Mega Money Machine Slot Overview

Think about Mega Money Machine. Imagine a legal money gadget you could push a few buttons on and see cash flow out, like a faulty ATM machine. It’d be cool. If this subjective feeling we’re having is true, Yggdrasil Gaming and ReelPlay’s Mega Money Machine online slot is here. Fans of simple slots may find Mega Money Machine, a single-row, single-payline slot, unusual.

Mega Money Machine is simple in many ways. This online betting game’s setup isn’t the most complex. The backdrop resembles an American dollar note with the quasi-hallucinogenic artwork removed to reveal a whirling border. Looking down on a gaming mat, maybe, however the shuffling backing music sounds jazzy. The game Mega Money Machine is easy in almost every way.

In the center is a 3 or 4-reel play area with 1 payline for evaluating wins. Players can stake 10 p/c to £/€200 each spin when 3 reels are active (the standard bet is 1 p/c to £/€20) or £/€1 to £/€20 when all 4 reels are active. It seems strange, but players stake 10 credits for 3 reels and 100 for 4 reels. Both settings have medium/high volatility, with the default RTP of 96% for 3 reels and 96.2% for 4 reels.

Mega Money Machine: Slot Features

Mega Money Machine operates by spinning the grid, which may or may not land on particular reels:

Reels 1 land 0, 00, 10, and blanks.

0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, and blanks land on reels 2 and 4.

Reels 3 land 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, and blanks.

If any numbers land in the central payline, you win. Credit wins are formed by joining numbers from left to right. Blank-3-blank-0 pays 30 credits, blank-1-blank-blank 1 credit. Hitting 10-10-blank-5 pays 10,105 credits on 4 reels or 105 on 3 reels.

Reels may move with each spin. Each active reel that strikes 0 or 00 moves to the right if no current reels have landed a value greater than 0. Reels to the right of this reel go left. Once one active reel lands a value greater than 0, no more reels move. Reels return to their locations upon spin start.

Slot Verdict: Mega Money Machine

Due to its single payline, numerical action, Mega Money Machine expanded the innovative slot category. We evaluated something comparable from Red Tiger about this time, and although there are parallels, the variances are noticeable. Mega Money Machine is Spartan, whereas Red Tiger’s Easy Gold is luxuriant. Everything in Mega Money Machine is simple, from its green background to its low-budget reels. Money Machine appears cheap compared to Easy Gold Mega.

In game, looks matter, but not everything. Mega Money Machine didn’t do much better, but it could appeal to gamblers who love single-payline games with digits instead of colorful symbols. Mega Money Machine is unusual since there are few such games. Credit calculations in the game are annoying. Working out doesn’t need complicated math. Divide the reel numbers by 10 or 100 to obtain the total bet multiplier for 3 or 4 reels. It’s not as evident as Easy Gold’s system. Red Tiger’s reel numbers were simple bet multipliers.

Easy Gold also barely wins the max winning potential battle. Mega Money Machine can reward 10,510x the bet with 4 reels. On the dull 3-reel option, this amount drops to 1,051x the stake. When considering that, the finicky credit structure, having to choose between 3 or 4 reels, and the drab audiovisuals, Mega Money Machine ranks second out of around two one-line numerically hitting slots.