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Looking for a bike buddy

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Hi there, we use cookies to improve your experience on our website. You can update your settings by clicking the Privacy policy link at the bottom of the page. I'd hire a bike, I guess camp or close accommodation to trail.

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For about a week during that time. Anyone keen? Going from seoul towards busan is my preferred direction.

You have also a bicycle section on Horizons Unlimited. It could be a good idea to post and check on it too. There is a companions wanted forum here on the Thorn Tree so it could be worth posting on it. I would also recommend posting on the Korean forum as you may find a local or ex Looking for a bike buddy who is interested in a week tour.

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Forget Horiizons Unlimited, it is a motorbike forum. There is a sub section for bicycles, but it only gets buddu 5 posts a year and most information is very old. I think mvbergen must have shares in it as he always recommends it. I've cycled that route - part of The Four Rivers bikepath system.

Its very good, with good surfaces and Looking for a bike buddy of Looklng to get water, toilets, etc along the way.

However, you do need to be a bit careful as there are a few long isolated stretches without shops, accommodation, etc, so you need to carry a bit of food, etc. With a bit of planning you don't need to camp, I didn't but the Looking for a bike buddy is yours. You will need some sort of mapping if you don't read Korean.

The route is very well signposted, but some of the signs are confusing, pointing 2 ways. Presumably the Korean writing buke the difference. I used Naver maps, a wonderful online mapping resource. Get the App and use it with GPS. As OP can always use the dedicated branch of HU dedicated to bicycle and as it can be done for free, I don't see why OP can't check on it even if Looking for a bike buddy posts are old. Same applies on this forum too. Not the case for all posts but you don't have Adult seeking casual sex Taunton Massachusetts 2780 reply for "a lot of them".

In my opinion, always better to post on different forums buddt have more answers. It's the only reason Looking for a bike buddy was speaking about HU.

Just because it has a bicycle forum doesn't make it worth recommending. There is virtually no activity on it bije recommending it to cyclists is misleading and pointless.

I regularly recommend a UK cycling forum, when appropriate.

It has hundreds of postings every day. Trulyomm the OP. Sorry about hijacking your post, but hopefully my reply above has helped. Generally the on your bike forum isn't a good one for finding partners, particularly for short trips.

We are better at advice. One further point, have you checked the weather? It can still be pretty chilly in March. Going Looking for a bike buddy to S is a good idea as the prevailing winds are from the NE. Ii have spent about 3 months cycle touring in Korea so if you have any questions, i would be happy to try to answer.

Michel - the Nice fun Providence guy looking for girl I was referring to is the CyclingUk forum, but that is irrelevant, it is the point that it is a well used site so anyone posting is likely to get a reply. Likewise Looking for a bike buddy sites like crazyguyonabike, which has thousands of interesting journals and is constantly being updated.

The bicycle section on HU is rubbish and it is usually just wasting poster's time by referring them to it. You seem to regularly pop up on this forum and all you say is go to that forum, I can't understand why.

If that forum was a good one, Looking for a bike buddy could budd it, but it is not. Having said that, Looking for a bike buddy do think that there can be some useful specific travel info on the HU site, eg visas, if you want to search for it.

As such it can be a useful fall back and worth recommending cor those circumstances. Although, understandably everything is heavily slanted towards motorbike travel. In my opinion, HU remains accurate for an overland trip even without a motor on the bike Replies are always a question of luck.

Are you looking for a Cycling partner? Join us.

Many posters are not coming back and without feedbacks or replies, it can't be helpful. Same applies for this forum budd the posts. The end. Thanks simonhill for all the really useful information and tips. Im thinking off pushing my travel to april to get some warmer weather.

Im trying to learn korean, but my brain isnt computing it very well. Thanks again! Please sign in Looking for a bike buddy reply to this topic. All rights reserved. No part of this fod may be reproduced without our written permission.

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No worries. See All. Thorn Tree forum. Post new topic. Search forums. Jump to forum. Forum categories.

Looking for a bike buddy Look For People To Fuck

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I think you could safely do it on your own if you can't get a companion. I don't know it. What's the name?

Looking for a bike buddy

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