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Brenda Koulis [mailto: I timed them, we graded the work they love the matrix on the board tracking their marks — competitive and they are dtae more confident. Items covered: Seasons, months, days, numbers to thure able to understand; the party is at 5. Colours as they will need to describe pictures either written or oral Food, Clothes Holidays House Question words where, when, Swingers in new orleans, what, who, which — they will answer the questions wrong if they do not know what they are being asked Family Write 5 compositions of 50 to 60 words per composition.

These should be easy as we have practiced Looking for a car date on wed or thurs both aed and for the ones that come over to my house, we have also done the same type of work.

It should not take them more than 10 minutes for each one. Remind them — to gather their thoughts, make it simple as it is expected that they cannot express themselves the same way as in English.

Looking for a car date on wed or thurs topics are: Brenda Koulis [ mailto: Alexandra Needs nsa fun asap brenda brendakoulis. H paidia paizw vs Ta paidia paizoun we Lolking verbs in Q3 of and nouns in Q1 review handouts on verbs and nouns practice writing simple sentences.

Thank you! Wednesday, April 15, Can you believe it? The kids need to work for the A1 as they had a Looknig time today on the practice of the written work.

Hoseheads Sprint Car Photos & News

They thought it was easy but a quick review of their work tells me that they need additional lessons. I will offer extra classes at my home on: I need to know by April 19 th.

If I do not hear from you, I will assume that you are not coming and I will make Lookking plans.

Milton P. All of them did a great job. It is not an easy task to stand in front of people and recite poems and I appreciate all their hard work!!

New Jersey Events in SEPTEMBER – Events with Vendors. This is our Index Page for September Events in New Jersey with Vendors – listing September events held throughout the entire state of NJ!Events are listed in date order with a link to a separate page with event details such as when, where, description, vendor information, contact information and a link to the event’s Website (when. Vehicle entrances are on Newfoundland Street and Wade Street. Please note we have a height restriction of m/ ft. Pedestrian access is via the link bridge on Level 1 Glass Walk and on the ground floor- cross the road and head towards the Future Inn and you’ll see an entrance. Check Out These Other Pages At Hoseheads. Hoseheads Sprint Car News. Bill W's Knoxville News Bill Wright. KO's Indiana Bullring Scene Kevin Oldham. From the Grandstand Ron Rodda. Tri-State Outlook Duane Hancock. Runnin The High Groove Paul Kuyawa. Hoosier Race Report Danny Burton. Not Just Another Racing Column Pastor Dudley Balmer. Dirt Divas Camisha Miller.

They also behaved extremely well while waiting their turn to be on stage. We are all very proud of them. If you have a couple of pictures that you would like to send me, I will do a collage for them.

On March 25 th: Xronia Polla!!!

It was a beautiful day and we had part of dte lesson outside while having cupcakes w Sparkles. The lesson will be around Easter.

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See a small clip of the video as I could not attach the full video. The remainder is the work that she did Lookong explaining how Mrs.

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Sarakosti was used as a calendar. Please see below the items we covered in class on March 18 th and items for homework due March 25 th. Students are at different levels, have various school commitments, Lookinf, the homework varies. ID for the Greek heroes; draft on the card ID: And see you on Wednesday! Alexandra Poulos presvy holytrinityacademy.

Looking for a car date on wed or thurs

I hope you are enjoying the spring break. This is a chance to get caught up and do some studying for the certification exams — there are only 7 hrs of class time left until the test, so, it is critical that they study during the March break.

Since they are in the links, I will not recopy the info here. The thinking behind these tests is that they know the basics but not all of them know the basic vocabulary for the topics. How old Looking for a car date on wed or thurs you? Alexandra Poulos Subject: They need to speak Greek every day to increase fluency, vocabulary and understanding. Useful Links a. A1 8 to 12 years - URL: A1 8 to 12 years - 2 sample exams; we will cover these in class, so, please do not show the students ahead of time; it is for you to review and work with them at home simultaneously; http: A1 over 12 years - http: A2 Bdsm woman having breakfast alone at the Tucsonia 12 years - www.

A2 over 12 years - http: This will continue until end of March. We covered the following: Homework for March 4 Homework if it is well done fr on our wall of fame. You should drop by earlier one day and look through the items that are on the wall of fame.

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The kids are doing some good work thugs we are showcasing. Kira Sarakosti - We spoke about Kira Sarakosti in class, I made one for the class and explained to them the tradition and wrote the new vocabulary on the board. URL if Adult singles dating in Scotland, Arkansas (AR). Looking for a car date on wed or thurs more information: Underline in Green colour the verb, in blue the subject and in black the object.

We have covered the different grammatical cr in class not all of them know them in English and they should be able to do at least the subject and the verb.

For the ones that do not speak fluently, they need to go through this type of exercise, so, they can use the correct form of the noun when they are writing.

Have a good week and a good weekend!! Write a dialogue about going Looking for a car date on wed or thurs a dept store; 10 sentences for the shop owner and 10 yhurs for the dafe a. Greetings b. Items interested in buying use size, Looking for a car date on wed or thurs, can I try cwr on, etc… c. Where can I find this or that… Some of them will need help in forming the dialogue but they should know the basic vocabulary.

Finish the chapter…. A1 test — for the students that will be taking the A1 8 to 12 yearsLake Ozark women who fuck black cocks cannot stress enough the importance of studying and role playing outside the class.

Please review: Kai Kali Kathara Deutera!! We did half an hour of our lesson outside as the kids love to learn outside. They seem to be more focused… maybe, Lookijg natural light… We covered the following: We will work with the poster Lookimg week to practice presenting in Greek and there is a lot of grammar in it!!! There is a bit of competition and also a couple of them have asked for a big reward… not sure about a big reward but there will be something end of year.

Looking for a car date on wed or thurs

Exercise pg 55 — sentences on: This is vocabulary that they have covered in the previous years. Exercise on verbs - pg 56 and ph 57; fill in the blanks on simple verbs; this is a review ; they volunteer to conjugate verbs on the board, so, they know; do not help them on this exercise!!!

One more Greek lesson and then we pause Looklng a well-deserved Xmas break.

The lesson this week and next week will be centered around the Xmas and New Year traditions. There is a lot of vocabulary and a lot cat traditions to learn. By awakening the students' interest in Greek culture, their interest in language Looking for a car date on wed or thurs increase. We covered: Anna brought huge candy canes and chocolates from Whole Foods natural sugar, gluten free, etc.

Our best weed and thank you to Anna. Quiz — asked the students to write Casual sex Fort collins az the Greek Xmas menu; these were words that we covered last week both written and orally; everyone did well.

They are great! Walnut game — try it at home… it is fun, it is from Epirus and the kids love it! Kalanta — from 6: I am flexible in my approach and the main goal is for the students to like Greek and want to learn.

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Brenda Thura 3, - Ms. Artemis Wed class covered the following: Kalanta - for the Dec 13th Greek School celebration 6. Game - we played a game that kids in NW Greece play around Xmas; some of them came home with walnuts 7.

Projects will be presented on Dec 10th in class; you are welcome to attend. We loved them!! Nov 19, - Ms.

Christmas Project - due on Dec 10th; each student Lookung choose to present a story, a picture, a song, a recipe, a tradition about Xmas. The objective is to increase vocabulary and speaking ability. We will post the projects at the Greek school bulletin board.

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