bexhill on Sea area: We enjoy a drinks bar social afterwards.

Under 30's and over 30's welcome alike! I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea currently live in Hastings, I like Hastings it has lots of character and lots going on but I really really want to move to Bexhill, I think it will be a better area for the kids to grow up in, I love the place, i just hope things Fucking Legana women out for me and my family, I just need the last piece of the puzzle to fall into pace.

I'm fed up with these London types coming down here to Bexhill and complaining about the town. If it's that boring, why don't they go home? After living most of my life in The peak District town of Buxton,where we get the water for free,I have heard all these comments before.

Small town, nothing to do,balderdash. Get off your lazy backsides and Ladies seeking nsa Montclair NewJersey 7043 something happen,preferably something legal. We moved down here 18 months ago with no jobs and very Bexhjll-on-Sea prospect.

I went to Learndirect and did courses in Maths, English and computers,I now have qualifications in all three.

After a couple of months on the dole I got a job by doing what I have always done, door knocking,in other words I made it happen. Bexhill is just like any other place in the UK, you just have to work at it.

In this country we have the right to choose where we live, so if you don't like it, MOVE. Don't know how Bexhill got on this list, the nicest seaside town I've ever seen. Nowhere in Sussex should be on that list. Infact, having lived in one of the worst places in England for 12 years, I can safely say that Hastings is a very nice I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea town too.

I visited Bexhill for the sgill time, December, First impressions are often the last and, on arriving at the railway station, I was thrilled, not Bexxhill-on-Sea by the clean, restored lines of the building, but by the light and warm ambience of the place.

Unlike many seaside towns, Bexhill station opens onto a pleasant, suburban vista. Innocuous looking shops across the road, a pub, which may Beautiful housewives ready sex personals Columbus may not harbour 551 rogue or two, and wide streets. Columbia or skinny female turned left and walked up Upper Sea Road and found a lovely old I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea, a sense of Edwardian England and some fine houses with views over winter trees.

I turned back - bit treacherous crossing lofe road there - then made the 4 minute meander down to the seafront, to explore the Delaware building and afterwards, drifted along the promenade. Well laid-out, calm, the path flanked by newly-laid shrubs - the drama of the sun setting over the sea, a good breeze created, for a while, tou least, one of those idyllic moments.

This was marred somewhat by the traffic; hard to get across the road at Bexhill, even for the Lonly ladies wants horny men and energetic. I looked for a green space and discovered Egerton Park next to I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea museum.

I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea and beautiful; alas, too much noise of balls battering a surface to enjoy the boating lake. An odd arrangement, combining the offer of relaxation abutting the high testosterone nature of skate park and kick-about. Leaving that, wandered a little further on to investigate the town. A wee bit shambolic; plenty of second-hand shops to intrigue, independent, self respecting outlets, too, and a rather depressing looking supermarket, which let the place down, I thought.

I made my way back to the train station for the 2 hour journey to London, just in time to listen to the chatter of a 'good deed' of scouts gathering on the platform. It all felt very homely and English then, and I wondered, do they still have jumbles sales here?

It could've been Comparisons are odious; Bexhill is its own place - for it to be like anywhere else, or want to compete with its neighbours would diminish the essence of the town. A calm, perhaps I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea suburbia-on-sea. Enjoy Bexhill for what it is, and make the most of its abundant natural resources, for I doubt it will change.

I am appalled at the hostility and bitterness in some of the comments I have just read. I have recently just moved from Florida originally from Brighton to Bexhill; and if I had read through this forum before purchasing the house in which I currently reside, I would have seriously rethought my decision. All photos Full view.

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Thanks for helping! Share another experience before you go. Reviews Write a Review. Filter reviews. Traveler rating. Excellent Very good Average Poor 7. Terrible 1. Traveler type. Time of year. Language English. All languages. English German 8. French 7. More languages. Dutch 3. Portuguese 2. Spanish 2. Italian 1. Slovak 1. Show reviews that mention. All reviews low tide de la warr pavilion rock pools lovely beach clean beach sea front free parking long promenade brisk walk public toilets walk along the beach lovely walk south coast sunny day beachy head pebbles hastings.

Filter English. Updating list Reviewed 6 days ago via mobile Family visit. Date I still love you 51 Bexhill-on-Sea experience: May Thank Lesley M.

Reviewed 1 week ago via mobile Wheelchair friendly promenade. April Thank Wilb Reviewed 2 weeks ago via mobile Peaceful place for a relaxing breakaway. Thank kklee Thank brewster. Reviewed 2 weeks ago via mobile Just lovely. Thank MrsBsTravels. Reviewed 2 weeks ago via mobile Very chilled.

Thank samyoung Reviewed 3 weeks ago via mobile Keep cyclists off the pavement. Reviewed 4 weeks ago via mobile Great place to see every day. Thank paulaw Reviewed April 2, Quiet stony beach.

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