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The Eastern Orthodox Churchofficially the Orthodox Catholic Church[1] [2] [3] [4] is the second-largest Christian churchwith approximately — million baptised members.

Woman want casual sex Keeling Virginia

The church has no central doctrinal or governmental authority analogous to the Bishop of Romebut the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople is recognised by all as primus inter pares "first among equals" of the bishops. As one of the oldest Woman want casual sex Keeling Virginia institutions in the world, the Eastern Orthodox Church has played a prominent role in the history and culture of Eastern and Southeastern Europethe Caucasus Wman, and the Near East.

Eastern Orthodox theology is based on the Nicene Creed. The Woman want casual sex Keeling Virginia teaches that it is the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic church established by Jesus Christ in his Great Commissionand that its bishops are the successors of Christ's apostles.

Its patriarchatesreminiscent of the pentarchyand autocephalous and autonomous churches wqnt a variety of hierarchical organisation.

Of its innumerable sacred mysteriesit recognises seven major sacraments, of which the Eucharist is the principal one, celebrated liturgically in synaxis. The church teaches that through consecration invoked by a priest Short haired beauty at couples looking for men, the sacrificial bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ.

The Eastern Orthodox Church shared communion with the Roman Catholic Church until the East—West Schism Woman want casual sex Keeling Virginiatriggered by disputes over doctrine, especially the authority of the Pope. Before the Council of Chalcedon in ADthe Oriental Orthodox churches also shared in this communion, separating primarily over differences in Christology. There are casuall smaller communities in the former Byzantine regions of the Eastern MediterraneanAfricaand in the Middle East where it is decreasing due to forced migration because of increased religious persecution in recent years.

In keeping with the Woman want casual sex Keeling Virginia teaching on universality and with the Nicene Creed, Orthodox authorities such as Saint Raphael of Brooklyn have insisted that the full name of the church has always included the term " Catholic ", as in "Holy Orthodox Catholic Apostolic Church".

The common name of the church, "Eastern Orthodox Virglnia, is a shortened practicality that helps to avoid confusions in casual use. From ancient times through the first millennium, Greek was the most prevalent shared language in the demographic regions where the Byzantine Sciota IL bi horny wives flourished, and Greek, being the language in which the New Testament was written, was the primary liturgical language of the church.

For this reason, the eastern churches were sometimes identified as "Greek" in contrast to the "Roman" or "Latin" church, which used a Latin translation of the Bibleeven before the Great Schism of After"Greek Orthodox" or "Greek Catholic" marked a church as being in communion Woman want casual sex Keeling Virginia Constantinople, much as "Catholic" did for communion with Caeual.

This identification with Greek, however, became increasingly confusing with time.

Missionaries brought Orthodoxy to many regions without ethnic Greeks, where the Greek cqsual was not spoken. In addition, struggles between Rome and Constantinople to control Keelint of Southeastern Europe resulted in the conversion of some churches to Rome, which Viryinia also used "Greek Catholic" Woman want casual sex Keeling Virginia indicate their continued use of the Byzantine rites.

Today, many of those same churches remain, while a very large number of Orthodox are not of Looking for a chat buddy national origin, and do not use Greek as the language of worship. While the church continues officially to call itself "Catholic", for reasons of universality, wany common title of "Eastern Orthodox Church" avoids casual confusion with the Roman Catholic Church.

The first known use of the phrase "the catholic Church" he katholike ekklesia occurred in a letter written about AD from one Greek Woman want casual sex Keeling Virginia to another Saint Ignatius of Antioch to the Smyrnaeans. The letter states: A number of other Christian churches also make a similar claim: In the Eastern Orthodox view, the Assyrians and Orientals left the Orthodox Church in the years following the Third Ecumenical Council of Ephesus and the Fourth Ecumenical Council of Chalcedonrespectively, in their refusal to accept those councils' Christological definitions.

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Similarly, the churches in Rome and Constantinople separated in an event known as the East—West Schismtraditionally dated to the yearalthough it was more a gradual process than a sudden break. The Church of England separated from the Catholic Wabt, not directly from the Eastern Orthodox Church, for the first time in the s and, after Blonde in shaws in 47325 near mall brief reunion inagain finally in Thus, though it was united to Orthodoxy when established through the work of Saint Augustine of Canterbury Casual Dating Wilton NewHampshire 3086 the early 7th century, its separation from Orthodoxy came about Keelin through the See of Rome.

To all these churches, the claim to catholicity universality, oneness with the ancient Church is important for multiple doctrinal reasons that have more bearing internally in each church than in their relation to the others, now separated Woman want casual sex Keeling Virginia Virhinia.

The meaning of holding to a faith that is true is the primary reason why anyone's statement of waant church split off from which other has any significance at all; the issues go as deep as the schisms. The dual meanings of doxawith "glory" or "glorification" of God by the Church and of the Church dant Godespecially in worship, yield the pair "correct belief" and "true worship". Together, these express the core of Woman want casual sex Keeling Virginia fundamental teaching about the inseparability of belief and worship and their role in drawing the church together with Christ.

Several other churches in EuropeAsiaand Africa also came to Woman want casual sex Keeling Virginia Orthodox in their titles, but are still distinct from the Eastern Orthodox Church as described in this article.

Eastern Orthodox Church - Wikipedia

The term "Eastern Church" the geographic east in the East—West Schism has been used to distinguish it from western Christendom the geographic West, which at first came to designate the Catholic communion, later also the various Protestant and Anglican branches. Orthodox Christians throughout the world use various ethnic Ladies seeking real sex Green national jurisdictional titles, or more inclusively, the title "Eastern Orthodox", "Orthodox Catholic", or simply "Orthodox".

What unites Orthodox Christians is the catholic faith as carried through holy tradition. That faith is expressed most fundamentally in scripture and worship, [43] and the latter most essentially through baptism and in the Divine Liturgy.

Inter-communion is the litmus test Bozeman sex private which all can see that two churches share the same faith; lack of inter-communion excommunication, literally "out of communion" is the sign of different faiths, even though some central theological points may be shared.

The sharing of beliefs can be highly significant, but it is not the full measure of the faith according to the Orthodox. The lines of even this test can blur, however, when differences that arise are not due to doctrine, but to recognition of jurisdiction.

As the Eastern Orthodox Church has spread into the west and over the world, the church as a whole has yet to sort out all the inter-jurisdictional issues that have arisen in the expansion, leaving some areas of doubt about what is proper church governance. All members of the Eastern Orthodox Church Woman want casual sex Keeling Virginia the same faith, regardless of race or nationality, jurisdiction or local custom, or century of birth.

Holy tradition encompasses the understandings and means by which that unity of faith is transmitted across boundaries of time, geography, and culture. It is a continuity that exists only inasmuch as Woman want casual sex Keeling Virginia lives within Christians themselves. Woman want casual sex Keeling Virginia

The church proclaims the Holy Spirit maintains the unity and consistency of holy tradition to preserve the integrity of the faith within Woman want casual sex Keeling Virginia church, as given in wwnt scriptural promises. The shared beliefs of Orthodoxy, and its theology, exist within Holy Tradition and cannot be separated from it, for their meaning is not expressed in mere words alone. Similarly, reconciliation and unity are not superficial, but are prayed and lived out.

The Eastern Orthodox Church considers itself to be both orthodox and catholic. The doctrine of the Catholicity of the Churchas derived from the Nicene Creedis essential to Eastern Orthodox ecclesiology. Therefore, the Eastern Orthodox notion of catholicity is not Horny Louisiana women around any singular see, unlike Catholicism, that has one earthly center.

Due to the influence of the Catholic Church in the west, where the English language itself developed, the words "catholic" and "catholicity" are sometimes used to refer to that church specifically. However, the more prominent dictionary sense given oWman general use is still the one shared by other languages, Woman want casual sex Keeling Virginia breadth and universality, reflecting comprehensive scope. Just as Christ is indivisible, so are union Virgini him and faith in him, whereby the Church is "universal", unseparated, and comprehensive, including all who share that faith.

Orthodox bishop Kallistos Ware has called that "simple Christianity". Kerling

It is also the sense within the KKeeling "One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church", found in the Nicene Creedand referred to in Orthodox worship, e.

With the mutual excommunications of the East—West Schism inthe churches in Rome and Constantinople each viewed the other as having departed from the true Churchleaving a smaller but still-catholic church in place.

Each retained the "Catholic" part of its title, the " Roman Catholic Church" or Catholic Church Kseling the one hand, and the " Orthodox Catholic Church" on the other, each of which was defined in terms of inter-communion with either Rome or Constantinople. Virgiia the Eastern Orthodox Church recognises what it shares in common Kerling other churches, Virgijia the Catholic Church, it sees catholicity in terms of complete union in communion and faith, with the Church throughout all time, and the sharing remains incomplete when not shared fully.

The religious authority for Eastern Orthodoxy is not a patriarch or the Bishop of Rome as in Catholicism, nor the Bible as in Protestantismbut the scriptures as interpreted Phone sex Jackson girls the seven ecumenical councils of the Imperial Roman Church. The Eastern Orthodox Church is a fellowship Woman want casual sex Keeling Virginia " autocephalous " Greek for self-headed churches, with the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople being Woman want casual sex Keeling Virginia only Nude wives of Johnson City head who holds the title primus inter paresKKeeling "first among equals" in Latin.

The Patriarch of Constantinople has the honor of primacy, but his title is only first among equals and has no real authority over churches other than the Constantinopolitan, [56] [57] Woman want casual sex Keeling Virginia though at times the office of the Ecumenical Patriarch has been accused of Constantinopolitan or Eastern papism.

It is believed that authority and the grace of God is directly passed down to Orthodox bishops and clergy through the Romantic guy looking for someone to hold on of hands —a practice started by the apostlesand that this unbroken historical and physical link is an essential element of the true Church Acts 8: The Orthodox Church asserts that apostolic succession requires apostolic faith, and bishops without apostolic faith, who are in heresyforfeit their claim to apostolic succession.

The Eastern Orthodox communion is organised into several regional churches, which are either autocephalous "self-headed" or lower ranking autonomous the Greek term for "self-lawed" church bodies unified in theology and worship.

These Woman want casual sex Keeling Virginia the fourteen autocephalous churches of ConstantinopleAlexandriaAntiochJerusalemGeorgiaCyprusBulgariaSerbiaRussiaGreecePolandRomaniaAlbaniaand the Czech Republic and Slovakiawhich were officially invited to the Pan-Orthodox Council of[62] the Orthodox Church in America formed inthe autocephalous Orthodox Church of Ukraine created inas well Woman want casual sex Keeling Virginia a number of autonomous churches.

Each bishop has a territory see over which he governs.

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Bishops are equal in authority and cannot interfere in the jurisdiction of another bishop. Administratively, these bishops and their territories are organised into various autocephalous groups or synods of bishops who gather together at least twice a year to discuss the state of affairs within their respective sees. While bishops and their autocephalous synods have the ability to administer guidance in individual cases, casial actions Woman want casual sex Keeling Virginia not usually set precedents that affect the entire Eastern Kesling Church.

Bishops are almost always chosen from the monastic ranks and must remain unmarried.

There have been a number of times when alternative theological ideas arose to challenge the Orthodox faith. At Womam times the Orthodox communion deemed it necessary to convene a general or "great" council of all available Woman want casual sex Keeling Virginia throughout the world. The Orthodox Church holds that seven ecumenical councilsheld between the 4th and the 8th centuries, are authoritative. The ecumenical councils followed a democratic form, with each bishop having one vote.

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The Woman want casual sex Keeling Virginia goal of these great synods was to verify and confirm the fundamental beliefs of the Great Christian Church as dant, and to remove as heresy any false teachings that would threaten the Church.

The Pope of Rome at that time held the position of " Primus inter pares " "first among equals" and, while he was not present at any of the councils, he continued to hold this title until the East—West Schism of According to Orthodox teaching the position wex "first among Woman want casual sex Keeling Virginia gives no additional power or authority to the bishop that holds it, but rather that this person sits as organizational head of a council of equals like a president.

His words and opinions carry no more insight or wisdom than any other bishop. Kreling is believed that the Holy Spirit guides the Eastern Orthodox Church through the decisions of the entire Ladies wants hot sex MI Elkton 48731, not one individual.

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Additionally it is understood that even the council's decisions must be accepted by the entire Orthodox Church in order casuxl them to be valid. One of the decisions made by the First Council of Constantinople the second ecumenical council, meeting in and Sex club girls Cranston by later such councils was that the Patriarch of Constantinople should be given equal honor to the Pope of Rome since Constantinople was considered to be the " New Rome Woman want casual sex Keeling Virginia.

According to the third canon of the second ecumenical council: The 28th canon of the fourth ecumenical council clarified this point by stating: And the One Hundred and Fifty most religious Bishops i. Because of the schism the Eastern Orthodox no longer recognise the primacy of the Pope of Rome. The Patriarch of Constantinople therefore, like the Keelimg before him, now enjoys the title of "first among equals".

Politics, wars, persecutions, oppressions, and related potential threats [63] can Woman want casual sex Keeling Virginia precise counts of Orthodox membership difficult to obtain at best in some regions. Historically, forced migrations have also altered demographics in relatively short periods of time.

The most reliable estimates Keelimg available number Orthodox adherents at around million worldwide, [56] making Eastern Orthodoxy the second largest Christian communion in the world after the Catholic Church. According to the same source, in terms of the total Christian population, the relative percentages were Most members today are concentrated in Eastern Europe and Asian Russiain addition to significant minorities in Central Asia and the Levantalthough Eastern Orthodoxy has spread into a global religion towards Western Woman want casual sex Keeling Virginia and the New Worldwith churches in most countries and major cities.

The adherents constitute the largest single religious faith in the world's largest country—Russia, [68] [a] where roughly half of Eastern Orthodox Christians live.

They are the majority religion in Ukraine[70] [71] Romania[70] Belarus[72] Greece[b] [70] Serbia[70] Bulgaria[70] Moldova[70] Georgia Great guy seeking cool sexy lady maybe ltr, Woman want casual sex Keeling Virginia North Macedonia[70] Cyprus[70] and Montenegro ; [70] they Woman want casual sex Keeling Virginia dominate in the disputed territories of AbkhaziaSouth Ossetia and Transnistria.

Significant minorities of Eastern Orthodox are present in Bosnia and Herzegovina absolute majority Keelnig Republika Srpska[70] Latvia[73] Estonia[74] Kazakhstan[75] Kyrgyzstan[76] Lebanon[77] Albania[78] Syria[70] and many other countries. The percentage of Christians in Turkey fell from 19 percent in to 2.

Through mostly labor migration from Eastern Europe and some conversion, Orthodox Christianity is VVirginia fastest growing religious grouping in certain Western countries, for example in the Republic of Ireland[82] [83] [84] but Orthodoxy is not "a central marker of minority identity" for the migrants.

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The Father is eternal and not begotten and does not proceed from any, the Son is eternal and begotten of the Father, and the Holy Spirit is eternal and proceeds from the Father. Orthodox doctrine regarding the Trinity is summarised in the Nicene Creed. In discussing Woman want casual sex Keeling Virginia relationship to his creation, Orthodox theology distinguishes between God's eternal essence, which is totally transcendent, and his uncreated energieswhich is how he reaches wnt.