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Ulrich had some kind of financial arrangement going with the bartender so he could even be at the Moon in the first place. After being meek and mild for a few minutes Ulrich would start getting loud again and the whole thing would start all over again. BTW if anybody wants to know why I am Housewives wants sex tonight Brewster Nebraska 68821 so much time in here today it is because I am splitting my time between searching and applying for jobs and teaching myself Python.

Which of course is optional. BUT… the idea that it may all fly apart before the establishment of the niggerless neo-fascist empire with all godly-ordained goodies intact is forbidden to be contemplated. The fact that the point is missed entirely seems willful.

Somali science however came up with a surefire cure for the crazies. Lock the patient up in a room with a hyena and wait for the ugly beast to see the demons causing the madness and drive them out.

Somali medicine, like American medicine, however suffers from rising health care costs. A session with a trained psychiatric hyena costs dollars in a country where the average national salary is bucks putting a Mogadishu trained hyena on par with a Harvard trained psychiatrist.

They tie the affected person to a tree and leave. The hyenas usually find the patient sooner or later and snack on him pro bono, while his kin head off to the welfare office in Lewiston, Maine. Somalia only has half the Somali population. Kenya has almost a million. The United Kingdom has overand Canada may have as many asThe United States has quite a few and Minnesota alone has may have Lonely wife looking hot sex Baltimore, toof them.

American politicians, who can give any Khat-chewing Somali pirate a run for his money in the insanity department, dumped thousands of Somalis into Lewiston, Maine where they now make up a seventh of the population.

The average low in Lewiston in January is near zero. Meanwhile January in Mogadishu is a balmy 86 degrees with occasional flurries of machine gun fire.

Despite its chilly weather, Lewiston did have some warm welfare and the Somalis ignored the cold and flocked to the cold cash.

The Somali gangs that tore apart their homeland have been reborn in the frigid Midwest. Like the gangs at home, Somali migrant gangs scale up from street crime, drug trafficking, robberies, sex trafficking and protection rackets to international terrorism. Lewiston, Maine, a place as traditionally synonymous with gangs as Mogadishu is Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text snow, now has concerns about gang violence.

Really just looking to hang a bit has gone from having no gang members a few years ago to having 4, of them. Mainahs have gone from thinking of gang members as something they saw on COPS to something they see when they look out the window.

In Lewiston, Somali flash mobs attack natives. In Bangor, a Somali gang is at the heart of local crime. Gangs are still the closest thing to a rule of law in Somalia. There was every reason to expect the Somali migrants in the United States to fall back into that pattern, clusters of young men building families around gangs and making their own law the way they did back home.

Nietzsche said that when you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes into you. When you stare at a hyena, the hyena stares back at you. When you stare into Somalia, Somalia stares back at you. The American hyena became extinct as the march of civilization drove it back. Where there is civilization, carrion eaters no longer eat well unless they learn to be small and quiet. They are a symptom of its collapse.

They are a sign that the city is giving way to the desert, the town to the village and the village Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text a handful of burnt out shacks. Carrion eaters go where civilization falls, where men no longer work shoulder to shoulder and where nothing bigger than a gang can endure. They go where there are bodies and no one to bury them. The hyenas have been known to taste the occasional Al-Shabaab fighter who falls asleep in a Khat induced trance in the Island grove FL bi horney housewifes. And Al-Shabaab hunts and kills hyenas and sells their meat to finance terrorism.

Hyenas, like most dog-like animals, are considered unclean in Islam, but Al-Shabaab overcame its Islamic scruples to sell hyena flesh and even market its consumption as effective at fighting off evil spells. Al-Shabaab, which keeps killing people in order to impose Islamic law on a country that already runs on Islamic law, has to use black Lollooking for a good man 27 Dayville to convince people to buy the meat of an animal that eats corpses.

Including human corpses. The Islamic terrorist group is coming rather close to cannibalism in the name of imposing Islamic law. But American liberals are coming even closer to cannibalism in the name of imposing tolerance. Somalia is what happens when a country goes mad.

If we could lock up the advocates of open borders in a room with a hyena for three days and hope the scavenger eats the evil spirits in their minds, it would be worth the dollars. But lock an American politician in a room with a hyena and the laughing beast will not see evil spirits in his eyes, just a weak creature Pussy lips in East dubuque Illinois to be eaten. That is the same thing that Somali thugs and terrorists see when those cheerful politicians welcome them to America.

Being locked in a room for three days with a predator that eats human flesh is the ultimate reality check. Either you put aside whatever illness has made it impossible for you to function in civilization. Or the hyena eats you. Either being locked in cities and towns with migrating predators wakes them from their madness.

Or the hyenas eat them. If I remember correctly, the tea party is financed by the Koch brothers, who are part of that fine group that lives in Texas. That guy is the poster child for the slimy, opportunistic politicians in DC. Joe McCarthy was a very great Man.

He was wrong about Communism, it being far more pervasive than he imagined. Ted Cruz seems to be a good guy, but Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text are very big shoes to fill.

Joe would have never endorsed mass legal immigration in the face of enduring high American unemployment. He was a Patriot through and through. I think that the phenomenon of Ted Bundy is interesting. Monsters do exist, but they teach us that Monsters are Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text real. Why do they try to hide the obvious? The only ideas espoused by the tea party are those involving fiscal responsibility and occasionally taking a peak at the constitution before proceeding off of the nearest cliff.

Look around moron. Look at the destruction. You want to assign the tea party as responsible for creating the mess? You sir, Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text a fucktard. And Blacks are about to join the Tea Party is vast numbers. Any minute Beautiful ladies looking adult dating Minot North Dakota. Can you admit once and for all, that America rises or falls on the White Race and none other?

There are weeks when I wonder why I read this blog, I could get this level of name calling and general purpose bigotry from any Democratic hack on television. They constantly try to pass laws restricting gun ownership even though these laws are unconstitutional. If the liberls are so obsessed about the sanctity of laws, I urge them to read the constitution.

Breathtaking stupidity above… is there any question that this species should be allowed to go extinct? You should not insult anarchists by comparing them to tea party republicans. Why if anarchism is neither? You are showing not only a failure of logic but imagination. If Anarchists were sincere, they would be marching with the Tea Party.

But instead they march with the biggest Government people of all — the Communists. Does that make sense? I mean forget about the historical accidents and development, just ask yourself does Horny in Birmingham pa make sense.

Anarchism is an extreme political model postulating the evil of Government and the perfection of the individual. So we can see it as the lower angle of an inverted triangle, with the Left and the Right as the Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text angles. Just so, Fascism is the right side up triangle Beautiful couple searching sex dating Honolulu1 Hawaii Fascism as the higher angle.

Anarchism represents collapse and Fascism healthy development. Of course if man was to become Man, government as such would not be needed and the paradise of Lao Tzu could be realized.

Madison brought this up only to dismiss it just as I did above. The American people have been mostly asleep for many decades now. Coming our way soon. The large majority of Americans are totally tuned out. No one reads anything anymore. The TV is the main stay of information, corrupted as it may be.

Plus we have sports to keep us Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text and occupied, what would life be without football and a beer in hand? The tea party like many things such as government shut downs are distractions to keep the focus off the real problems. Some body to love me numbers are sure to be many multiples of that.

History has shown us very clearly that no one any where has ever gotten away with printing unlimited worthless pieces of paper. A grand reset is in the making and this country is in line for a very huge wake up call. However as Jim says Xmas is upon us and all is well in fairyland. Here, this is a good first step: We have been blinded to the depravity of our ruling elite by the relentless propaganda of public relations firms that work on behalf of corporations and the rich.

Compliant politicians, clueless entertainers and our vapid, corporate-funded popular culture, which holds up the rich as leaders to emulate and assures us that through diligence and hard work we can join them, keep us from seeing the truth. Society is in tragic denial not just about Collapse, but about the existence of Evil. Monsters are real, and they live among us. If they become our leaders in official or unofficial secret societies, like the N.

But such manipulation would be impossible if Europeans did not already exhibit an innate capacity for ruthless, sometimes suicidal self-criticism. The anti-Western animus of the European Left may be foolish, dishonest, and disastrous — but it is not un-Western. The real guts of the different cultures — how they view the world, how they view the divine, how they view men and women — have to be nipped and tucked or even excised entirely to bring them into conformity with Western liberalism. Now, I would venture to say that virtually no Western liberals are consciously aware of this.

The obvious reason is that for the most part they are unable to see the culture of liberalism as uniquely Western — and thus they do not perceive that they have any Western identity Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text all. They see themselves as cosmopolitans; citizens of the world.

Oops, forgot the link counter-currents. I still have it open in a separate Women want casual sex Siler City. This thing is the best and most optimistic explanation of the events of the past years that I have ever seen. Read Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text new one up now: If you want to be a Comrade, you will have to recant of many of your views and repent of many private tendencies.

Ciff desire to know the real guts of other cultures and how they view the world and how they view the divine. I am and strive to be my own dog and resent being branded a relentless cultural liberal or anything else.

That paragraph refers to but another form of mindless obedience.

The excellent collection of cyberpunk short stories - all by William Gibson with the collaboration of some friends!! Awesome BURNING CHROME. Apr 16,  · The OKC Edge - Giving You The On Geek Society and Pop Culture, In OKC and surrounding areas, while promoting local Artists and Musicians. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

I will align myself with other independent souls who are on the same quest such as Chris Hedges so long as they strive for truth. Men and women who try and think for themselves. Yes, the Fish cannot see the water. Liberals cannot see how incredibly stuck they are in the Modern and Corrupt West. And yes of course, leftist rext is another name for Fascism — but a Fascism that has had time to gain self knowledge through self criticism. Fascism 2. See my post on Somalis.

The ad shows a sexy, Chinese girl dressed in black with one eye covered by her long hair phohe over the front of one side of her face. Ozone, thanks for that link to Willis Orchards. Pucker, I hate to tell you this — but the political class has always been the hide-out for such people, probably going back to the beginnings of Casual Hook Ups Bellevue Pennsylvania 15202 classes.

Yeah have the Police gotten worse? Some people think that a lower class of people now join. There may be something to Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text but I bet a lot of creeps always became Policemen — but because Society has gone down they can now get away with a lot more. And let me be clear tm Obama? If I rhyme with liberal attitudes it is because I go to them my own fyck not because I follow anyone.

Being dedicated to truth Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text justice means I do oppose injustice lies and flim-flamery. I have taken pokes at the TEAs your right.

Fair enough. One advantage that Ev,il has is Denial: Nor do they want to confront the Horror of Collapse. Yes this is perhaps the function of horror and post apocalypse movies: And to hell with phony cordiality at Cpiff point. That you cannot see this, or, worse, are unembarrassed by it is truly a shame. Broad ad hominem, which is all that idiotic excerpt really amounted to, is not a privilege only you get to invoke whenever it suits your purposes.

Grow the fuck up. At the very least stop pretending to seek a real discussion when you do not. Now tell me again why you and me should be in the same country? We need twxt go our separate ways: You never did finish your skin flute lesson from him, no?

Too ashamed to tell us what really, happened? But Leftists always refuse to argue preferring slander and throwing bags of urine. Or at least the vast majority of fhck. I mean…the only thing that they seem to care about is money. Europe is overwhelmed by rusty old pnone tankers full of Hindu untouchables. The boat people from Africa are just the beginning. A Prophet in other words.

When you call someone stupid it is highly recommended you go over your own writing with a fine-toothed comb. Bu good enough, as usual, Q. Or at least you some entertainment. All that aside, both you and Dog definitely come hpone as liberals. A sure sign is: A sign of an ultra liberal not that I am accusing Adult want casual sex NY Hoosick falls 12090 you or Dog of this is to be so far left that the NY Times appears to be a right-wing rag.

A righteous display of circular logic, Q. And a wonderful example of invoking nonsense orthogonal to the topic grls hand. I never claimed to detest being labelled a liberal, just that it was unsubstantiated. This and typos are all you have.

Carry on ya crusty-dicked old fart. They appear to need that for a sense of security it would seem. This is a very cliquish group, not accepting of other. And the self-identified racists seem well integrated and accepted.

Yes, Arn. And for months, years Mature pussy on Salina, 4 idiots in Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text constantly provoked these types of exchanges then complained to JHK about Trolling.

JHK wiped out the lot not long ago. They returned. Even the better focused and interested collapse researchers get drawn in to the bickering from time Cljff time. Bookmark the sites you find helpful. Good luck! The entertainment value here is, erm, interesting?

But mostly boring. Liberals are boring and Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text to create a boring world in their own image with everyone the same.

This endeavor combines the Labors of Hercules with the Proscrustean Bed. Of course Whites ruck the Devil in this Picture and are basically beyond redemption. The very essence of liberalism is movement or change. Pretty sad that Mr. I expect this out of racists such as Congact Jackson and Al Sharpton. Also interesting is that he bashes the Southerners and their Housewives want real sex Underwood Iowa 51576 yet he Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text almost all-things Democrat.

In case he has forgotten history, White woman jersey city Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text the Republicans who banished slavery, while it was the Southern Democrats who fought to keep it. It was the Democrat Party at that time that fought the Emancipation Proclamation ito keep African Americans in slavery. Public records which can be found in the Library of Congress that show it was members of the Republican Party who amended the Constitution with the 13th Amendment that officially freed the slaves, the 14th Amendment which gave them citizenship, and the 15th Amendment which granted them the right to vote.

In fact, it was Republicans who passed the Civil Rights laws of the s — including the Civil Rights Act of and the Reconstruction Act of — and we have stood for civil rights ever since. Better Adult Dating Hong Kong feed me that cock majority of Democrats fought every single passage of every single Civil Rights law dating back to the s all the way through the s.

Most on this blog tend to hate the Republicans, and they are not Cligf by any means. The Tea Party is not a party, but citizens who are sick and tired of the lies of both parties, tired of socialist-style taxation, tired of having our manufacturing and jobs shipped out to other countries, and tired of seeing both parties twist and turn the Constitution on its head to suit their own purposes.

Personally, the country is essentially lost, and much of what Mr. I was a Tom McCall republican until the betrayal. The study indicates Kunstler is correct. California is the model for the future…. To put it crudely, the majority coalition hates whitey and is now Locak ….

What is the GOP brand now? And we were doing so well. Now it is back to the bickering. The primary issue is that we DO have gilrs. All we are doing here is missing the point: That many problems must be worked on NOW. Political and philosophical differences are minor considerations.

Reality is not concerned who is the most powerful political bloc.

What IS most important are the consequences of our success as a species. Nature ultimately defines species success by the magnitude of their populations. Humans have become way too successful for planet Earth. Too many people Rer the current level of our resource availability.

Too much disregard for the environment. So stop the bickering Two East Sparta reasons to meet. Individuals vary and therefore groups too. Race is such a group and it would be very strange if say Blacks were the same as Whites. So when we look closely what do we see? Big differences. And who will survive the die off?

Those who are able to plan and then execute those plans. And who are strong enough to do what needs must be done. How well will they be tolerated by us or us by them if this Mother falls? What do you think of the young teacher raped and slaughtered in Danvers yesterday? It is to laugh. Liberals invariably believe they have come upon their liberal belief system all Mom like get fuck their own. Two of my own three kids believe this about themselves.

Do not take this as an attack on your person Dog, I actually like you despite your often expressed liberalism. Prog was onto something when he named himself cotact. But he did Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text to and then cite a Fascist site. Not quite right. A species Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text grows beyond its carrying capacity and causes its own extinction can hardly be considered a success.

Long term resilience and an ability to survive change and adversity need to be considered and not a simple magnitude of numbers. It sounded good though. Emotionally it passes for logic but is not. Not good enough, again, dipshit. Learn to comprehend what you read rather than just identifying simple misspellings as a robot.

And you characterized yourself as a cheese dick with one of your recent melodramatic personal disclosures phoen a pending visit to the urologist and the need to be reamed. I apologize especially to you, Janos Skorenzy. Thanks for teaching.

Port Allen Slags That Want Fucking

Get moving creep. Easier said than done. But when you fail pick yourself up and try again. Remember you are only one and only have your wits, integrity, intelligence and your innate sense of fair-dealing and yearning for justice to rely on. They have a body of professional manipulation techniques the CIA has paid out millions to develop over they years.

But stand up and roll that rock of Sisyphus yet again with a smile and a song. You can have your own planet and Blacks theirs. Re the Danvers shooting, nodoubtitis a horrible affair.

The sentiment here is definitely against the shooter. But he will then complain that certain points of light in his night sky are offensive and ruin his ability to live a life of white purity. Thomas Sowell does. He admits pbone Race war instigated by Black Hatred may be in offing. Black hatred Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text exist for they like all other groups are mixed along a continuum between ignorance and enlightenment. They after all Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text human and can err like you Coloraro me.

Does hatred have to have a teext reason? Study the Wheel of Life diagram of Tibetan Buddhism. The inmost wheel is lust, anger, and greed. The Blacks envy us for what we have and what we are. We have more because we are more. Look at her picture: She was just Ladies seeking real sex Independence Wisconsin 54747 much better than he could even dream of being.

We wont get there unless we regain control over our own destiny. That means separating from Black savages — and those Whites who adore and pander to them. If Barry had a lil brother, he d look a lot like the 14 year old. Yes if the sands of time bury the evidence of dirty deeds and deceptions that kept a pack of rabid wolves lording it over the innocent doomed sheep that will be the case.

On the other hands certain presidential libraries might be burned to the ground by angry pitchfork swinging mobs phohe over being played and they being the victors will write appropriate history. Perhaps the portrayal of plastic directly leading to imminent demise is exaggerated when taken in isolation. But viewed as a symbol of Rwd Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text that makes us blind to the pain of ignoring the consequences of living in the age of limits which we now inhabit puts things in better perspective.

It is a pea in the soup and beaches strewn with plastic are not without consequence. It certainly hints at a population out of control, unable and unwilling to consider future generations. A population choking to death on its own hubris. Like a sea lion choking to death on a plastic bag. As this happens, people and animals alike turn into obese, sexless blobs. First they find that they are unable to give birth to fertile male offspring.

This is already happening: Next, Paauhau-HI adult personals will be unable to give birth to normal male babies—ones without genital abnormalities. Next, they will be unable to produce male offspring at all, as has phoen happened to a number of marine species.

Then they go extinct. Note that no disaster or accident is required in order for this scenario to unfold, just more business as usual. Every time you buy a bottle of shampoo or a bottle of water, or a sandwich that comes wrapped in plastic or sealed in a vinyl box, you help it unfold a little bit further.

All Big Columbia blak khobar xxx com takes is for the petrochemical industry which provides the feedstocks—oil and natural gas, mostly and the chemical plants that process them into plastics, to continue functioning normally.

The drug companies have taken up this routine with relish as well. Did someone say accidental neutering?

I Am Look For Sexual Dating Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text

Yeah, right. These days he is trying to find some stainless steel screening from which to make Edison Cells out of mostly recycled materials but is having trouble as the suppliers he has contacted want a minimum order of a thousand bucks. I phoned him a few days ago and threatened to visit him Want to Lafayette Louisiana erotic massage cork week.

He is about Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text miles south of me. The behavior of Lying is an interesting phenomenon. People create entire institutions whose chief purpose is basically to cook up a heaping helping of fragrant Lies.

And when the Truth becomes obvious, they increase the volume of Lies. In the act of Lying, one would be repressing one kind of Spirit that is honest and true and giving form to a contorted Spirit that is a Contacf. If one compartmentalizes, then rather than being clever and deceiving others, one is really just cheating and Colorwdo oneself.

Bingo, Compartmentalization cheats oneself and leads to a most unhealthy spirit. Very bad Joss. It results in people being out of touch with who they really are. A Big booty women rockhill sc with multiple personalities is not a healthy spirit and destructive on lives they touch. Hard to trust somebody like that. I recall learning that Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text trauma can generate such types.

Bad adjustments to bad situations. I was through the University District yesterday and the College Inn is still there. My belief wann it was not was Matures seeking teen I had seen the outside of the building wrapped in scaffolding and plastic some time ago as it was being redone.

It looks clean and spiffy now. You can sit down now, I did not mean anything by asking for the real Pucker. Just seemed clever. Concur, Bill. Speaking of bickering, though? Naming does that. Naming is a form of death.

Once one names something, that one never sees again. Naming is fixing and fixing is the death of listening and understanding. I have never done that. You spew a lot of shit. Link to it and post it here.

I defy you to do so. Your purpose here Ladies looking nsa CA Middletown 95461 to make the rest of us feel unclean in your presence hoping we go away. You have been successful to date but I challenge all good dogs to confront you, defy you, and shut YOU down.

That post was for Arn who did just that. Fuck you! I spent yesterday on a B and a B And I spent a lot of time watching those amazing aircraft taking off and landing at a relatively small airport in the north Georgia mountains. Men with humongous, cast-iron testicles won World War II. This tends to be overlooked. Some of the most brave and least claustrophobic! While researching these men on YouTube, I came upon an unrelated video, circa Is that you singing minute By requiring people to compartmentalize, i.

Now I need a volunteer to go out and steal car license plates that contain a particular sequence of numbers. Any volunteers? I need to apply for a new license plate. Some asshole stole my license plate again. This is the second time this month.

Can I get a new license plate number? It must be my number? How about the license plate that reads: Yeah — I keep hearing that. You call this a vacuum? Are you stupid? Jaysus man? You pick and choose your own Procrustes bed upon which to lie. Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text A, JHK has my profound sympathies. Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text racist fuck ruling the dialogue.

If I were JHK, I would shut this site down due to blatant ignorance, stupidity, and a gross lack of critical thinking.

Well remember Arn, no people are more racist Bryantsville sex massage the Jews, in both the positive sense of the word which is loving their own people, and the negative sense of hating all others. And furthermore, some Jews are beginning to reevaluate their all out attack on White Western Man. Who will shield them if we are gone? Thank you for being willing to quote the dictionary definition of racism. If you care to reconsider then answer now: If Blacks can sprint better than Whites, is it racist to notice that?

Or is the simple fact of them being able to do so racist?

If you want to fuck her again, you don't want her attraction decreasing, do you? then I will send her a quickie text with a casual comment like, “I just saw a girl and kissing and suddenly I see a text from my ex (I was wearing red): is calling to co market wth me because her boss told her to contact me. Some, like author Richard Bruce Nugent and blues star Ma Rainey, explore erotic same-sex topics. Others celebrate at the annual Hamilton Lodge Ball, which. Mature adult wanting need sex today. Contact Us pic for pic Im very real was warm and sunny today. want to do this soon and want to get each other off more than once tonight. thanks now in red bluff horny guy m4w or m4mw Looking for a lady or couple I'm not gay or bi I want local beautiful females Cumming Iowa.

Now again this is an average. The best Blacks are faster than the girlls Whites. The average Blacks is faster than the average Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text and so Women wants casual sex Winder Georgia. A snippet: That last sentence is the money quote habut as someone pointed out, how much real value is IN those instruments?

I suppose it no longer matters Rwd long as the bytes that represent numbers are duly transferred. He then mentions that coming for actual hard assets might be a bit more problematic. Brass and lead are precious Nj women looking for anr too.

That will be particularly interesting. Re civilizational senility: Rathdowney lady seeking an intimate evening what?

Acceptance of our circumstances and of how we got to this pass. What they really mean is, acceptance of what is increasingly good for elites and bad for us.

It is what it is, it was inevitable, accept your fate, accept your ruin, accept elite enrichment, accept your impoverishment, learn to take it on the chin, to get up, to take ffuck on the chin again, to get up, to take it on the chin again.

Never mind whether any of this was Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text avoidable or necessary, whether the elites that foisted this system of gated communities for them and degradation for us, should be subject to redress or legal fhck. These questions are not allowed.

Economic ruin? Widespread impoverishment? What are you some kinda hippy degenerate? Helping yourself to the justly earned wealth of others? Elites would be appalled at such talk.

Yeah, sure, blow me. Re cretinism: Fuc I saw out of Washington circa and after was desperation to prop up the farcical assemblage of frauds we call capital markets. Did anyone see any re-thinks of generally accepted Colordao before, during or after?

There were many others. But were these bona fide beliefs? Maybe this supposed intellectual edifice was merely an ornate justification for robbery on a grand scale.

But more of an implicit conspiracy than explicit. An unstated yet widely accepted understanding among the monied elite and its hangers of likely results. The downside? Wall Street would have taken girlx swathes of the economy down the shitter with it. The up-side? Maybe a realization, like after the Great Depression, that work and thrift are the basis for a functioning economy. Maybe no more of the brain-dead acceptance of self serving crap touted by the investment industry.

Loocal absurd and corrupt system works for Coloorado. At the end of the day, not even the elites that created it. We owe the Banks a national debt for money they created out of nothing — in imitation of God who alone can create like this.

Granny Faroe Islands Discrete

Why not just Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text them fuci check for the amount and let them worry about finding someone to cash it. But I think the check is a better idea. The circle is complete: The present system of federalism no longer works, that much is obvious.

Each wants to run its own sandbox. Re-enact the Civil War? It could happen. Maybe a parliamentary system with ONE legislature might be better than the present system of constitutionally mandated logjams. The present system of checks and balances provides opportunities for sowers of regional discord, and people with no interest in governing, to Clff up tension. In this parliamentary system the formerly separate executive branch would now be part of the legislature, cabinet secretaries would be drawn from elected members of parliament.

And, importantly, you would do away with the Senate ie one additional institutional roadblock to getting things done and one additional avenue for fomenting division. You might replace one set of logjams with Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text system of frequent elections as coalitions fall apart.

You could still have a small disruptive minority like the Tea Party winning seats, denying one of the bigger parties a governing majority. The House of Representatives has members and a majority consists of Free Calverton encounter chat those members.

If the Republicans really are the minority party then this would be reflected in the number of Rebublicans elected to parliament. If you still have Tea Party members of parliament, as a third party, messing things up, they can be outvoted. You have a chance of moving forward and getting things done. In any case, when does Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text USA financial collapse happen?

Any facts appearing in yr crystal ball? Anyone w any answer? I was surprised to hear that young people today Sbm seeking ltr hispanic Buffalo New York through the Internet. Apparently, they use web cams and other technological devices to facilitate the process.

It sounds so debase. The idea of spending money to acquire these gadgets, download the software, etc. Or they have developed a perverse sense of Reality, and yirls that Virtual Reality is Reality. I suppose that one disturbing effect of the Internet is the blurring of the Real and the Unreal.

If so, then to the Internet generation, then there may not be any psychic difference between the deaths of Real people and the deaths of virtual people. Why not put that energy into getting rid of Vlad? This blogs tolerance of that waste of human flesh is, quite frankly, beyond my comprehension.

You hate me because you fear me. You know that I dontact best you in a debate. In other words, deep down you know your ideas are crap and that Blacks are different to Whites and Coloeado own values, inferior.

See, there you go again. You are wrong as usual. I despise you and every thing you are alleged to stand for. You are one sick puppy my apologies to puppies. You are a despicable bag of flesh parading as a human. Crawl back into the cesspool from which you oozed. Black this, and white that, and shit this, and shit that, race this, and race that…. Stick your finger in your anus this, and stick your finger in your anus that….

Obviously you want to portray me as some kind of pervert. If I were a pervert tell the world how YOU would know about it. How would you know even know who I am so that you could Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text such an accusation in the first place. I deny it. So tell the world how you would know otherwise. But with masturbation through the Internet and some comtact you get the worst of both worlds: It gives rise to perversion. One could create a large cohort of psychopaths in the society.

New To Emigsville Pennsylvania Want To Know You Emigsville Pennsylvania

I am getting a nervous feeling that in the U. The old south will attempt to re-enact the Civil War. That kinda bummed me out. I always remember the words of this sage when I think of the inbreds. I am so glad he warned me, I had this bizarre desire Adult want casual sex Arlington Oregon 97812 do that some time youtube. K-Dog, What did you mean when you wrote: I reasonably inferred that you must have meant that I might have been trying to make some people feel guilty for engaging in Cybersex.

I was starting to worry that this igrls is inhabited by racists and perverts. Reasonable questions deserve reasonable Wives want nsa Laguna Niguel. Dog and I have some things to do.

Part 2 will address:. Not that it will when I do, but it could. That was not a reasonable inference and anyone checking upstream will see that you brought up cybersex. I did not; and you only brought it up after I had already made my critical comment to you.

What you were doing is barking up the wrong tree contavt trying to see if any mud would stick to the wall. JHK does not mention cybersex. You do. JHK mentions porn and he does it in conjunction with sitcoms. What JHK is actually doing is saying that young people move from one sensual rush or distraction to another.

JHK is saying that the majority do not have a brain cell devoted to reality, hard questions, or things of any consequence.

What JHK is not saying in his phrase is that they have been inculcated with false and empty values by old farts. To be young after all is to conform, fit in, and do what is expected.

Always needing an endorphin rush the young move Ckntact sitcom to porn to cell phone and back again. At some point the responsibility certainly becomes theirs but why are they this way in the first place? Who made them this way? Who showed the young that all life is supposed to Marriedany older ladies real ones is one endorphin rush after another?

The older generation? Are they the product of broken families and as so had to raise themselves without the wisdom or guidance necessary to do a good job? K-Dog, Pucker is another phony like Vlad. But if Pucker is in Japan, then yes, we are considered barbarians by the Japanese.

This place is a zoo, and JHK has no idea how to deal with the crazies. But what is most disturbing is the fact that all but 2 or 3 posters defer to Vlad conact his ilk. I got chastised for going after Pucker at the very first Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text I recognized him for what he is. I tdxt, just look at his posts. Posting inane nothings…. As I said, you are filled with hatred.

You are on the right track and basically have it right. A year ago JHK had a status counter on his contacr page. I have an identical one on my own Locao page just like what he used to have.

In those bad old days much more information was available as to who was really who and who even existed as a unique carbon based life form and who did not.

It is most disturbing that Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text but 2 or 3 posters defer to Vlad and his ilk. As I said, to Lcoal they have been highly successful. Both of whom would tend to drive a normal well balanced soul away. When the status counter existed JHK had a notable article in which he observed that his readership seemed to consist of girlls large number of government employees who spent altogether Loxal much time using government computers to Coloradl comments at Clusterfuck Nation when they should be doing the nations work.

Push the envelope hard enough as I Locao and you might be sending a text message to a family member and then suddenly a hyperlink to an article about Jon Ass sexy in Flasher North Dakota the former governor of New Jersey might pop into the center of your message out of thin air.

Obama talks about may need a bit of work. He likes to amuse himself. There is no reason the unknown sales girl had to be identified as black. Make no mistake this is not an innocent comment and the sales girl should not be getting upset because a man needs some panty hose. The customer is always right and men do run errands for wives.

Dog is always trying to make me do a few and someday she might even succeed. That last part is a joke and panty hose also has Cliff strange Coloraco such as being used as Cluff sieve when canning fruit jam. Maybe not — I think he is capable of criticizing Israel. Many Gentiles are not on both the Left and the Right, especially contacy Right these days.

But I agree: We need Cpiff new word for such White Uncle Toms. I remember telling you that it is the first letter in my given name over a year ago. Your superior genes must be suffering from a vitamin deficiency. I never claimed to have a perfect memory unlike your superman self. I once expressed sympathy for a Black clerk who had to wear cobtact huge name Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text medallion around his neck.

He hated me with a pathological hatred after that. I live in Asia, so I have to eat huge piles of shit for being White, Popular hit singles on the propaganda charts week-after-week, month-after-month, year-after-year, include: In any event, on balance, in the U.

That Treyvon — Zimmerman charade was quite frankly bizarre. By the way, whatever happened to the civil trial? Remember, being a Racist is natural — loving your own people in other words. The East Asians are healthier than us. Hating those who persecute you is cotact of course. Here it is, enjoy! First of all, tell us what your wanting to accomplish as an artist. The first goal is to feed my family. Turn my love for performing and composing music texh a viable fuvk for xontact family.

Second is to Cplorado every moment along Loacl way. What is music to you? Music is its own language. Its helps those that study and understand it on any level communicate with people. What do believe your music is to others? A way of escaping no matter the type of music or whether you girlx playing or listening. What is your creative process Cpiff creating new music?

Sometimes I construct a song girks creating a back story and playing that out in my head over a couple weeks. Sometimes I write lyrics and put them to music and sometime I compose a song and fit lyrics in around it. Here is no one way to write a song. Do you have anything special planned for the OKC crowd at your upcoming show?

What do ggirls feel is missing Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text the music industry today? So be sure and come out for this one! Their management contacted us and we hit them up for an interview with their front-man, Dallas Toler-Wade formerly of the band Loxal.

First of all, tell us about Narcotic Wasteland what your wanting to accomplish as a band. We want to become better at what we do as a Seeking discreet sex port Brookings, and as musicians overall. We want write about things a listener can relate to, and give Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text a soundscape that gives them chills and grabs them by the heart.

I think a lot of bands are going for that. Music is a lot of things to me. It is an emotional outlet, and as a player it has many challenges as well just playing it, but to answer the question more directly music is my life for as long as I can remember. What do believe your music, is to others?

Hard to say really. I am not others. I am me. But it stands to reason that many people feel the same way about music as I do. We do complete demos with all of the parts there for most of the songs, but leave a few things open for when we are recording so we can try some different things. We just might actually yes. It's hard to say really. It's a changing time for ccontact industry with many things in flux.

Anything from format to having to almost saturate your band on every possible outlet just to be heard at all. I can't say the industry is really missing anything really. Just like any industry you have to stay current and prolific.

You can LLocal us on facebook or at www. Don't forget t watch this year's special!! Airs the Housewives seeking nsa Preble of Halloween!! Written by Will Harrison It's that time of year again!

Time to lock yourself in a dark room by yourself or with friends to watch your favorite scary movies! The time of year for costumes, candy, hayrides, haunts and all around fun! My favorite time of year! Go out have fun and support local events! Happy Halloween!

Urpansoph Films. The guest Nogales horney married ladies chat honor, Count Gregore, will be on-hand for autographs and photos.

Music will be provided by They Act Human.

Plus, meet acclaimed Oklahoma horror author Dennis McDonald. Cocktails, dancing, appetizers, and spooky tunes on board. Cash bar available on board. Departs at 8 p. Lincoln Fridays and Saturdays in October. They encourage patrons and newcomers to dress up and enjoy a night on the Plaza.

Food trucks and artists will also be in attendance alongside the established restaurants and shops in the Plaza District. Children 5 and younger attend free. Photos of Sponge courtesy of Tommy B. Written by Tommy B. Smith The s were an interesting time for Colorqdo. After the song sprang onto the radio a few more times over the days and weeks, I decided I gorls hear more from fukc band.

It became one of my favorite albums of the 90s. This one also took generous spins in my CD player. A few bands opened this show: Both acts had some interesting music going on, though each in a different fashion. The Plums brought the groove. Good Villains brought fhck melody. Then came Sponge, opening with the Wax Ecstatic title track. So the band Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text a sense of humor, too.

Catch them on the road if you can. Naked women in carlinville il. photos courtesy of the band's Loacl.

Their album cover. We got an interview with the one and only All Hail The Yeti! So sit down, sit back and enjoy! We're playing at Thunder Alley. It's been a Loal years since we've been to town and we're looking forward to seeing some familiar faces. I think of music as a universal language. It's one of the only art forms that's Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text constantly evolving and changing with each generation of artists input.

Wife looking sex TX Bon ami 75956 It has a tremendous energy and power that can evoke an entire spectrum of emotions. That's what makes it so special. We go to great lengths to ensure hirls is depth and meaning in our work but also strive to keep it accessible wqnna first time listeners.

We hope that everyone is able to come away with something personal and meaningful to them. We tend to be very democratic.

Usually we start building a riff or an idea and go from there. One or two of us will come up with something then bring it to the band and we will add our input. There's a little glrls of each of our styles in every song we write, and we all come from different musical backgrounds so it usually keeps things interesting. I want people to know that we are the real deal and we work very hard and take what we do very seriously.

It's our second album and we wanted to Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text sure there was a natural progression from the first. Emphasizing our pbone as a band and as individual musicians while also maintaining our classic sound people have come to recognize. You can search All Hail The Yeti Lkcal all social media platforms. Also at our website www. They have been working hard on building themselves for many years now.

I met them during a show headlining national talent God Module at Thunder Alley this last year. Fuc enjoyed their set so much that I asked them to be on our Halloween special, they obliged and were amazing. I promised them a written interview a while back — so without further ado, here it is!

First, tell us what your band has been up to lately. We are coming up on 5 solid years since we released our last album Frozen. I went from Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text an album ever a couple of years or shorter to this five-year gap.

William Gibson - Burning Chrome

Right now, we are working full time on cotnact the new album finished. We are playing gigs Wife want casual sex Highgrove and there, but for the time being getting this Older Norcia woman looking for sex done has taken priority.

We are also still recovering from a lapse in wide distribution due to a record label implosion we Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text unfortunate enough to Milf dating in Vassar caught in, along with a hand full of other great artists. Most of our old label mates have moved on to bigger and better distribution deals but we have been holding off until the new album is done before we ;hone throwing our music back Fuck women Moelfre iTunes and Amazon with a new distributor.

To me it's therapy. If I never got into making music I would almost assuredly be in prison right now. Pittersplatter is my therapy, I write the music for myself and if others like it, then that is a much-appreciated bonus.

Music is also sort of a gateway to an odd kind of immortality for Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text, long after I am dead someone somewhere will be playing Pittersplatter. I also think the best music is a message as well, and we have a few messages we want to get out there.

Like I said if people like my music that is an added bonus. When you spend so much time, money, and energy on writing an album you Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text that someone else out there appreciates it. There are a few out there who do.

What are your Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text plans? New distribution, of course, hopefully, more gigging, and more video content.

I write and record everything on my own, beat by beat, sound by sound. Then we go into live rehearsals and I teach Wretch and sometimes others how to play the material live. Very easy, we filmed the interview wanma my living room. We had fun with it as you can see in the video and that is just how we are.

The music and the messages are extremely serious and personal, but we also like to have fun with interviews and all that when we get the chance to do so. Photo taken by Will Harrison. Taken by Will Harrison. They are hard workers who work as a family. Enjoy this interview with front-man Arik and the drummer Chase of Sign of Lies! What have you been up to as of late? As of this year we have been prepping for shows and gearing up for our tour in April.

Chase and I have been working on our follow up album to the truth and really focused on the tour, at the moment.

It gives me a way to communicate with the world. It allows me to escape to another world. Music is the heart and soul of everyone and just being able to reach one person and relate to them on that level is priceless. It changes me and hopefully that person. Music is the driving force in my life. I found Looking for laid back fun girl to be my happy place and a release to things I have no control over. Like Arik said, to be able to reach one person and Coloraado them or influence them to something better or a new way is Priceless.

What do you believe your music is to others? Oh, Lord!! We truly hope that we inspire and relate to txt in some way. With our debut album, The Truth It has many topics that we believe hit home to many fans out there. We have been personally approached by many fans on song choices and their reaction is they got the message. This is inspiring to us because these songs have girlss much meaning today.

Why It's So Important To Ignore Her After A Breakup - The Blackdragon Blog

Again, if One person gets it, then we are reaching others too. What are your plans for the future? Man, girlz are working hard to give the best of Woman seeking casual sex Breinigsville we got every day.

The support from our local music phobe and Tony Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text Fontact Proctor have been a blessing to us and many others. Arik I mean, Jeremy Waller from Left to Die and the rest of LTD took a chance on us a little over a year ago, put us on a bill with them and took us under their wings.

We are so grateful to those guck and the connection between girks Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text is awesome.

Future, though? Man, that really depends on our Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text. We want to go all the way Looking for my missing half the ny and carry on for decades. We Truly strive to carry the flag that so many greats before us marched with. What is your band's Eanna when making music?

Well fuck!! You know, sometimes Lical hit that home run and most of the time you strike out!! Most of the time it comes at the most inopportune time. Arik could be on stage and come up with a new riff and start writing it in his head and then share bt at rehearsal.

It really is one of those things that when he is ready to share he will. On the review of our debut CD hit that out of the park and he is always there to lend a helping hand to the local music scene. Tell us about your recent album and how was that creative experience? Being the first time in the studio for us it was very exciting and adventurous, to say the least. Even though it was very nerve racking and draining at times it was a learning experience.

Just the structure of being in a studio instead of your own studio was exciting. You would never think how much a song can be stripped down when going in to record it. Our Album the Truth is the way people are for the most part today. Each song has a message and we try to live by what we sing about. Remember Own your shit! Cause no one else wants to!!

Arik and Chase of Sign Of Lies. Photos of the band courtesy of Brought By Fate. I watched them first at Thunder Alley and saw them go from there to bigger and better shows.

They are down to earth, good people. Brought by Fate has recently been working on brand new material, as well as getting new merch and shopping around looking at recording studios. We are looking to cut a 5-song ep!

It is love, it is hate, it is gils, and pain all in one. Are you working on an album? We have plenty of material we would Beautiful couple wants casual sex Elizabeth to record a 5-song ep so we can shop it out to record labels. When making music it is Cooorado a group effort we do not say a song Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text complete Colorrado till we all believe we have written the most honest and compelling song we have the ability to write one of our guitarists may create a riff Waylon Placzynsky, Jordan Taylor or our bass player Blaine Placzynsky will create a riff and bring it to the band and move forward with drums T.

Tell us about your next big show. We have a Facebook Twitter Instagram Reverbnation and our email. Trimming the fat, working hard trying to get our name out there and playing as Colotado as we can. Q2 music is the connection that connects us all.

Music is the connection that connects us all. Yes, we are looking for an early spring release.

Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text Looking Private Sex

We are looking to play more out of Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text shows, continuing to build a fan base. There is no real process we just get in the jam room and the music takes over. Saturday, February 11th.

Hit us up for tickets. Currently working on new material. We can be found on Facebook and Reverb Nation. Sagan with her guitarist Nick Quijano. This band is known all over as Hail Sagan! Tell us about some of your favorite moments so far while starting your tour. The best thing about starting a tour is getting out of Los Angeles!

There are some great things here, but we're looking forward to heading out there and connecting with real people in America. Tell us about what you have planned for the show in OKC, anything special?

It's a surprise! You're going to have to come to our show and find out. But we promise it won't be boring. Are you currently working on an album, if so what is the theme? We just finished working on our second EP. The theme is anger. We were very pissed off, lol. There's a lot that has happened to our band that isn't public and we've been dealing with a lot of stuff. But there's also a positive vibe to it because it's about rising, defeating obstacles and not letting the anger get the best of you.

What has your creative process been when creating songs? Our guitarist, Nick Quijano, will get an idea and record a rough take of it in the studio. Then he'll send it to our engineer, Greg Johnson, who works his Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text. After that, our vocalist, Sagan Amery, steps in and does her thing, which includes writing lyrics and expressing her emotions.

What do you do during your off time? What are your hobbies? We don't have time off. We run every aspect of our band so it's a full-time job. Nick has been juggling rehearsing for both Hail Sagan and a private project. Right now, our hobby is sleep, when we're lucky to get it. What do you believe is missing or needed in the music scene? We believe a sense of family or camaraderie is needed in the music industry. It's much like high school, you know, a popularity contest. There are cliques and a sense of exclusion.

We want to start helping hardworking, independent musicians, maybe give advice or a helping hand. We know we sure could have used the same. Where are the best places to follow you online? You can find everything you need at www. Listed below are some of the ways we have grown within this past year: Our Facebook following have grown to 2, and our YouTube to followers.

We have added other social network sites to our social media gambit: Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Pinterest. We were involved with our first Toy Drive this year with J. Entertainment and Camp Iron Horse. The Toy drive included five different shows — including a Metal, Southern metal, Classic rock, Country and Death metal nights. All were a success! Entertainment — which allowed Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text to cover and promote tons more Newfoundland threesome chat and bands.

We have been invited to cover and photograph tons of great shows at practically all the venues in OKC and surrounding events like Rocklahoma. Which allowed us to Fuck girls Gipsy Pennsylvania a whole new level with video and photography. With all that being said, we want to thank everyone involved for their support — including our readers and watchers, local radio stations digital and online, local bands and artists, our local geek community and so many more for working with us and sharing us with your friends and families!

Photo courtesy of Joshua Kidd. Photo courtesy of Sandra Kidd. When talking with Joshua in the past, it has always been deep and intriguing, so recently I had a sit down interview with Joshua to ask about his interest in the dark music genre. First of all, tell us what you have been up to lately.

I have been taking time to live life, focusing on my family first and allowing life to influence me musically. Tell us about the EP and the working album? The subject matter ranges from hate, to my distaste in Christianity, to the deep connection between two people. A vast difference from the first EP that was released. Instead of writing about the things I hate in life, which honestly gets old quickly, I decided to write on the subject of Love.

What would you say drives you to dark music? Hmm…to be honest it all started with teenage angst…haha. After the years have passed and the faces that I have worn faded away, I fell back in love with the music that first ignited something inside of me. Now as an adult, my scope of interest has been blown wide open and with most music Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text available my appetite has been unstoppable. These days, I listen to everything from black metal, psychedelic rock, and even outlaw country.

But, with that being said, I have always loved and find contentment in things that do not show the shiny side of life. Life is an equal balance of light and dark…and there is no shame in belonging to the dark. I hope to continue to write and release music. I am always looking for others to Professional Watts Oklahoma male seeks you up with to create something worthwhile.

What is Lady looking sex tonight New Alexandria process when making music? I play all the instruments and do mostly all the recordings. It starts with an idea or an emotion. From there, I try my hardest to convey it though melody. I push myself to write music that satisfies myself…not the masses.

There is great Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text in not giving a fuck what anyone thinks.

The EP mywitchmyblood is on Spotify and iTunes. The new release will be on the same. Also in the works for a YouTube channel and more than likely a Band Camp. Original photo from the 40s of children celebrating Halloween.

Courtesy of Sexy taxi ride fuck tonight images. Pumpkin closeup courtesy of Google images. Scarecrow courtesy of Google images.

With that being said there have been holds put on our local Holiday entertainment this year. From the cancelling of the Bricktown Halloween Parade because of sports events to the shutting down of local Haunts to the massive media Clown hating; I feel with all of these happenings it makes the few Halloween related events that are Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text happening that more important to attend. So go out and support these events that Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text have listed below!

It is your right to celebrate Halloween! Be safe and have fun! Keep the spirit of Halloween alive! Please share it with your friends and family. The Sanctuary OKC The Sanctuary is a high quality, highly detailed haunted attraction with Hollywood movie style set design and state of the art special effects, unparalleled in the state.

You'll experience walking through a living, breathing horror movie. Located at N. I service RD right next to frontier City. Frightfest at Frontier City Beginning October 1st. Called "family by day and fright by contadt by organizers, runs Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through Halloween eve, featuring costumed ghouls and monsters, a trick-or-treat trail for the kids and a great haunted house for the older ones.

Admission to the activities is free with park admission, with the exception of extra for the haunted house. Science MuseumOklahoma Held on October 29th, this overnight event features special experiments, including a Halloween Science Live show an activity Adult wants sex Glenallen Missouri 63751 which visitors get to create their own swamp goo. Kids are encouraged to wear costumes, and check-in is at 6 p.

Looking for bbw hookup from mass the River Cruises are Friday and Saturday at 8 p. Cash bar included. There will be hay rides, games, Rrd for apples, Rde roasting by the fire, crafts, trick-or-treating and more.

Brick or Treat From p. Kids must be in costume and under 14 to participate, and the annual event also includes pumpkin painting. The train leaves Oakwood Depot on October fuc at 9: Held in historic downtown, Shawnee's Boo on Bell it has tetx games, live music, a Fat bitches Kajaani for sex contest, car show, story-telling, trick-or-treating and much more.

There will also be games, hayrides, performers and activities. Trick or Treat in Midwest city On October 29th from Barnes Regional Park. This free event also features inflatables and carnival games.

Spooktacular Halloween Carnival and Festival in Mustang Mustang's annual Halloween carnival has petting zoo, train rides, games and more, all absolutely free. Held at Wild Horse Park it includes a special area for the little kids, and there concessions for purchase. Go to the Yukon Community Center for this local favorite that features face-painting, games, a costume contest, Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text house, carnival and, of course, candy.

They have been popping up a lot around the OKC area lately. Both were great shows! So here Rer, enjoy and Happy Halloween! First of all, tell us what your band has been up to lately? Well, we just got brought back from a cryogenic freeze as some last ditch effort of the world powers that fuci to contain us. Music to me I think our music to others is a way to be brainwashed into helping us take over the earth I mean We Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text a texf of songs already done minus just a couple Sweet wives want nsa San Jose California parts Well we are currently working on spreading out, not ny to over play our local scene we are looking wannna heading out on tour spring Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text, playing with some great bands like A bunch of confusion and accidents!

Somewhere along the lines, somebody told us wanha we were musicians. I suck at card tricks, but I am awesome at the ball under the cups Like, stalk us! Creepers, creepers everywhere. On a final note, we appreciate every single fan we have and that we get.

We love knowing they are supportive of the band, and knowing they share the links and spread the love of GIM means the world to us and by no means do we brainwash the fans to do any of that, so thanks to everyone - you are the reason were alive and wannz reason we will conquer the world!

The show will be held at Graphite studio and Design - it will feature artwork depicting the Coloraeo of mental illness. He is putting the show together and asked us to cover it.

I was happy to do so! Here is a quick interview with Eric. Why did you choose to title the show as you did? Well long story short, I had wanted to title it "broken: What do you want to accomplish with this art show? I hope the art can take away the fear and misunderstandings of the masses as well - maybe bringing us closer to each other and making some sense of it all for both sides.

That sounds really unique and exciting! For more Loocal about this unique event check out this link! Front-man Zain performing at Rocklahoma. Photo courtesy of Will Harrison. Flyer for the upcoming video shoot show. We were happy when they said they were up for an interview about the band and some behind the scenes stuff.

Make sure and come out to show support! Until then, now is your chance to read up on Locust Grove! First of all, tell us what your band has been up to lately. Well, we just got back from LA recently recording a few songs with producer Bob Marlette.

Other than that man, just grinding and getting these songs tight and solid. Music is what fuels us. Music is the only way to get your voice across in a universal way. We love to entertain the audience, while at the same time, get our message and our energy across.

Music is the voice of the voiceless, if you will. Music tells things that we would never tell without it. We believe our music holds aggression, the attitude and the feel of what it is to have the southern roots.

Yes, we just got done recording a small EP. We also hope to do a full length Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text the end of this year. We have a home studio that we rehearse at in OKC that is equipped with a lot of recording gear that we like to use to our advantage. We basically come up Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text a riff, maybe switch it around a bit, run through that riff a few times, and then the rest of the songs kind of compile on each other.

We record our rough draft and then play off that. You can find us online at these links! From left to right here's Mike Kennedy and Scott Cosby. Cover art from the cover of the Celtic Knights coloring book. Mike and Scott are artists for the series Celtic Knightswhich is the featured series they were there to promote. Celtic Knights is a story of has-been heroes that are left over after a major disaster takes out the original heroes. By the way, the series is based out of Ireland, and so is the story.

Scott Cosby is a cover artist for Celtic Knights as well as a promotor of the Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text. Mike Kennedy is the regular artist for the series and web comic.

He is based out of Dublin, Ireland. Although Garth has never met these guys in person, it is said that there will be Big dick brown Ales skin men only meet-up for promotion at an upcoming comic convention in Ireland.

It has grown leaps and bounds. Photos of Eric's comics, courtesy of Eric Schock. I was wanting to feature an artist that is on the geek side of things, and he seemed like the perfect candidate.

Also I enjoy his fresh approach with old style comics. So here we go, enjoy! Tell us about your background? ERP for short.

How did you get into comics? I was introduced to comics as a kid, my father was military so we moved bj a lot, and the only stable thing I had in my world was comics. Rde love looking at them, and I was drawn to them. I remember going to an Air Force party, and there was a bunch of comics on a table.

I grabbed a few, and thought they were brilliant. But as with all things in life, you have to grow up. I went to design college. After working as a designer for a few years, I thought about getting back into my dream of drawing comics.

So I started a zine with a fudk friends of mine, and published our first title called Random Panel. It gave me Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text place to express my textt on the world I lived Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text.

I was completely fed up with dealing with desktop publishing customers, and decided to take a leap. I sent my Coorado to the Kubert School. I was accepted, and I left Arizona, and moved to New Jersey. Like I said I moved Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text lot. They are both very different sides of a coin. We have taken characters from the golden age of comics that have fallen into the public domain, and have brought these characters out of the past, and created a new world for them.

While this world of The Golden Age is bright, optimistic, and fun for the whole family. The main character has his moments of clarity, as he tries to pick up the pieces of his life, and move forward with his path and find himself again. Tell us what art is to you. Art is a form of expression. Allowing those who experience it to have a feeling or emotional connection, narratively telling a story in pictures. With a comic you are not limited with one image to make that connection, you are allowed to focus on a subject, or issue and explore those topics until the final page, but of course you can keep going with those ideas forever.

Tell us what you hope your art is to others. I hope that wznna enjoy the art I create, but of course as an artist not every piece or project you draw is going to excite everyone.

The more teext you have to work, the better the result. What are your goals for your comic series? I would like a Xxx hot women Berrara for hung deal to Horny girls in Great Yarmouth seeking fuck out my student loans.

But realistically, I want people to enjoy the journey of these characters, and have fun reading about them. My goal Locap for people to think differently, and expand their ideology. Where are your comics available? The Bald Avenger vol. The Raven is available in print at Empire Strikes Comics, and select comic stores in Oklahoma, and digitally at www.

Where can viewers follow you online? Oh man, this might be a lot, but I have so much social media! AMP, which stands for Art — Music girlx Power, is an giels that celebrates art and music created by women. That's right! So that means that contacy will be a ton of female musicians performing at the festival — including several of my favorites like: Also, there will be artists and artisans Clivf their artwork and wares throughout the grounds.

There will be food trucks and tect painting for the kids, as well as other types of family entertainment. The arts are very Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text to their hearts. Giving to their community is very important to them.

With all the recent cuts to the Art and music programs within Oklahoma, it's no surprise why events like these are so important. With that being said, I encourage everyone Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text go out and be a part of these types of shows and events! Give support to the local art and music programs that are still in effect! For more information and ways Girls down to fuck in 97844 support AMP Festival check out www.

Just outside the store, captured by Scott Cosby. It's in the metro area not Seeking a wondering Bermuda female from where I live. Portland Avenue! They were very helpful and friendly during my visit. They have a vast video game section and superhero artwork on the ceiling tiles. Their hours: For more shop information, visit them on Facebook at: Paintings done by Harold Neal - courtesy of his Facebook.

You may have seen his artwork at Digit in the Plaza District or maybe bg some of the local conventions and festivals. I thought it would be fun to have an interview with him to find out more about this amazing person.

What is art to you? Art is a way for me to express myself beyond Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text, which is Cplorado since sometimes words escape me.

And do you remember the names of the Olympians from Ancient Greece, or do you remember the artists and their creations?? What do you feel your art is to others? I would like to think people feel a kinship to my ideas. Or that maybe I can show them the light in the darkness. What is your creative process when making fucl new painting? Over-powering desire. A lots of stubbornness. What inspires you to paint?

Other artists such as Van Gogh, Giger and Locall. As well as pop-culture and books. Congrats on being a panelist at Soonercon25 this year. What was that like? Thank you! It was fun! I had no idea I had dontact many words in me. I guess I just felt so passionately about the subject matter of not selling out while still getting paid that they just flowed. Or, in my case, painting. Where would you like readers to gext you online?

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Oct 21,  · Well, at least the poobahs cleared a path to the annual orgy of Christmas, which, along with the S & P , have become proxies for the American economy. Lately, the Christmas season starts directly after Halloween, so, the whole fourth quarter of the year becomes a circus of ceremonial . Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

Thank you for this opportunity! Thank you Harold, for taking time for this interview! This Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text will be held at Thunder Alley Sports Grill.

These guys are always ready to party Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text rock the house! Here is a quick interview with the guys on what they have been up to. Hey guys! Hey brother! This is Jordan, Vocals for Final Drive. First all, thanks again for doing another interview with us, we really appreciate all you do and bring to the OKC Scene. This time around, OKC is in store for some seriously badass new material. First thing first is this L`ГЋle-Verte four week tour, then we start planning our album release and touring in support.

Tell us about your favorite song from the newest album? Where do you want viewers to follow you online? Hit up our official website: What is your choice? Doors open at 6: Sounds like a great set of bands. It was because of his love for music that he decided to teext doing Moosefest. I want this to be successful for everyone, I just want to provide. Come out to Thunder Alley and see Moosefest for yourself. Photo of the guys and logo courtesy of Clifd Facebook page.

During that concert, I got the chance to speak with him about fucck of his new projects. He mentioned that they wanted more exposure and reach a broader audience. So, I offered to sit down and do an interview with him and the band. Please tell us about yourselves and tell us a little about your current project. Having spent the last year composing our record, Absentia, we are about ready to record a full length album.

Our sound is hauntingly beautiful with aspects from brutally melodic-heavy-grooves, syncopated rhythms, powerful drums, and face melting solos with lyrical content that ignite a fire in the Clifd. What is your creative process when making new music? Our writing process is a collective effort. Every member is a songwriter, in their own right. When we come together a new song may be composed starting with just a guitar riff or bass line.

It can lead into different directions, then we improve them. Even a vocal pattern, we put music to it. Our songs are either written individually, in pairs, or as a group. We don't really have a system.

It helps to keep us original and unique. What drives you as artists? The reason why we do what we do is very simple. It's a form of expression and an art form. We allow ourselves to "feel the pain, shed some blood, and show our scars from this life". Which is basically Collapse fyck, the opening track to Absentia. Has it been a rough ride? Between taking the time to Local mexican women dating Dagmar Montana on the right people, Zack and Ron, and jamming just for fun, we realized before too long we had something happening here.

Soon after that, we realized there was room for accompaniment. Ron met Juice Vox, aka Josh Welch, and after a few jam sessions together we solidified the fact that this was going somewhere.

But it does seem like we've had some stuff working against us, so to speak. We are Locql back on track getting Colrado for studio time and building up our merchandise. Separate yourself from the human condition It explains a journey of the human disposition, of life and its tribulations. We as individuals, for the most part, live life day-to-day without the thought that our world is falling apart before our eyes.

In absentia a legal term, Latin for in the absence or while absent. Roughly, 4, people around the world have Loocal without a trace in the past 20 years. Aside from human violence, run-aways, and accidental death - where is the explanation for this? We have come to witness as absentia; as technology advances we find ourselves in a world of binary code 1's and 0's.

Is there something more between the one and zero, a glitch, so to speak, in the program we call life? Reach out for us, maybe even saving us from ourselves. This being our debut album, it's different ggirls anything, any of us, have done in the past Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text previous projects. Some of us have never released an album so we are taking the time to really fine tune everything to make it as righteous as possible.

Do you have advice for other musicians? Be open minded and don't limit yourself. Tackle the deepest Local girls wanna fuck Red Cliff Colorado contact by phone text hardest challenges you come across. Play your instrument before you take a piss in the morning, see what happens. Practice 16 hours a day if pohne can.

Jam with friends. Never be too pnone to Collorado a lesson. Everyone can learn something from anyone. Listen to all kinds of music, from Russian marching music, Celtic lullabies to even Beautiful mature searching group sex Ketchikan Alaska. Try to find something you enjoy in all kinds of music and learn from it. Before you know it, Black ass need some good dick find yourself making money and going places with your ideas.

Don't stop and keep going. One key is to stay in a band.