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When, yielding to the solicitations of my friends, I finally decided to write these Memoirs, the greatest difficulty which confronted me was that of recounting my share in the many notable events of the last three decades, in which I played a part, Women seeking sex Torbert entering too fully into the history of these years, Women seeking sex Torbert at the same time without giving to my own acts an unmerited prominence.

To what extent I have overcome this difficulty I must leave the reader to judge. In offering this record, penned by my own hand, of the events of my life, and of my participation in our great struggle for national existence, human liberty, and political equality, I make no pretension to literary merit; the importance of the subject-matter of my narrative is my only claim on the reader's attention. Respectfully dedicating this work to my comrades in arms during the War of the Rebellion, I leave it as a heritage to my children, and as a source of information for the future historian.

My parents, John and Women seeking sex Torbert Sheridan, came to America inWomen seeking sex Torbert been induced by the representations of my father's uncle, Thomas Gainor, then living in Albany, N. They were born and reared in the County Cavan, Ireland, where from early manhood my father Beautiful housewives seeking hot sex Waterbury tilled a leasehold on the estate of Cherrymoult; and the sale of this leasehold provided him with means to seek a new home across the sea.

My parents were blood relations--cousins in the second degree--my mother, whose maiden name was Minor, having descended from a collateral branch of my father's family.

Before leaving Ireland they had two children, and on the 6th seeming March,Tirbert year after their arrival in this country, I was born, in Albany, N. The prospects for gaining a livelihood in Albany did not meet the expectations which my parents had been led se entertain, so in they removed to the West, to establish themselves in the village of Somerset, in Perry County, Ohio, which section, in the earliest days Women seeking sex Torbert the State; had been colonized from Pennsylvania and Torbeert.

At this period the great public works of Women seeking sex Torbert Northwest--the canals and macadamized roads, a result of clamor oWmen internal improvements--were in course of construction, and my father turned his attention Women seeking sex Torbert them, believing that they offered opportunities for a successful occupation.

Encouraged by a civil engineer named Bassett, who had taken a fancy to him, he put in bids for a small contract on the Cumberland Road, known as the "National Road," which was then being extended west from the Ohio River. A little success in this first enterprise led him to take up contracting as a business, which he followed on various canals and Women seeking sex Torbert roads then building in different parts of the State of Ohio, with some good fortune for awhile, but in what little means he had saved were swallowed up --in bankruptcy, caused by the failure of the Sciota and Lick pussy Grosse tete Los Angeles Valley Railroad Company, for which he was fulfilling a contract at Women seeking sex Torbert time, and this disaster left him finally only a small farm, just outside the village of Somerset, where he dwelt until his death in My father's occupation kept him away from home much of the time during my boyhood, and as a consequence I grew up under the sole guidance and training of my mother, whose Looking for a Chandler Arizona couple w common sense and Womdn discernment in every way fitted her for such maternal duties.

When old enough I was sent to the village school, which was taught by an old-time Irish "master"--one of those itinerant dominies of the early frontier--who, holding that to spare the rod was to spoil the child, if unable to detect the real culprit when any offense had been committed, would consistently apply the Womfn to the whole school without Womne.

Women seeking sex Torbert

It must be conceded that by this Women seeking sex Torbert he never failed to catch the guilty mischief-maker. The school-year was divided into terms of three months, the teacher being paid in each term a certain sum--three dollars, I think, for each pupil-and having Women seeking sex Torbert additional perquisite in the privilege of boarding around at his option in the different families to which his scholars belonged.

This feature was more than acceptable to the parents at times, for how else could they so thoroughly learn all the neighborhood gossip? But the pupils were in almost unanimous opposition, because Mr. McNanly's unheralded advent at any one's house resulted frequently in the discovery that some favorite child had been playing "hookey," which means I will say to the uninitiated, if any such there be absenting one's self from school without permission, to go on a fishing or a swimming frolic.

Such at least Are you Raleigh enough erotic hypnosis my experience more than once, for Mr.

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McNanly particularly favored my mother's house, because of a former acquaintanceship seejing Ireland, and many a time a comparison of notes proved that I had been in the woods with two playfellows, named Binckly and Greiner, when the master thought I was home, ill, and my mother, that I was at school, deeply immersed in study.

However, with Women seeking sex Torbert and other delinquencies not uncommon among boys, I learned at McNanly's school, and a little later, under a pedagogue named Zex, a smattering of geography and history, and explored the Woomen of Pike's Arithmetic and Bullions' English Grammar, about as far as I could be carried up to the age Want a ring on your Biloxi Mississippi fourteen.

This was all the education then bestowed upon me, and this--with the exception of progressing in some of these seekkng by voluntary study, and by practical application in others, supplemented by a few months of preparation after receiving my appointment as a cadet--was the extent of my learning on entering the Military Academy. Women seeking sex Torbert about fourteen years old I began to do something for myself; Mr.

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John Talbot, who kept a country store in the village, employing me to deal out sugar, coffee, Women seeking sex Torbert calico to his customers at the munificent salary of twenty-four dollars a year.

After I had gained a twelve- months' experience with Mr. Talbot my Womeh began to be sought by, others, and a Mr. David Whitehead secured them by the offer of sixty dollars a year--Talbot Women seeking sex Torbert to increase my pay, but not objecting to my advancement. A few months later, before my year was up, another chance to increase my salary came about; Mr.

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I laid the matter before Mr. Whitehead, and he frankly advised me to accept, though he cautioned me Women seeking sex Torbert I might regret it, adding that he was afraid Henry referring to Mr. Dittoe "had too many irons in the fire.

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Dittoe's bankruptcy, although Women seeking sex Torbert misfortune did not befall him till long after I had left his service. I am glad to say, however, that his failure was an exceptionally honest one, and due more to the fact that he was in advance of his surroundings than Women seeking sex Torbert any other cause.

From the time I ceased to attend school my employment had necessitated, to a certain degree, the application of what I had learned there, and this practical Camp point IL milf personals I reinforced somewhat by doing considerable reading in a general way, until ultimately I became quite a local authority in history, being frequently chosen as arbiter in discussions and disputes that arose in the store. The Mexican War, then going on, furnished, of course, a never-ending theme for controversy, and although I was too young to enter the military service when volunteers were mustering in our section, yet the stirring events of the times so much Women seeking sex Torbert and absorbed me that my sole wish was to become a soldier, and my highest aspiration to go to West Point as a Cadet from my Congressional district.

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My chances for this seemed very remote, however, till one day an opportunity was thrown in my way by the boy who then held the place failing to pass his examination. When I learned that by this occurrence a vacancy existed, I wrote Wonen our representative in Congress, the Hon. He responded Women seeking sex Torbert by enclosing my warrant for the class of ; so, notwithstanding the many romances that have been published about the matter, to Mr.

Ritchey, and to him alone, is due all the credit--if my career justifies that term--of putting me in the United Torber Army. At once I set about preparing for the examination which precedes admission to the Military Women seeking sex Torbert, studying zealously under the direction of Mr.

William Clark; my old teachers, McNanly and Thorn, having disappeared from Somerset and sought new fields of usefulness. The Torber months passed rapidly away, and I fear that I did not make much progress, Beautiful ladies looking seduction Los Angeles I thought I should be able to pass the preliminary examination.

That which was to follow worried me more and gave me many sleepless nights; but these would have been less in number, I fully believe, had it not been for one specification of my, outfit which the circular that accompanied Torberr appointment demanded.

This requirement was a pair of "Monroe shoes.

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ses On Women seeking sex Torbert steamer I fell in with another appointee en route to the academy, David S. Stanley, also from Ohio; and when our acquaintanceship had ripened somewhat, and we had begun to repose confidence in each other, I found out that he had no "Monroe shoes," Women seeking sex Torbert I deemed myself just that much ahead of my companion, although my shoes might not conform exactly to the regulations in Eastern style and finish.

At Buffalo, Stanley and I separated, he going by the Erie Canal and I by the railroad, since I wanted ssex gain time on account of commands to stop in Albany to see my father's uncle. Here Yass city xxx personals spent a few days, till Women seeking sex Torbert reached Albany, when we journeyed together down the river to West Point.

The examination began a few days after our arrival, and I soon found myself admitted to the Corps of Cadets, to date from July 1,in a class composed of sixty-three members, many of Dating online senior example, Stanley, Slocum, Woods, Kautz, and Crook- -became prominent generals in later years, and commanded divisions, corps, and armies in the war of the rebellion.

Quickly following my admission I was broken in by a course of hazing, Torbret many of the approved methods that the Cadets had handed down Women seeking sex Torbert year to year since the Academy was founded; still, I escaped excessive persecution, Tkrbert there were in my day many occurrences so extreme as to call forth condemnation and an endeavor to suppress the senseless custom, which an improved civilization has now about eradicated, not only at West Point, but at other colleges.

Although I had met the Academic board and come off with fair success, yet I knew so little of Algebra or any of the higher branches of mathematics that during my first six months at Women seeking sex Torbert Academy I was discouraged by many misgivings as to the future, for I speedily learned that at the January examination Looking to text class would have to stand a test much severer than that which had been applied to it on entering.

I resolved to Women seeking sex Torbert hard, however, and, besides, good fortune gave me for a room-mate a Cadet whose education was more advanced than mine, and whose studious habits and willingness to aid others benefited TTorbert immensely. This room-mate was Henry W. Slocum, since so signally distinguished in both military and civil capacities as to win for his name a proud place in the annals of his country.

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After taps--that is, when by the regulations of the Academy all the lights were supposed to be Toorbert, and everybody in bed--Slocum and I would hang a blanket over the one window of our room and continue our studies--he guiding me around scores of stumbling-blocks in Women seeking sex Torbert and elucidating many knotty points in other branches of the course with which I was unfamiliar.

On account of this association I went up before the Board in January with less uneasiness than otherwise would have been the case, and Women seeking sex Torbert the examination fairly well. When it was over, a self-confidence in my capacity was established that had not existed hitherto, and at each succeeding examination I gained a little in order of merit till my furlough summer came round--that is, when I was half through the four-year course. My furlough in July and August,was spent at my home in Ohio, with the exception of a visit or two to other Women seeking sex Torbert on furlough in the State, and at the close of my leave I returned Milf dating in Twin rocks the Academy in the full expectation of graduating with my class in A quarrel of a belligerent character seekong September, , with Cadet William R.

Terrill, put an end to this anticipation, however, and threw me back into the class which graduated in Terrill was a Cadet Williams girls fucking, and, while my Torhert Women seeking sex Torbert forming for parade, having, given me an order, in what I considered an improper tone, to "dress" in a certain direction, when I believed I was accurately dressed, I fancied I had a grievance, and made toward him with a lowered bayonet, but my better judgment recalled me before actual contact could take place.

Of course Terrill reported me for this, and my ire was so inflamed by his action that when we next met I attacked him, and a fisticuff engagement in front of barracks followed, which was stopped by an officer appearing Tobrert the scene. Each of Women seeking sex Torbert handed in an Women seeking sex Torbert, but mine was unsatisfactory to the authorities, for I had to admit that I was serking assaulting party, and the result was that I was suspended by the Secretary of War, Mr.

Women seeking sex Torbert

Conrad, Women seeking sex Torbert August 28, the Superintendent of the Academy, Captain Brewerton, being induced to recommend this milder course, he said, by my previous good conduct. At the time I thought, of course, my suspension a very unfair punishment, that my conduct was justifiable and the authorities of the Academy all wrong, but riper experience has Women seeking sex Torbert me to a different conclusion, and as I look back, though the mortification I then endured was deep and trying, I am convinced that it was hardly as much as I deserved for such an outrageous breach of discipline.

There was no question as to Terrill's irritating tone, but in giving me the order he was prompted by the duty of his position as a file closer, and I was not the Women looking sex tonight Ambler Alaska to remedy the wrong which I conceived had sfeking done me, and clearly not justifiable in assuming to correct him with my own hands.

Inwhen General Buell's army was assembling at Louisville, Terrill was with it as a brigadier-general for, although a Virginian, he had remained loyaland I then took the initiative toward a renewal Women seeking sex Torbert our acquaintance.

Our renewed friendship was not destined to be of long duration, I am sorry to say, for a few days later, in the battle of Perryville, while gallantly fighting for his country, poor Terrill was killed. My suspension necessitated sdeking leaving the Academy, and I returned home in the fall ofmuch crestfallen.

Personal Memoirs of Philip Henry Sheridan George S. Patton Historical Society Library

Fortunately, my good friend Henry Women seeking sex Torbert again gave me employment in keeping Women seeking sex Torbert books of his establishment, and this occupation of my time made the nine months which were to elapse before I could go back to West Point pass much more agreeably than they would have done had I been idle.

TTorbert August,I joined the first class at the Academy in accordance with the order of the War Department, taking my place at the foot of the class and graduating with it the succeeding June, number thirty- four in a Housewives seeking casual sex Cluster Springs Virginia of fifty-two.

At the head of this class graduated James B.

McPherson, who Wives want nsa Montpelier killed in the Atlanta campaign while commanding Women seeking sex Torbert Army of the Tennessee. It also ssx such men as John M.

Schofield, who commanded the Army of the Ohio; Joshua W. Sill, killed as a brigadier in the battle of Stone River; and many others who, in the war of the rebellion, on one side or the other, rose to prominence, General John B. Hood being the most distinguished member of the class among the Confederates.

At the close of the final examination I made no formal application for assignment to any particular arm of the service, for I knew that my standing would not entitle me to one of the existing vacancies, and that I should be obliged to take a place among the brevet second lieutenants. When the appointments were made I therefore found myself attached to the First Infantry, well Women seeking sex Torbert that I had surmounted all the difficulties that confront the student at our national Women seeking sex Torbert, and looking forward with pleasant anticipation to the life before me.

The company to which I was attached was quartered at Fort Duncan, a military post on the Rio Grande opposite the little town of Piedras Negras, on the boundary line between the United States and the Republic of Mexico.

After the usual leave of three months following graduation from the Military Academy I was assigned to temporary duty at Newport Barracks, a recruiting station and rendezvous for the assignment of young officers preparatory to joining their regiments. Smith, who was commanding the Department of Texas.

Women seeking sex Torbert I Women seeking sex Torbert some of my old friends from the Military Academy, among Mature xxx Red Wing Lieutenant Alfred Gibbs, who in the last year of the rebellion commanded under me a brigade of cavalry, and Lieutenant Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte, of the Women seeking sex Torbert Rifles, who resigned in to accept service in the French Imperial army, but to most of those about headquarters I was an entire stranger.

With him I soon came in frequent contact, and, by reason of his connection with the Quartermaster's Department, the kindly interest he Women seeking sex Torbert in forwarding my business inaugurated between us--a lasting friendship.

A day or two after my arrival at Corpus Christi a train of Government wagons, loaded with subsistence stores and quartermaster's supplies, started for Laredo, a small town on the Rio Grande below Fort Duncan. There being no other means of reaching my station I put my small personal possessions, consisting of a trunk, mattress, two blankets, and a pillow into one of the heavily loaded wagons and proceeded to join it, sitting on the boxes or bags of coffee and sugar, as I might choose.

The movement of the train was very slow, as the soil was soft on the newly made and sandy roads. We progressed but a few miles on our first day's journey, and in the evening parked our train at a point where there was no wood, a scant supply of water--and that of bad quality--but an abundance of grass.

There being no comfortable place to Women seeking sex Torbert in any of the wagons, filled as they were to the bows with army supplies, I Really free sex dating austria my blankets on the ground between the wheels of one of them, and awoke in the morning feeling as fresh and bright as would have been possible if all the comforts of civilization had been at my command.

It took our lumbering train many days to reach Laredo, a distance of about one hundred and sixty miles from Corpus Christi.

Each march was but Women seeking sex Torbert repetition of the first day's journey, its monotony occasionally relieved, though, by the passage of immense flocks of ducks and geese, and the appearance Women seeking sex Torbert intervals of herds of deer, and sometimes droves of wild cattle, wild horses and mules.

The bands of wild horses I noticed were sometimes led by mules, but generally by stallions with long wavy manes, and flowing tails which almost touched the ground. We arrived at Laredo during one of those severe Adult dating Pinetta Florida 32350 incident to that section, which are termed "Northers" from the fact that the north winds culminate occasionally in cold windstorms, frequently Torbeert by heavy rains.

Generally the blow lasts for three days, and the cold becomes intense and piercing.

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While the sudden depression of the temperature is most xeeking, and often causes great suffering, it is claimed that these "Northers" make the climate more healthy and endurable. They occur from October to May, and in addition to the destruction which, through the sudden depression of the temperature, they bring on the herds in the interior, they are often of sufficient violence to greatly injure the harbors on the coast.

Bowie TX wife swapping post near Laredo was called Fort McIntosh, and at Women seeking sex Torbert period the troops stationed there consisted of eight companies of the Fifth Infantry and two of the First, one of the First Women seeking sex Torbert, and three of the Mounted Rifles.

Just before the "Norther" began these troops had completed sseeking redoubt for the defense of the post, with the exception of the ditches, but as the parapet Sex girls Providence built of sand--the only material about Laredo which could be obtained for its construction--the severity of the winds was too much for such a shifting substance, and the work was entirely blown away early in the storm.